Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

Eye cream has always felt a little unnecessary to me. There’s no rule anywhere that says that you can’t just use a face cream if suitable, if like me though you suffer with sensitive peepers, you may find yourself searching the endless brands and formulations of eye creams that are currently available on the high street.

I’m not one to fall into the hype or marketing campaigns for that matter, but when I received a sample of new Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream with my recent order I made a note in my diary to purchase a tube on its release date – it was love at first application. The Pep-start Eye Cream in all honesty is the only eye cream I’ve ever used where I can visibly see a difference to the texture and overall appearance of my under eye area. For application I’ve found that the use of my ring finger works best, the applicator that’s provided does feel a little bulky/unnecessary which I guess is my only drawback with this product.

This eye cream feels super hydrating, it has done an amazing job at improving the texture around my eyes. Similar to most eye creams, this feels incredibly refreshing to use and has a lightweight, silky texture that doesn’t feel at all heavy or greasy on my skin. I don’t believe any eye cream can improve dark circles or wrinkles, if I’m totally honest I think that’s mainly down to good genes, diet, lifestyle and sleep (something I’m lacking!) In terms of hydration and making me look bright eyed and bushy tailed this eye creams a winner!  

Over the winter I have been unable to use my cream concealers (eg. Bobbi Brown Corrector) they have gone a little solid and are harder to warm up and apply, with the addition of the Pep-Start eye cream I’ve found concealer glides onto my under eye area, it doesn’t ball up or appear flaky (I suffer with super dry under eyes) Pep-Start creates an amazing base for concealer and I’m even willing to say extends longevity of my concealer.

If you suffer with dehydrated under eyes, or are looking for a nice base for concealer the Clinique Pep-Start Eye cream will be for you! What are your favourite eye creams?
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