It's Love - August

August is done and dusted so what better time to show you all the products I've loved throughout the month-

Late to the party (as always) but I recently picked up the original Chloe fragrance. I once spritzed this and wasn't sold on the scent I'm not sure why, perhaps as I've matured my fragrance preferences have changed? Either way I absolutely love this it's one of those fragrances that you still catch a whiff of by the end of the day. I won't even attempt to describe the smell of this as I'm absolutely pants at describing smells. But yes a lovely fresh scent that will see me well as an all year round perfume.

This foundation, I can't get enough. The Smashbox Liquid Halo foundation has basically been the only base I've reached for throughout August and I can't see this changing anytime soon. On my combination skin this works beautifully at controlling oil without looking too cakey or matte. The colour doesn't transfer, and the shade matches me perfectly. The formula is super long lasting, for me this basically ticks all the boxes….perfect skin in a bottle. If you'd like to read more see my full review here.

With the recent hot weather we've been experiencing here in the UK my skin started to look a little spotty/congested so I reintroduced the Clinique Clearing Gel to my routine. I don't know where I'd be without this, it works really well for me. It gets rid of spots quickly without over drying my skin, if I catch under the skin spots early enough it prevents them from coming to the surface . I reviewed this a while ago if you'd like to read more. 

Despite the recent hot weather my body's been so dry. I have this awful thing where my skin gets a tad bit peely post holiday (not sure what all that's about!) A few years ago I really enjoyed using body oils, not wanting to spend a fortune I picked up the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Oil. As an overnight treatment (I tend to apply this 20-30 minutes before bed) this works wonders for my skin everything is just extra smooth. My skin no longer looks dry or peely it just looks in better condition since using this. Oddly enough stretch marks/lumps n bumps seem to look smoother and my skin looks more even this could be coincidence as I've recently upped my exercise but I do feel as though this oil has contributed.

If you read my 'Summer Bucket List' post you'll have seen I set myself a summer target to read ten books (I'm currently on three…oops!) Through August I read a couple of John Green books and I finally read the much talked about The Fault In Our Stars. I read this book in 2 days. Yes, 2 days. I was hooked I'll be honest not my usual style of book but something about John Green's writing style is very endearing and relatable. I really enjoy coming of age style novels and I loved how this one was a little bit different. This was really sad in parts but overall I really enjoyed the book a different take on a cancer patients story I found it really inspiring! (Hats off to you lovely bloggers out there who write book reviews it's bloody hard!)

What have you loved throughout August I'd love to know.


#Fitspiration My Fitness Goals + How I'll Achieve Them

Fitness goals, if you don't have any you should. If you're a fitness enthusiast (like me) and do regular exercise weekly it can be pretty easy to find yourself stuck in a routine. I'm currently at a weight I'm happy with (finally) so I often find myself plodding along without much direction. Since setting myself some goals I've felt a lot more motivated with exercise, my goals have allowed me to push myself, leave my exercise comfort zone and work areas I've never worked before. As the winter months approach (mince pies a callin) there is no better time for extra motivation so today I thought I'd share my fitness goals, hopefully this post may provide a little inspiration or even encourage some of you to make some fitness goals of your own -

Be able to do the splits
Flexibility isn't my strong point. Ironically when I was younger I did a lot of gymnastics/ballet so I'm not entirely sure what happened there (I got old) However I'm making it my absolute goal to be able to do the splits in doing so I will hopefully improve my flexibility and have a little fun in the process (no broken bones hopefully!)

Achieve it: I plan to achieve this by incorporating a stretch day into my current workout routine. I have started to do a lot more Pilate's and Yoga moves both of which are improving my core strength, breathing and hopefully in the long run flexibility.

Run 10k
I'm a keen runner yet when it comes to events I'm rather coy. Having completed many a 5k I think it's time to push myself that little bit further. When you're a runner I think it's nice to have events to work for.

Achieve it: I've signed myself up for the Sheffield TenTenTen race in October.

