Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter

The Body Shop body butters are an absolute favourite of mine, I always have one (okay 2…maybe 3) in my stash, but lip butter? I'd never tried or heard much about the Body shop lip butters but I'm rather glad I picked one up.

This smells a-mazing, tastes amazing but also hydrates the lips. Firstly can we be trivial and discuss packaging. How cute does this look, there like baby body butters. The texture is super rich and creamy I can see this lasting for some time (well that’s if I don’t eat it!) This tastes so dam good. Yes I said it; many lip balms that smell amazing taste rank, sadly not the case here. This lip butter literally smells like Strawberries and cream and tastes…well like strawberries and cream. If you can resist licking this off (yes much easier to say then do) this is actually a really nice lip balm. Body butter for the lips, creamy, rich, moisturising this does everything I would want or need from a lip balm. And did I mention the smell is to die for. This hydrates the lips but also makes a great base for lipsticks that are slightly drying on the lips. 

Have you tried Body Shop lip butters, which ones are your faves?


Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser

On first glance I did think I'd booked myself a one way ticket to clogged pore central with this moisturiser but my face and I are glad to report zero breakouts (wahey.) 

Now in all honesty this moisturiser isn't anything groundbreaking, however this has really improved the look/texture of my skin, and really helped to calm down my eczema and dry patches. Over the past few months I've suffered with bad breakouts, eczema and sensitive skin that seemed to react to everything I used. My regular moisturiser just wasn't cutting it. I haven't experienced eczema since my childhood days, so I had no idea what to do. 

Visiting a doctor usually results in antibiotics (which can help significantly) and Diprobase (that thick nasty white cream that leaves your skin a complete grease ball and blocks your pores.) I decided to visit Liz Earle. I'm not sure where the spur came from, I thought back to a time where my skin looked good, the only time I could recall was when using the Liz Earle starter kit. 

Little did I know that Liz Earle actually suffered from eczema when designing the products so most Liz Earle skincare are designed with sensitive skin in mind. If your suffering from mild eczema like I was I'd highly recommend a visit. I was very lucky to speak to a consultant who also suffered from eczema, she not only recommended products but also took the time to give me information on diet and supplements I could incorporate to help calm my flare up. 

This moisturiser is very buttery, and thick in texture. I don't find that this feels heavy on the skin, or blocks my pores. This doesn't control oil but I don't find my skin to look overly greasy/ shiny after using this (make up actually applies nicely on top.) This is quite heavily scented, but I find the scent soothing and almost herbal like, this isn't a fragrance smell so this worked perfectly with my sensitive skin. 

With avocado oil, vitamin B, vitamin E and borage oils this moisture is packed full of natural antioxidants , lots of skin care goodness. If you suffer from combination, dry patches or dull skin I can't recommend this enough. I find this hydrates my skin, and since incorporating this into my skin care routine my eczema and breakouts have calmed down significantly. My skin just feels, and looks a lot happier. Oh, and whats even better this moisturiser is a purse friendly £19.25!  

Have you tried any Liz Earle skincare? Tips for coping with eczema?

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9 Things I'm Loving Lately #5

Wearing the life out of this Topshop top // Really enjoyed Lilly Pebbles and VDM 'Guide to blogging/vlogging' series so helpful for bloggers/youtubers beginners or old timers // Loving these Boots from New Look- super comfy too // Getting my daily Starbucks fix with my new phone case // Bought this Cath Kidston purse over Christmas it's so pretty // How cute is Suttie, I'd love to pinch him sadly he's too big // I've enjoyed mixing things up lately in the jewellery Department even though I will always be a gold girl at heart // Got PK Elasticizer in my latest Birchbox-love, love love! // Millionaire shortcake yummy for the tummy these were so good // 

Don't forget to follow me over on instagram (@subjectbeauts) for weekly snaps (mainly cake!) 

What have you been loving lately? 

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LUSH Skincare Project

Last month I saw a tweet from my local Lush store, asking for bloggers to take part in the 'Lush skincare project. 'The idea being that you brought along any old skincare bits that were no longer working/unused and swapped them for some samples and a free consultation with a member of the Lush team.

