Bio-Essence Hydra Tri-Action Moisturising Gel

The 'new in' section on Cult Beauty can be a dangerous place for a skincare addict like me.

One evening whilst having my daily browse I came across Bio-Essence, a Singapore brand that's recently launched here in the UK. It's so great to see more brands now readily available for us here in the UK. As far as I'm aware Bio-Essence is only stocked on Cult Beauty, who currently stock a whole range of products from the Hydra-Tri action range which includes a makeup jelly remover (?), overnight mask, hydrating toner and a moisturising gel which is something I'm going to write about today.

This moisturising gel is targeted at dehydrated, combination or oily skin types, as my skin is all of the above, I thought it would be perfect for me and I wasn't wrong. As you would expect this moisturiser has an ultra lightweight texture that still manages to feel incredibly nourishing on my skin. This non pore clogging formula doesn't sit on the skin, which oddly enough is something I have experienced with other gel moisturisers, this one absorbs instantly which I mainly put down to the hyaluronic acid.

This moisturiser feels instantly cooling on the skin, making it the perfect partner for those groggy mornings. Despite this containing cranberry extract the scent is far from fruity, this smells similar to aloe vera or cucumber (sounds odd) I'm personally a fan of the scent, it smells so fresh, but as it's quite unique I can imagine there will be some people who aren't so keen…the good news is it doesn't linger for too long!

I feel like it would be rude not to give mention to the packaging as it's just so pretty. The reflective blue metallic packaging reminds me of a mermaid (must be the colour.) Prettiness aside, I was initially apprehensive with the packaging as this kind of tub usually has a lid that doesn't fasten well (ahem Emma Hardie looking at you) however rest assured the lid does fasten securely, the product seems to stay cool and fresh - it's an all round winner.

For what feels like forever I have always felt the need to swap  moisturisers dependant on the season, but with the Bio-Essence Moisturising gel I feel like I'm pretty much covered for the changing seasons. This moisturiser has given my skin the extra boost of hydration it needed through the winter months, but I can see this working perfectly for Spring/Summer when my skin leans more on the oily side. It's the perfect consistency.

If you suffer with oily/combination, sensitive or dehydrated skin I'd highly recommend this product, super dry skin types may crave a little more hydration, but for those of you who enjoy a moisturiser that sinks in almost instantly and creates a perfect canvas for makeup this is perfect.

Have you tried any Bio-Essence products?
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