Beat those post run headaches
More of a health goal but I think health/fitness/lifestyle all fall under the same umbrella. Post run I get bad headaches that almost verge on migraines (I get a sicky feeling with them/sensitivity to light.) The best way I've found to beat the headaches is to increase my sugar intake both pre/post workout. And also have a running supplement (in gel form) post run.

Achieve it: Do some research into post workout snacks/drinks that aim to replenish. Healthy sugar alternatives, gel booster shots that don't contain caffeine.

Gain some arm muscle
Fact I have the worlds weeniest arms. I even look strange in tank tops. However much I work and work on my arms I struggle to see any kind of result in terms of strength/muscle. I really want to work on this area and build some muscle for summer 2015.

Achieve it: Increase hand weights to 5kg. Incorporate arm workouts 3 times a week.

Define waist and improve core strength
I have podge. Just a slight podge. It really won't take much work but I'd like it gone for my 21st in November as I'm going on holiday and would really like to be able to rock some crop tops. The aim is to improve my core strength and add a little definition to my waistline.

Achieve it: Complete 30 day ab challenge (I'm almost there, 5 days left!) Incorporate toning exercises into my routine, up my Pilate's as this will improve core strength.

Do you have any fitness goals? How do you stay motivated during the colder months?

P.S For extra motivation don't forget to follow my Fitness board on Pinterest


Clinique Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop

For me blush is my absolute go to product, especially on dull skin days. As I'm yet to master the art of contouring/highlighting I rely on blush to lift my complexion and add a healthy glow. The newest addition to my blush drawer is the Clinique blush in Ginger Pop. The cheek pops launched earlier this year (I'm late to the party) and there were lots of positive reviews so I was more than excited to give this one a whirl -

Given as I'm a 50 shades of berry kind of girl Ginger Pop is completely out of my comfort zone in terms of blush, I must say though it flatters my darker skin tone perfectly, it adds a touch of colour and a lot of warmth to my complexion. Application for me was a little trial and error. Application problems aren't something I've read/heard about in reviews so perhaps I'm a makeup noob but there were a few problems I encountered when I first started to use this blush. On first application I used my Real Techniques blush brush  this picked up a lot of product on the brush but when I applied this to my face it was virtually translucent it was as though my brush had soaked up all the product. Given as the cheek pops have a waxy texture (not quite cream, not quite powder somewhere in between) I decided to try using my fingertips. This method did pick up product but I found it quite hard to work into my skin and in return I was left with a splodge of pigment on my cheek that looked  a little too obvious for my liking. The game changer for me was adding water to the mix. I sprayed the tiniest bit of water over the product, swirled with my RT brush and the blush applied beautifully. 

With the cheek pops it's very easy to go a bit cray cray on application as they are super pigmented. So swirl off any excess and pick up the tiniest amount of product and things will look a lot more natural. Unlike some other blushers I've tried this one looks really natural on my skin it doesn't settle into fine lines. The blush lasts really well throughout the day too so overall it's a win win for me. I'd have loved to show me wearing this blush but on camera the pictures virtually picked up no colour, this was probably down to lightening but however much I tried I just couldn't capture this on camera. 

Berry Pop and Plum Pop are next up on my Clinique wish list.

Have you tried the Clinique Cheek Pops? Anyone written a review of the Chubby Cheeks that Clinique have just launched? Does anyone have any tips for capturing cheek products on camera?


Burts Bees Essential Body Kit

Gift sets or 'try me' sets are a great way to sample a variety of products from a brand. Burt's Bee are a brand I see floating around the blogosphere here and there but I've never really considered trying anything from the brand the main reason being the brands ethos but that's not something I'll go into today (thing's could get ranty!) Back in January (yes January) I won this little gift set in Beauty in Beta's giveaway I decided to give a few of the products a whirl here are my thoughts- 

Burt's Bee's Body Lotion - Milk & Honey
This was extremely lightweight and despite me using it through the winter months it would have a made a lovely addition for summer time (when I'm after something lightweight that absorbs quickly.) The turn off had to be smell, this was quite heavily scented and I'm not the biggest fan of the artificial honey smell. If you're after a light weight fast absorbing lotion that adds hydration to the skin (and like the smell of honey) this lotion may be worth a try.