I sometimes forget that Lush do offer samples (like the ones I received) to all customers, so if there ever is a product that you wish to try but aren't sure if it will work with your skin type don't be shy about asking for  sample. There's nothing worse then spending money on a full size product only to discover it really doesn't work with your skin!

If you are looking for some skincare advice, I highly recommend visiting your local Lush store, the lady I spoke to was clearly knowledgeable and was extremely clued up on all things skincare. I was fortunate enough to speak to a lady who suffered from a similar skin type/concerns as myself, you could clearly tell that she uses the products herself that she recommended, it's so nice to see staff who are clearly as enthusiastic about the brand as customers.

I usually like to try products for at least 4 weeks before reviewing on my blog, so please take this review as a 'first impressions' post. Lets talk skincare-

Angels on Bare Skin-Cleanser

'An incredibly gentle cleanser with chamomile blue and lavender oils to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin.'

After a quick demonstration in store I found the concept of this cleanser truly bizarre. It's not like anything I've tried before. The texture is sort of like playdough, the idea being that you break a piece of add water and apply to skin. In all honesty I just couldn't get to grips with using this, I even took to twitter to ask fellow Lushies how to use this product-the general consensus being that it is rather tricky to use. I found this felt sort of gloopy, there was lots of product wastage (I found the majority ended up down the sink!) Sadly I can imagine needing to repurchase this way more than you average cleanser due to the amount of wastage. I did find this to be slightly harsh on my sensitive skin, I also found that this leaved an oily residue behind which did help to hydrate my skin but I can imagine over time this could cause congestion.

Imperialis- Moisturiser 

'A light balancing face cream packed with herbal goodies to restore your skin to its majestic beauty.' 

I loved this. A purchase of the full size product is definitely on the cards. This moisturiser is aimed at combination skin, this also worked really well with my sensitive skin. The product has a browny purply tint and smells super herbally-mostly like lavender which I love. I found this super soothing on my skin, and although this sounds weird I found this super relaxing to use before bed. This balanced my oily skin, but also hydrated dry patches. This didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky after using and make up applied nicely on top. I can imagine this working all year round, I can't wait to buy the full size. 

Full Of Grace Facial serum 

I love how innovative Lush are. I think that's why I'm a fellow Lushie the excitement of what they will create. In all honesty I've not seen anything like this anywhere else. Full of grace is a solid serum, and is fantastic value for money. I received a tiny chunk which is still going strong. This glides on the skin, you can either use this directly on your face (which I think could get a little unhygienic) or warm the product in your hands and apply to face. In my consultation the lady also mentioned how some people with extremely oily skin use this in replacement of moisturiser. This really hydrated my skin, this serum (like most) is designed to boost the effects of your moisturiser. This also works brilliantly before a face mask. I just found my skin felt smooth, soft and so hydrated. I loved this. 

Lush Fresh Face masks 

I'm no stranger to the odd fresh face mask (Oatifix and Cupcake being my favourite) surprisingly though I had never tried the two I received- 

'Love Lettuce' 

'Brighten up your complexion with this gently exfoliating mask, with Fullers earth to remove dirt and oil and glycerine to soften the skin.'

This didn't feel stripping on my skin, but my skin felt super clean not the squeaky dry clean you get with other masks. This one again like the moisturiser is great for combo skin. This mopped up excess oil, but also buffed away dry patches to reveal brighter skin. I really did enjoy using this, I wasn't a fan of the smell but I didn't find this lingered on the skin after- so all was good. 

'Catastrophe Cosmetic'

How have I not tried this mask before? This felt amazing on my skin, and smelt like blueberries! This again hydrated skin, my face just looked a lot brighter and felt a lot calmer after using this. I will be purchasing the full size of this. 

So there we have it, have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Fan of Lush skincare what products are your fave? What's your favourite fresh face mask? 

*This post is not sponsored by Lush, samples received in return for a blog post. Any customer can request samples like the ones I received above. All opinions are 100% my own*

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Topic 4 High End V's High Street

Is high end better then high street? Routing through my make up I have a good mix of both, I can't say I'm entirely loyal to high street nor high end. Lets discuss… 


Slightly touchy subject here, but having a darker complexion foundation from the drugstore is limited. Unfortunately I am not spoilt for choice as shade range (even in 2014) is very much limited. Therefore I reach for my high end foundations on a daily basis. I love my Revlon nearly naked foundation but when I compare to NARS, Benefit and YSL foundations...well I can just feel the difference in quality. The higher end foundations appear more 'skin like' natural on the skin, they blend more easily and there's no oxidising. I find them long wearing, and I just feel more confident as they provide coverage that I know I can rely on. I do tend to find drugstore foundation in darker shades very orange toned (which I'm not) and they do have a tendency to oxidise throughout the day. It's a no brainer for me high end wins.


