9 Things I love(d) Lately-London Edition #4

If you follow me on twitter, or instagram you may have noticed I took a long weekend break too the 'big smoke' or London as some may call it for a family party. I used to visit London on a regular basis as I have friends and family there, in all honesty I never usually enjoy visiting. I do think coming from a city that's relatively quiet and small (in comparison) does make London seem a little daunting -more recently though it's really grown on me. I'm the proud owner of an oyster card, I've perfected my 'bitch' face' and I've got my popeye arm all muscled up for some of that routine pushing and shoving (trust me it's the only way your getting on any tube in central London.) Me and my mum decided to make a weekend of it, and I truly enjoyed it, we don't get to spend much time together so I did enjoy the quality time…. (aw look at me all smushy!) 

Central London I stood watching this for ages just too see the Dior Spring collection ad // The underground makes me feel like a mole, stuffy sweaty stale air it definitely makes you appreciate surface life // NARS, not having a counter here I felt truly deprived as you can see I certainly made up for lost time // Cake, cake, cake I drooled at this window for around ten minutes before convincing mum that we just had too go in, this was near Oxford Circus I can't quite remember the name as I was obviously too distracted by cake…the cake was good! // Early morning walk by the River Thames // Me and Mum scrub up well // Tickets for Phantom even if you hate opera you must see this show it's the second time I've seen it and I was still completely mesmerised and blown away // So I discovered these in London, when I got home I also discovered that there about 3 times the price here! // At the retirement party I saw this band stand and panicked-but the band were fantastic the younger singer had an incredible voice they sung old motown classics (which I love) with a mix of chart music too they were brilliant 

Thoughts on London? Love it, hate it, live there…want to live there? 

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beautylovesbooks said...

I've never been to London! I didn't think that it is that crowded! The cake looks amazing!

alicia said...

London look stunning, I'd certainly love to live there at some point in the future :) glad you had such a good time!

PS. how much are the cookies n cream chocolates there?!


Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, oh gosh it's one of the most crowded places in the UK they pack people on the tubes everyone's squished together haha it's the same everywhere travelling around where I live in comparison is so relaxing haha x the cake was so good! Picking what to have was tough though I wanted it all haha

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by chick :D I did it was so much fun especially shopping to it really is brilliant for shopping. Well tbh I didn't think the price would differ with different cities but it does in London I could get these for 76p in Sheffield (where I live) there £1.50 a bar!!! Starting to think I should have stocked up whilst I was there xx

Anonymous said...

London is an amazing place :) xx

Lucy May said...

I love London so much! But absolutely hate the whole busyness of it, stresses me out haha! The tubes are always so hot and stuffy! xx

Lucy | Make Up Your Mind

Rebecca B. Bird said...

What is with Londoners and the shoving? It's one of the shove-iest places I've lived, and I'm saying that living in NYC now (which is obviously also very crowded). I found living in London really stressful (even in comparison to New York) but I always enjoyed visiting. Better experienced as a tourist, I guess.

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by/comment :) glad you love London it's definitely grown on me! :) Can't wait to go back shopping was good x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by, and comment! You can say that again there was a time it really phased me! I start getting panicky to when you go down like 3 escalators haha in summer it's a nightmare! (just followed on bloglovin ;) ) xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I know! I really don't get that..like at all. Here when people are waiting for a tram/bus everyone forms an orderly queue and steps on in London people are so shovey! I can't believe even in comparison to NYC it's still shovey says a lot about London haha! Another thing I noticed is how the idea of a queue seems to be foreign there haha you wait and people just push in front :/ …can't believe you live in NYC! It looks amazing :D. xx

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