Burt's Bee Body Wash - Peppermint & Rosemary
Initially I did really love the smell of this, however I was disappointed with how quickly the smell disappeared it didn't linger like other shower gels in my stash. Given that the full size of this costs £8 I'd expect something a little more luxurious. This did foam which I know doesn't always happen with 'natural' shower gels, but the smell was disappointing.

Burt's Bee Hand Slave
Burt's Bee claim that is is an intensive treatment for hands ,the balm is packed full of botanical oils so I did have high hopes. However, for me this just sat on the skin it didn't absorb well and in return left me with greasy hands which in all honesty doesn't work for me. Perhaps as an overnight treatment but for general day to day use a total no go.

Burt's Bee Coconut Foot cream
I'm on the fence with this one. Don't be fooled by the name confusingly this foot cream has more of a balm/oil texture. It's quite thick/oily so I'd recommend popping some socks on and using this as an overnight treatment. Although it did take me a while to get around the strange texture I did find it left my feet baby soft the morning after.

Burt's Bee Soft Bark & Chamomile Cleansing Cream
I love cream cleansers and for me this one worked really well. The texture was perfect, you can easily work this into the skin. Although this didn't do a fantastic job of removing makeup it did leave my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. I would consider purchasing  full size of this.

Burt's Bee Lip balm
On first use I loved this, I mean it smells of peppermint what more could you want from a lip balm. However over time I noticed that this actually made my lips worse. When I stopped using this my lips were less dry/cracked. I didn't get on well with this lip balm at all which for me is odd as I've never really come across a lip balm I detest.

So I can't say that I was particularly blown away by any of the Burt's Bee products I have tried.  I enjoyed trying the products but I can't see me running out to purchase any more products from the brand especially given as the prices are pretty similar to The Body Shop, S&G and Lush.

Are you a fan of Burt's Bee's? What are your favourite pamper products?


Aloe Vera Gel - My New Must Have Product!

For years now I've read about the benefits of aloe vera and it's many uses both medicinal and cosmetic. Aloe vera is said to have rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties. In all honesty I was a little sceptical, as I always am with new products however over recent weeks aloe vera has become a daily essential for me and I can't imagine myself without it. It's such a versatile product to have to hand. 

If you read my travel post here, you may have noticed I didn't pack aftersun on my recent holiday to the South of France. Every year I pack a bottle and never end up using it, however on the year I genuinely needed some I didn't. After a quick visit to a french pharmacy a lady recommended aloe vera gel. At the time I had a bad heat rash across my chest area (wear SPF folks) before the rash worsened throughout my holiday I began to religiously apply aloe vera and I must say I was more than impressed with the results. With aloe vera gel a little goes a long way, applied onto my skin the initial reaction was cool, literally cooling. The aloe vera took the itch away almost instantly throughout the week I applied aloe vera daily as an aftersun and my chest area healed a lot quicker than with any aftersun I was actually impressed with how quickly this got to work. 

After having such a good first experience with aloe I decided to google other uses and was surprised at how versatile this can be. I began to use the gel after shaving which in return left my skin feeling silky smooth and less irritated. This has really helped with ingrown hairs too which seem to be non existent since introducing this. On my google I also discovered that aloe can be used in your skincare routine and is especially recommended for those with sensitive skin types. I often have bad eczema flare ups on my forehead so I began to mix a little aloe with my regular night cream, on application this left my skin feeling tight and shiny (like a doll!) In the morning I woke up to peely skin but after washing away everything just looked a whole lot brighter. Over 1-2 weeks my eczema flare had calmed down at a rapid rate, I even received a compliment from my mum who said how amazing my skin looked. Obviously this may not be the case for everyone with eczema but for me this works so well to the point of I haven't had a flare up in a good few weeks and when I do I know I'll be able to use aloe.