When were talking lips high street wins for me. With new releases left right and centre the high street really does bring it. With a range of shades, textures, and formula's that flatter all skin tones I've never really seen the need to stray away from high street offerings. I find lipsticks to be long wearing, gone are the days of sticky lip glosses too. I definitely think this is a category that the high street are doing well. 


There's an array of mascaras available on the high street, in all honesty though I love my Clinique high impact mascara (fancy a chance of winning one see here) I've repurchased this more times then my bank balance and I care to recall- I just love it! This doesn't smudge through the day, it lengthens adds volume a curl just everything you want from a mascara this baby gives. That said I also (although it doesn't compare to Clinique) love the Soap and Glory mascaras, they lengthen and add volume too. All in all, the high street does offer a huge range of mascaras too...perhaps this ones a draw? 


For as long as there's Barry M high street will always win for me. For nail care I love Sally Hanson, and Butter London. I've never really been the type of girl to spend over a tenner on a polish (...although those Debra Lippmann polishes are tempting) I love the formula and shade range of nearly every Barry M polish going, I also love Revlon polishes, Maybelline and Rimmel who again (like lips) are constantly releasing new effects and shades. 

Body Care and Hair care

Does LUSH/Body shop count as high street? Okay so when it's not Soap and glory I'm pretty much using products from LUSH or Body shop, in all honesty I could never spend over £20 on body products it just seems....unnecessary. Although having the odd treat here and there isn't so bad I guess, but for daily use high street wins. 

With hair care I tend to have a balance, hair care is so important to me after all if we're going to start the preening somewhere it might as well be hair! For everyday shampoo/conditioner high street has me covered. L'Oreal and TRESemm√© are my two favourite brands. However when it comes to treatments I do lean towards high end. Moroccan oil is something I just can't be without (I ran out recently and had a mini panic) deep treatments and hair oils in general all seem to be on the pricer side for me as I just find they work better on my hair, I also find that you can go heavy handed with high end hair oils and your hair never feels tacky whereas with high street it's very easy to go over board! 

Rounding up….high street is the winner. Gone are the days of drugstore sadness brands really are stepping up there games with new releases to rival high end offerings, better marketing  and packaging the high street/drugstore is slowly becoming more appealing and less drab.

So thoughts guys high end or high street? Has anyone else noticed how much the high street/drugstore has grown over the past few years, is it just me or are products getting better and packaging becoming nicer? UK Girls drugstore or high street? (I'm curios)

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Bloggers Secret Valentine

With valentines day done and dusted for another year (I'm secretly rather glad) I thought I would share my goodies I received from Jess who runs the cutely named blog 'Dungaree's and Donuts.'  I've followed Jess on bloglovin since last December if you haven't checked out her blog…do. Lifestyle, beauty and fashion posts there really is something for everyone. After taking part in the 'Blogger's secret santa' last December I couldn't wait to be involved in something similar, the bloggers secret valentine was kindly organised by the lovely Vicky and Laura, we all had a budget of £15.

Thank you Jess, I really do love everything I got. Jess went for a pink theme (very vday appropriate.) I received a Revlon nail file, which is great for my handbag as I'm forever biting chipping my nails -Oh and did I mention it's pink and glittery-sold.

 I also received the Collection Volume mascara, I've previously mentioned on my blog my love for a big brush, and boy does this have a big brush. You can really build with this it coats all of your lashes and lengthens I'm really enjoying using this at the moment.

 I love Barry M nail polishes so much, I own nearly every shade except this one, the shade is 'Pink Flamingo' perfect pastel for spring I do love bright shades and this really compliments my skin tone.

Yogurt smoothie mask this sounds delicious, I can't wait to try this. I'm currently on a serum/mask free skin routine but as soon as March rolls around I can't wait to try this.