It's an odd one for me as I've tried so any products (high end, drugstore and even prescribed) targeted at sensitive skin types yet none of them have worked for me quite like aloe vera does. I can't imagine myself without a tube of this now, and given that you can pick aloe vera gel up for anything between £2-£10 it really is a bargain. It's so handy to have something as versatile as aloe in my collection.

Here are some other ways in which you can use aloe vera gel, I feel like I've only just touched the surface but here we go -

You can use aloe to treat minor kitchen burns
Aloe vera can make blue/black bruises less visible
It can be used to take the sting/itch out of insect bites
Aloe vera alleviates rashes
You can apply aloe onto blisters for quick relief
After waxing you can use aloe to cool the skin
Can be used for allergy related skin reactions
You can use aloe as a general moisturiser for dry skin
Aloe prevents pesky pimples and can also be used to treat acne and soothe Psoriasis
Aloe can prevent scarring and stretch marks.
Helps rid of Rosacea and eliminate eczema 
It can brighten skin. Aloe can decrease pigmentation and dark spots
It can be used to remove eye makeup.

Have you tried aloe vera? Has anyone cultivated their own aloe vera plant?


Three Ways To Avoid Blogger Hype

For today's post I thought I'd share three tips (that are probably common knowledge to most) on how to avoid 'blogger hype.' Being a lover of all things beauty I feel like you can get a little delirious at times with new releases being thrown at you left right centre and rave reviews on the web it can make curbing the spending rather difficult. Over recent months I feel like I've gotten way more savvy with my money and in return this has allowed me to put money aside for a deposit (flat) and a car. So here are my tips to avoid the hype that surrounds new launches - 

1. Sit on the sidelines

Yes, sit back and see how thing's pan out it will take all your restrain but it will save you some pennies. 
Ever notice how when a new product is released it suddenly crops up on a lot of blogs and within the first week is deemed holy grail status by many of your fellow bloggers. Here's the thing though is anyone talking about it in a months time? No, I thought not. Now don't get me wrong it's the world of PR and as bloggers we are always striving for something better. But personally if I truly love a product I'll still be raving about it two-three months down the line, so let's be honest it's not THAT amazing. Personally I always think when a new product is released it's better to sit on the sidelines observe from a distance and save your pennies. By doing this you can do your research, read endless reviews on the web and make your decision on whether a purchase will be made. Remember folks new doesn't always equal better.

2. Déjà Vu? 

So after following tip 1 you decide to sit down and finally read some reviews on that new product, only something seems familiar. I'm guilty of this one too, I'll read reviews and think wow this product sounds amazing but the type of product and ingredients are actually all too familiar to 5 other products of a similar nature that I already own! So I encourage everyone to check your collection for anything similar although it sounds boring it will save you money in the long run and will also save you typing up that 'disappointing product' post. 

3. Ooh a 'new' collection 

So it's approaching...the most wonderful time of the year (and I ain't talking Christmas!) Nope ladies I'm talking A/W collections in the world of beauty A/W in my opinion has to be the hardest time to resist, gift sets, new makeup launches, new collections it gets me a little hot under the collar just thinking about it. Most of these new collections will have those two words every beauty lover dreads slapped before it 'limited edition.' Here's the thing don't feel the limited edition pressure, for some collections such as MAC this does apply but for other items it doesn't, I mean take the limited edition Real Techniques Duo Fibre brushes they were released almost a year ago and are still readily available to buy via various online sources. Another thing to bare in mind is that items that form a collection can most likely be bought separately from a brands permanent line. Also, (especially with MAC) a lot of their limited edition collections are purely for packaging as a lot of the time similar shades are available in the standard packaging any time of the year. Don't feel pressured into new collections as half of the time something that's almost identical will be available all year round. 

Just remember folks never live beyond your means always hold off on purchases and if (like me) you are trying to save money consider if you even NEED the items you're lusting after 9 times out of ten the answers probably no. 

How do you avoid blogger hype? 


4 Bedroom Storage + I Need Your Help

As I currently still live at home you won't find me in the home section all too often. However I usually get my home ware fix in the form of Pinterest but more recently I decided to make a few home improvements to my bedroom. Only small things as I recently decorated not too long ago, but accessories to me can make a room more welcoming and can really turn it from functional to somewhere you really want to spend time in. Here's the accessories I purchased -

If you're after affordable home accessories I would highly recommend a trip to Wilkinsons. I did find myself getting carried away (read I'd pretty much picked colour codes and accessories for living room, kitchen and bathroom!) I decided to pick up this cushion (not storage oops) I just think it adds a touch of colour to my otherwise boring desk area. I'm a fan of slogan cushions and this one really fits with the colours in my room. It also offers some back support as I seem to be cooped up at my desk an awful lot lately.

I own a lot of nail polish. I'm not sure how it happened but I always seem to find myself buying more I should probably stop. Despite first having doubts that this storage jar would be too big I've actually managed to fill it. I think this is something a little bit different and also makes choosing polishes that little bit more fun. I purchased this jar from Ebay although I can imagine you can pick them up from most places.

The IKEA Skurar pots have done their rounds in the blogosphere and quite a lot of people seem to use them for storage so I won't harp on about them too much. I just think they're a great way of storing small products and brushes.

Although Mr Bioderma looks awfully lonely at the minute I plan on moving my everyday skincare and body care essentials into this love heart wire basket. This was another Wilkos purchase. I personally think it looks quite pretty on my desk and it also makes things a lot easier as I can have all of my daily products in one central area.

So I need your help. My makeup storage doesn't quite work at the moment. My makeup bag used to be sufficient however recently I'm finding it more and more difficult to locate my favourite products and to ensure everything gets used as things often find their way to the bottom of the bag where they are most likely forgotten about. The obvious solution is Mujii but the acrylic storage has never really appealed to me as I dislike fingerprints. I'd love to know how you store your makeup. If any of you have written a post or know of any good makeup storage solutions I'd love to know.


Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation

I was recently faced with a post holiday dilemma one which involved none of my existing foundations matching my skin tone (it wasn't pretty!) After a day out in the sunshine and noticing that dreaded foundation line I decided to bite the bullet and head to Boots for a new foundation. Now, when it comes to foundation shopping I'm hard to please things have to be just right. When shopping for a foundation I generally look for something light-medium coverage as my primary reason for foundation is to make my skin tone more even and to cover old scaring. I also look for foundations that are long lasting yet add luminosity to the skin, I want a base that looks like my skin but better. So with all this in mind I hit up Boots and here is what I left with.

Smashbox for me are an underrated brand I don't hear much about them in the beauty community for me they are like the dark horse which is a shame really as I've tried a mixed bag of products now and I've always been more than impressed with the quality, the products seem to do what they say which is a rarity to find in makeup brands. At some point over the next few months I plan on writing up a little post about all the products I've tried but for now I thought I'd write about the Liquid Halo HD Foundation.

So, not very often I say this but for me Liquid Halo is up there with my beloved Sheer Glow. The only slight difference I find is that Sheer glow (despite the name) is more heavy duty (in terms of coverage) and Liquid Halo blends more seamlessly into the skin. It's a huge shocker for me that I'm even making a Sheer glow comparison but after a few weeks I must say I think I prefer my Smashbox foundation. The Liquid Halo foundation is housed in a 30ml glass bottle and unlike sheer glow comes with a pump (yup I'm still not over that you have to pay for a pump with Sheer Glow!) I need 1-3 pumps to cover my face dependant on coverage desired, so I can see this bottle lasting for quite some time. What I love about this foundation is how easily it blends I can just buff and go I don't find I need attention to detail to achieve a flawless finish. The texture is almost velvety,  on application this feels super lightweight. The coverage with this is very much light-medium although I find any redness, pigmentation, scaring or spots are pretty much covered with one layer. This foundation works really well layered, so I can see this working for a lot of people no matter what coverage you are looking for.