In all honest I got scared when I saw this lipstick it's a shade I'd usually be very daunted by. I can't thank Jess enough I absolutely love this, and it flatters my skin tone so much. This really brightens up my complexion and will look perfect for spring too. I love the formula very creamy, moisturising and pigmented I definitely want to try more from Barry M.

Thank you for my gifts Jess, I love everything. What did everyone get for valentines day? Have you tried any of the products I received? 

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NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder

Setting powders have always been an absolute essential in my daily makeup. Having oily skin it’s just needed. I have always preferred loose powders in appose to pressed, as I just find loose powders look more natural and less cakey on the skin (pressed powders do have their time and place though.)

I’ve always been more favourable to a ‘matte’ finish, so when the MUA at NARS presented the radiance loose powder I was a bit hesitant. What I really found helpful at NARS was how the lady applied products to one half of my face so I could see the visible difference the products do make, I prefer this rather than the slap and dash approach you see at some make up counters. Anyway, she used the tiniest amount on a large fluffy blush, down one half of my face and you could clearly see a difference for me it was a total revelation as I’m so used to matte powders. 

I apply this using my RT multi task brush, you only need to use the tiniest amount and this just brightens up your whole complexion, whilst setting your make up. The powder is fully translucent, it doesn’t make my skin appear ashy or washed out. However much you build with this you never get that cakey powdery look to the skin. This isn’t overly dewy, but this also doesn’t contain any glitter particles. I’m clueless as to how this does what it does. The perfect duo is NARS Sheer glow, and this powder applied over the top. I’ve also found this to work with my YSL foundations, BB creams and tinted moisturisers. 

I just really don’t know how to even explain this product but what I do know is I'm left with glowy (never oily) bright skin-which is just what I want! I do suffer from a dull complexion, with lots of pigmentation/scaring and I just find this to work so well at giving me ‘that glow’. I receive so many compliments and regularly get asked what skincare (shows how natural NARS products look on the skin) I’m using whenever I wear this powder. This has slowly become an everyday staple for me, matte powders seem to have taken a back seat for now. I can’t wait too see how this performs in summer. 

What are your favourite setting powders? Have you tried any NARS powders?

P.s I'm wearing this powder over Sheer glow in a picture here 

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LUSH Prince Charming

Valentine's day is approaching ladies, still not found 'prince charming' never fear I've done the leg work for you. Yes he's small and pink but he smells real good he hangs around in the morning too, I do wish this wasn't limited edition. I seem to always fall for limited edition Lush things...

Prince Charming shower gel is from the valentines collection and is indeed limited edition. I took one whiff of this and had too purchase. Think sweeties, this definitely has something Soap and Glory esque about it. 'Vanilla and fresh pomegranate' anything vanillery is definitely a winner in my eyes, this just smells so gorgeous and I find the smell to really linger. I find with Lush shower gels you do tend to use a little more product to get a foam, but this really is a nice little shower time treat. 

For anyone that loves Snow Fairy,  Soap and glory products or sweet girly scents this shower gel is definitely for you. I just wish this wasn't limited edition as I think the current range at Lush is missing a scent like this one (this scent would be amazing in a body cream too.)

Have you tried any products from the Lush Valentines range? What's your favourite? Plans for V day? 


9 Things I love(d) Lately-London Edition #4

If you follow me on twitter, or instagram you may have noticed I took a long weekend break too the 'big smoke' or London as some may call it for a family party. I used to visit London on a regular basis as I have friends and family there, in all honesty I never usually enjoy visiting. I do think coming from a city that's relatively quiet and small (in comparison) does make London seem a little daunting -more recently though it's really grown on me. I'm the proud owner of an oyster card, I've perfected my 'bitch' face' and I've got my popeye arm all muscled up for some of that routine pushing and shoving (trust me it's the only way your getting on any tube in central London.) Me and my mum decided to make a weekend of it, and I truly enjoyed it, we don't get to spend much time together so I did enjoy the quality time…. (aw look at me all smushy!) 