My skin has varied over the past few weeks at times it's very dehydrated with some dry patches and other times it's grease central, so I really feel like I've got to trial this foundation when my skins not always been at its best. When I have had dry patches I found that this foundation still looked undetectable on my skin it didn't cling to or emphasise dry patches like some of my other foundations. Throughout the day when my skin has been oily Liquid Halo still met the mark, offering between 4-5 hours of shine free skin, I finished the day with a slight dewy finish but I actually quite liked this. If your skin is very oily a mid day blot/powder may be required but if you are a fan of a slightly dewy finish this foundation is great. I find that this adds radiants, makes my skin flawless and even but never looks too matte or overly oily it creates a perfect balance for me.

The Smashbox Liquid Halo foundation (£28) is available in 10 shades. For reference I wear shade no. 8 although as I mentioned in my other foundation reviews I always recommend visiting a counter and trying a sample before purchasing.

So if you didn't guess from my rave review this foundation just does it all for me and it's the only thing I've reached for over the past few weeks, it's surviving the heat and humidity and it's most certainly becoming one of my favourite foundations to use (sorry sheer glow!)

* Here's a picture of me wearing the foundation taken in natural light, the photo is taken on my iPhone as I haven't gotten to grips with using my SLR for face pictures, also I find that it blurs over my skin whereas the iPhone is more true to life. 

Have you tried any Smashbox makeup? What are your favourite foundations?


Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara & Scandal Eyes

I'm a creature of habit once I find something that works I'll repurchase, I mean if it's not broken why fix it right? Over the past few years I've repurchased the Clinique High Impact mascara, priced at £17.50 it's not the cheapest of mascaras and given that it's something I use almost every day I decided to go on a quest to find some drugstore alternatives that match or even surpass my beloved Clinique mascara here's how I got on -

So I'll be honest besides the hyped up Stay Matte powder and the odd polish here and there I haven't tried many products from Rimmel. The Wonder'full mascara was pretty much picked up after watching an advert what can I say I liked the campaign, yes I'm a sucker for clever marketing and pretty packaging. And pretty packaging I sure got I mean look at that packaging, rose gold the mascara has a real luxe feel to it. The packaging is sturdy, the wand is perfect the small bristles really grip the mascaras allowing for easy application and serious length. This mascara promises to add volume without clumps and for me it pretty much lives up to the claims. I feel like I can layer without the mascara going bitty or clumpy. I've read some reviews on the web that have claimed this clumps really badly but in all honesty I've had no problems at all. If you clean off any excess after removing the wand from the tube it makes things less messy/clumpy. So for me this mascara separates the lashes whilst still looking super natural. It adds a lovely curl and just makes my lashes look a lot more defined. It wears well throughout the day and doesn't turn bitty like other mascaras I have tried. This mascara contains argan oil I'm not sure how I feel about this it does seem a tad gimmicky, however eyelashes are hair we put oil on our hair and it conditions it so how is this mascara different… but yes I didn't notice any difference in my lashes but given as I don't wear falsies my lashes are in pretty good condition anyway. The argan oil isn't visible in the mascara however I will mention that this has a particularly odd smell, it doesn't linger but yes worthwhile mentioning for anyone who's not a fan of scented products. This didn't irritate my sensitive eyes though and they are quite sensitive.

I won the lovely Farzana's giveaway recently, Farzana runs a beauty blog too and it's one of my absolute favourites so if you haven't already go have a read here! Included in the giveaway was the Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara*. Out of the two this has to be my favourite and not for the funky looking brush I promise. For me this one is the slightly more chunkier of the two but I actually find this easy to apply this adds length, volume and separates it also adds one hell of a curl in my lashes. For me this worked really well layered and never looked clumpy or left my lashes uncomfortable (some mascaras can do that to me after layering!) The curved brush does wonders at fanning out my lashes and I just find this grips my lashes really well, the shape fits the natural curve of my lashes and seems to add curl in the right places.

So the verdict I still dream about my Clinique mascara and most likely will repurchase at some point, but for now I'm happy that I've found two cheaper alternatives that in all honesty perform just as well. The Rimmel mascaras work really well for me and basically do everything I would want from a mascara.

Have you tried the Rimmel mascaras? What are you favourite drugstore mascaras?

*Won in a giveaway


10 Random Thoughts On Travelling

So with my holiday done and dusted (boo) I thought I'd cling onto the last few memories of balmy evening walks for baguettes along rustic french alleyways by sharing with you 10 random thoughts on travelling. These are just random things have occurred to me over many years of travelling-

1. However organised I am, however many tick sheets I make I will always leave for the airport feeling like I've forgotten something.

2. I hate airports, the whole experience is dreadful and I have the worst track record for getting the dreaded pat down (note to self do not wear under wired bras through metal detectors!)

3. Standard Air planes will always make me feel like I've been transported to a creche of upset children.

4. I will always be forever doomed to have a seat near the toilet (note to self stop being a cheapskate pay the extra £10 and pick your seats!)

5. I'm a picky eater, I like to pretend I'm all cultured and try the local cuisine but deep down I just really want a Big Mac meal.

6. Relaxing/ Switching off is actually much harder than I think, having random thoughts about what Mums cooking for tea and resisting twitchy hands that are suffering from iPhone withdrawal symptoms is hardly switching off.

7. My skin loves the sun, all that extra vitamin D does wonders for my complexion and nails for that matter.

8. I can walk for miles and miles abroad yet dread the 20 minute walk home after work back home (what's up with that!?)

9. In hot climates all inhibitions disappear and I never find myself thinking about my unflattering wobbly bits or cellulite in my bikini (despite the dreaded pre holiday diet!)

10. I will always return from a holiday wanting another holiday, I swear there's a holiday sickness bug

Any Summer holidays planned? What are your thoughts on travelling are you organised, last minute, laid back?


Clinique Chubby Stick Intense - Mightiest Maraschino

If you're anything like me you're most likely sick of hearing about chubby sticks, lip crayons or anything of that nature…wait don't click away. Today though I thought I'd share a new shade that's recently been added to the Clinique Chubby Stick line 'Mightiest Maraschino.' Prior to trying Clinique's offering I'd tried just about every drugstore lip crayon on offer which seems a shame really as Clinique was one of the first brands to launch chubby stick for lips. Here's my thoughts-

So in my opinion my drugstore alternatives don't quite have the same gloss, shine, plumping or moisturising effect that this Clinique one seems to have. Bourjois offering comes very close but unfortunately the shade range is a little more limited. Mightiest Maraschino is a lovely deep red wine colour that's perfect for an every day colour, but I also feel like it looks classic for a night out too. The formula is just right mega moisturising but without being messy or smudgy. I love that I don't have to faff about with lip prep such as an exfoliator or balm prior to using the Clinique Chubby Stick used solely on it's own it works a charm it doesn't emphasise or cling to any dry patches.

All in all Clinique comes out top for me, I'm so glad I picked up a shade to try the only problem is I feel like I need more now. Clinique are constantly adding new shades to the line which makes these chubby sticks all that more appealing.

I'm a little behind with Clinique's offering so I'd love to hear what your favourite shades are in the Clinique Chubby sticks (I love them!)

What are your favourite chubby sticks?


Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment

If you have curly, coarse, thick, fine or hard to manage hair you need some Ojon in your life. In particular the Rare Blend Protecting Treatment. When it it comes to haircare I'm usually a drugstore girl at heart, but after discovering Ojon through their miniature sets I've pretty much fallen in love with the brand. I feel like with Ojon I get a salon finish without any added effort which for me is a huge thumbs up as general hair maintenance such as blow drying or straightening is such a chore.