Central London I stood watching this for ages just too see the Dior Spring collection ad // The underground makes me feel like a mole, stuffy sweaty stale air it definitely makes you appreciate surface life // NARS, not having a counter here I felt truly deprived as you can see I certainly made up for lost time // Cake, cake, cake I drooled at this window for around ten minutes before convincing mum that we just had too go in, this was near Oxford Circus I can't quite remember the name as I was obviously too distracted by cake…the cake was good! // Early morning walk by the River Thames // Me and Mum scrub up well // Tickets for Phantom even if you hate opera you must see this show it's the second time I've seen it and I was still completely mesmerised and blown away // So I discovered these in London, when I got home I also discovered that there about 3 times the price here! // At the retirement party I saw this band stand and panicked-but the band were fantastic the younger singer had an incredible voice they sung old motown classics (which I love) with a mix of chart music too they were brilliant 

Thoughts on London? Love it, hate it, live there…want to live there? 

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Michael Todd-First Impressions

Over the past few years, my relationship with all things skincare has truly blossomed. I've found that discovery sets, such as this one are a great way to discover brands and try lots of different products without parting with too much cash. For years I've heard some of my favourite American youtubers rave about Michael Todd products, and general reviews on the world wide web are positively gleaming. 

Last month I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Sensitive skin kit which retailed at around £26. May I also add that shipping was incredibly quick this arrived within 3 days. Anyway here are my thoughts.

First things first if you've got sensitive skin you may want to give this kit a miss, despite the name I found every single product to be extremely harsh on my skin, to the point of causing rashes and really bad breakouts. My skin is never usually sensitive and I rarely have breakouts so this came as a bit of a surprise.

Honey and Oat deep pore cleanser 

I was surprised to find that this had a gel like consistency (something I tend to steer clear off) never one to judge I tried this with an open mind but sadly my original fears were confirmed. This stripped my skin, dry tight skin was my end result. I did actually find that this broke my skin out (under the skin clusters of spots) I think this happened purely because of how dehydrated this made my skin. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone even those with extremely oily skin. I didn't find this particular good at removing make up, dirt or grime. Oh, but it smelt lovely!

Cranberry antioxidant anti-ageing toner 

As a recent toner convert, this toner simply reminded me why I used to hate them! Again this stripped like nothing else. My skin just felt so dry, tight and sore after using this. This doesn't contain alcohol or any nasty ingredients so I'm unsure as to how this stripped my skin so much. Again dehydrated parched skin is what I was left with. This did how ever do a great job of removing the makeup and grime that the above cleanser hadn't removed

Tropical fruit enzyme scrub 

So, perhaps the only product that didn't strip my skin. This smells fruity (as the name would suggest) and really refreshed my skin. Sadly my bad reaction/ breakout to the two products above did make using this difficult. Unlike the other two products though I've hung onto this one as I think it'll work really well with my skin once the spots have gone down. My skin did look that little bit brighter and felt smoother (well not the spots) 

Citrus cream moisturiser with hyaluronic acid

For those who have tried the LUSH Gorgeous moisturiser this smells exactly the same (Lush's offering has a nicer texture.) Again this didn't aggravate my skin, or make it unhappy. In total honesty this didn't really do anything no added moisturise to my skin this also lacks in SPF so wouldn't be suitable for day time use. 

Charcoal detoxifying face mask 

Cat pee. No seriously this stuff smelt so bad I literally had to wash it off as soon as I applied it. Emerging into my living room my dad literally winced at the smell- yes it's really that strong! I'm not sure if I've received a dudd, or if someones literally just bottled up cat pee. Okay cat pee smell aside this mask well....oh dear it was just poo. Watery, slimy texture the kind of clay mask that doesn't turn stiff or try hard.

So there we have it, I can truly say I was left feeling very underwhelmed, spotty, sore and dehydrated after trying the products from this range. If your in the UK, and wonder about Michael Todd products I seriously wouldn't as your not missing out on much. I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying new products, just because something didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you, but I'd genuinely give the cat pee I mean detox mask a miss...

Have you tried any Michael Todd products,what were your thoughts?  

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300 Followers Giveaway!

At beginning of the year ‘Subject Beauty’ hit 300 followers on bloglovin! Which was totally unexpected, overwhelming but very appreciated I’m so grateful for anyone that reads my posts, takes the time to comment or even goes that extra mile to follow me on bloglovin. Without sounding too smushy it really does make my day. I always take the time to reply to readers, and I check out your blog links too, I must say I truly have some of the most amazing beautiful followers (with great blogs too!)