My natural hair is super curly, when I say super curly I mean mega curly (I'll insert an embarrassing curly haired selfie below.) When it comes to taming curls I'd pretty much given up, but the beauty with this Ojon spray is it works on both curly and straight hair. Post wash I apply the Ojon spray to towel dried hair I comb my hair through and I just find this spray makes my hair so much more manageable. It's a fine mist so doesn't weigh my hair down or feel greasy, on curly hair I find this gets rid of that fluffy frizz look. I tend to get a lot of static with my curls but this spray just eliminates that. So if you're a girl who likes to rock the curls without weighing them down this spray may be worth a try. It smells divine and doesn't leave any residue behind in my hair. 

For straight hair I apply this post blow dry or before I straighten. Although the  directions say to apply this to damp hair it actually works really well on dry hair as a heat spray before straightening. It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky, as I mentioned it is a mist style spray so you can easily coat your hair I also find that only a tiny amount is needed per use. On straight hair the end result is shiny glossy frizz free (I just walked out of the salon) hair. My hair feels super soft and I've noticed I don't get that burnt hair smell (nice) when I use this spray. It's also worth mentioning that this smells incredible this smells like a spray form of the Nuxe Rev De Miel lip balm, honey and lemon. 

Over time I've just noticed the condition of my hair has improved so much since introducing Ojon, from my mid lengths to ends my hair just looks so much more happier. As far as heat protectants and leave in treatments go the Ojon Protecting Treatment has you covered it's a two in one wonder that I can certainly see being a permanent fixture in my hair care routine which is a shame given its price tag (£24!) 

What are your favourite leave in conditioners? What are your favourite heat sprays I'd love to know I'm still yet to find a drugstore one that's comparable to Ojon...


It's Love -July

July has passed (say what) so it only seemed right to show you the products/other items I've loved throughout the month- 

Over recent months I've found myself really getting on board with the whole 'midi ring' trend. I initially dismissed them as I thought they'd emphasise my chubby fingers, but after trying a few in Topshop I actually think they make my fingers look dainty, feminine and really flatter a good mani (ignore my terrible one in the picture below!) If anyone knows of any other shops/boutiques where I can purchase different style midi rings I would welcome suggestions.

This Clinique blush has pretty much been my go to blush for everyday wear. This was actually my mums but somehow made it's way to my makeup bag (cheers mum.) The shade is 'Smoldering Plum' the shade and formula are really spot on, this has a slight shimmer running through it but I quite like this as it almost adds a highlighted effect to cheekbones as well as adding a natural flush on my darker skin tone. The blush is super pigmented but you can be light handed for a sheer finish. I find this to be a perfect neutral shade that compliments any look, this especially looks good with a bright lip. 

Speaking of bright lips I'm in love with the shade 'Ole Flamingo' in the Bourjois Velvet Matte Lipsticks. To see me wearing this click here. The shade is just a lovely bright pink shade that really perks up and brightens my complexion. Recently I've been a lot more daring with my lipstick choices so I'm finding this a perfect way to brighten up my look for both daytime and evening. 

When I haven't been sporting Ole Flamingo I've worn an old favourite and as you can see a very well loved Bourjois Chubby stick in 'Plum Russian' to see me wearing this shade click here. Plums are an all year round affair for me they compliment my darker skin tone perfectly and have to be the most wearable shade in my lipstick collection. The Bourjois Chubby sticks are still one of my favourite drugstore chubby sticks the formula is spot on, moisturising without being at all messy.

TBS Honey & Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter has been reached for a lot through the month of July. For soft feet and hands this little tub of goodness is essential. Although this has a super thick rich texture I find it absorbs really quickly. My hands have been incredibly dry this month (no idea why) but this moisturiser applied and left overnight has really helped.

My favourite Essie polish of all time, if you follow me on Instagram (if not go follow) you'll be sick of hearing me harp on about this shade. For me 'Exotic Liras' is the perfect pink polish, sometimes I just apply this week after week. The shade flatters my skin tone, manages to look polished and classy whilst still having a bright pop of colour. The colour is very similar to Watermelon but I find this one ever so slightly darker.

That's me all out of love, but they were the products I've slathered on/or worn throughout the month of July. I'd love to know what your standout products were throughout the month of July.
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