To celebrate hitting 300 followers (I'm so close to 400 now too) I decided to do a little giveaway. I was a bit worried about doing this giveaway as I wasn't sure if anyone would like/want to try the products I have picked hopefully these prizes are a little appealing- 

NARS Creamy Concealer (winner will need to let me know shade) – This is sleep in a tube. Amazing for covering dark circles, and imperfections –by far one of the best concealers that I own! 

Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask – This works on so many different skin types, just the hydration and nourishment your skin needs after this cold wintery weather.

Soap & Glory Pulp Friction – I’ve raved about this far too much on my blog! This scrub has overtaken my S&G favourites (Breakfast scrub and sugar crush) simply for the added ease of use – no clumpy bits down the drain! 

Clinique High Impact Mascara - My favourite mascara of all time, me and my bank balance don’t even want to think about how many times I’ve repurchased this mascara. 

(If the winner happens to be a blogger, you will also win 1 month free advertising on the side bar of 'Subject Beauty') 

Terms and conditions 

1. All prizes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
2. No cash alternative will be offered for any prizes.

3.Prizes can only be delivered to a valid UK address.
4.This competition will be open for 4 weeks, the closing date for entering is Monday 3rd March 12am
5. I will endear to ship this giveaway prize within 2 weeks after the closing date
6. Entry is open to UK residents only (sorry guys international shipping is so expensive!)

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Topic 3: Once Upon A Time...

So Topic 3. I think this is the first topic of #2014Bloggerchallenge that I've felt a little nervous/apprehensive about but here it goes ladies and gents… 

So yes lets first address that I'm wearing glasses! Sadly these aren't for fashion I'm actually as blind as a bat (ssshh don't tell anyone) but yes I can't read small print, or anything long distance or short distance for that matter. Proclaimed by optician apparently my eyesight is the worst he had ever seen of someone my age (I have a lovely optician!) When topic three popped up in my inbox (and I put my glasses on) I was nervous to see that the topic was about all things bookey-not something we usually see on 'Subject Beauty' but all the same it's great to get out of my comfort zone and post something different...

So 'that book' the one every beauty blogger and there dog seems too own. I actually received this a leaving gift from some lovely thoughtful colleagues. So is it good? My answer yes and no. I truly enjoyed the skincare, and make up application tips. You can clearly see the book is very much marketed towards Bobbi Brown lovers and is heavily filled with Bobbi Brown make up and skincare. The imagery is beautiful, and the book is well written. I also like how the book shows a variety of skin tones, and is very tailored to each individual-a personal touch. 

Books, books and more books. So what you may not know about me is I'm a little bit of a bookworm. My favourite author of all time is Mo Hayder, I love her 'Jack Caffery' series which focuses on one detective 'DI Caffery' his story, and the story he is solving. I love how the main character DI Caffery isn't portrayed as the clean cut DI he should be, there's a deep darker side to him. Mo Hayder's writing style is gritty, dark, and urban with a touch of humour. If your into crime or thrillers I definitely recommend the series, seriously page turning, Mo has you hanging on too her every word. 

I also enjoy Neil White, Stuart Macbride and Karren Rose. Beware though all books by Mo hayder and these authors here are very gritty, and there's certainly no sugar coating, rainbows or unicorns. There all crime/thrillers which I love. And I personally love how 'real' they are. There's nothing like playing a guess game all the way through a book and finding out you were way off at the end. 

A little plug here too to Blogosphere magazine not necessarily a book as such but…if your a blogger or love reading blogs this magazine is a must. If you look in the second issue you may also notice 'Subject Beauty' makes a small appearance *wink wink*. Fantastic way of discovering new blogs and learning more about the people behind them. Everything is clean cut, well written with pretty images and photography throughout. 

Completely irrelevant but is anyone else a magazine hoarder pictured here is about a quarter of my collection. I just don't seem to get rid of them, I do often find myself browsing back at old issues for interesting articles I want to re-read and product reviews I wish to try. Cosmo, Company & Glamour magazine are my faves. 

So that's all. I hope this wasn't too rambly too read, I'm rubbish at describing a book in person never mind in writing so this really was a challenge.

What is your favourite genre of book to read? Who are your favourite authors? 

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