These Boots were made for walking...

These Boots were made for walking...

What ones will you be rocking this A/W?


Soap & Glory: Thick and fast

The past few months for me have been pretty drugstore heavy (as I'm saving all my pennies for a car!) I tell you what I've not been let down. There's been new releases left right and centre and the drugstore really seems to be bringing it. 

But anyway onto this mascara my first repurchase. I've never really been too fussed with high end mascaras as the drugstore offers such a variety, (side note I do have to admit my love for Clinique high impact.) 

This Soap and glory offering lengthens, curls, holds and is smudge free. I don't find the lashes to drop through out the day (as I've found with some other mascaras.) It's just a really great mascara, it does all the things I'd want in a mascara, the wand as you can see is on the large side, but I'm fine with this. I know for some people that may be worth bearing in mind.

Lovely mascara for every day use! 
Have you tried any S&G make up products?


For the grazers

I  had previously shunned these little heavenly boxes purely because I thought nuts & seeds were the only option. The office that I work in went through a little craze,there seemed to be a whole lot more little brown boxes coming through the post.  So I blame 'encouraging' work colleagues for this addiction! 

But boy oh boy was my first impression of Graze wrong if you, like me underestimated Graze just have a look on there website, fresh dried fruit (I love!), fresh popcorn, graze flapjacks, brownies and puds (that can be heated in the microwave!), cracker bites the list is endless. All of these lovely goodies have cleaver creative names, and are all made from freshly sourced ingredients. 

All the snacks are designed to be healthy but still tasty, (if you think the above still sounds too much they even offer a Graze 'light' option), they constantly create new recipes and my boxes are always filled with new tasty goodies.

Graze website allows you to 'bin, try, like, love and send soon!' So you can really cater your boxes and ensure there full of goodies you will enjoy. Graze also caters for vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerance and coeliacs so they really have thought about everyone.

If your a foodie like me you will love these, if you try one and don't like you can even cancel your subscription (no catch!) you can choose how frequently you receive the box once a week, once a month ...it's all super flexible! 

Enter friend code RINICA2QB for 3 free Graze boxes!

Have you tried Graze boxes?


LUSH: Emotional Brilliance

Do you every rekindle and old flame? That particular make up item unloved, abandoned, unused banished to the bottom of your make up bag? Perhaps you found something new, shinier, better? 

This is exactly how I felt about this powder. Now just to add a disclaimer in I totally remember why I stopped using this, messy doesn't even begin to describe this powder, it's very easy to channel the Casper the friendly ghost vibe, getting the product out of the little glass tub is a total chore and more product ends up on my bathroom floor then my face!

But, when you get this right, well it's love. Mopping up excess oil, the pinky tone in this is designed to counteract redness. Your skin looks matte but not, flat I sometimes find that matte products can leave you looking a little dull, lifeless and well for me ill! But not with this powder, my skin still looks natural, and radiant.

 I generally use my RT buffing bush to apply this and gently press the product into my t-zone I find this way of application makes the product last a lot longer. I wore this on a work day, followed by drinks at 5pm I went to glam up and my face literally needed no blotting or touch ups, my face looked a little dewy but nowhere near the oil slick it would usually be.

For ease of use I do still prefer my LM powder, but battle of the powders? Hands down Lush would win every single time....just please do something about the packaging LUSH! 

Have you tried any make up from LUSH? Has anyone seen the Christmas collection I was so tempted to buy the Santa Bath bomb... 


'Plum Russian'

The real reason I love Bourjois Chubby sticks? There so hydrating and so comfortable on your lips, literally feels like your just wearing lip balm. On a recent visit to Boots, I noticed they had added two new shades to the line. Could this collection get any better? Hell yes! By adding the two shades the whole collection has an Autumn feel. They have added ‘Plum Russian’ & ‘Red Island’ (Red island looks perfect for Christmas oops 'C' word well were in October were allowed now surely?) Sadly I didn’t pick up Red Island as there was only one left, unsealed and not looking pretty! I feel like I’ve raved way to much about these see here & here, If you haven’t tried these…do! In my opinion they knock Clinique & Revlon out of the water (S&G ones will always have a place in my heart ‘Nudist’ is still my go to shade)

Is anyone excited for the Rimmel chubby sticks? What do you guys think over the chubby stick phase or still excited about new releases?

P.S On paler skin tones I can imagine this will be a purple, because of my darker warm skin tone all lip products seem to be much more...wearable good but not so great when you want a super bold colour! 




Literally these have been on rotation pretty much through the month of September. I absolutely adore Barry M polishes there just great! I've owned the nail polish above for well over a year no gloopyness and the brush is still in working order (longer lasting then some of the other more pricier nail polishes I own) I'm on the hunt for there Autumn collection but my Boots doesn't have any stock yet :(

The second polish which can be described as a grey/purple...browny colour is Models Own 'Purple Party Pro' I love this polish. It's a very unique shade in my collection (which is kind of small believe it or not!) I'm yet to find a cheaper dupe for this shade as I haven't come across anything similar.

What Autumn ranges are you looking forward to? Essie will be my next point of call...a certain navy colour has been added to my wish list.


Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

Another day, another lipstick. I do apologise for my lip heavy blog posts a lately I do love my lipsticks and lately there's been so many great drugstore releases.

On a 'merry' night out I sported Rimmels 'Glam Plum Fulham'.  These are so so creamy verging on lip balm territory, there extremely pigmented and smell real...nice (totally irrelevant but other Rimmel lipsticks I've had In the past have smelt super plasticy.) Long wearing I hear you ask? That box is definitely ticked here, this lasted all night long (after a mojito or 2...or 3 moving on) I literally came home with a bright lip literally like I'd just applied it.

I still love my colour crush lipstick but for something a little more long wearing I'd pick the Rimmel every time, (or if you fancy it buy both you can never have enough lipsticks!)

I'm off to add 'Mayfair Red Lady' & 'In Love With Ginger' to my collection.

What are your favourite drugstore lipsticks? 

P.S My picture doesn't do the lipstick much justice it's much brighter in natural lightening view this blog post on Fleur De Force for a better picture and swatches for other shades! 


AM Skincare

Over the past few months I think it’s become apparent to myself and nearest and dearest that I may have a problem. I ‘INSERT NAME’ am a skincare junkie, I’m not sure how it happened, when it happened, but my stash well lets just say it isn’t looking sparse!

Even when I find a routine that I love and works well I’m always on to the next new product, I think with skin care my mind set will always be that there is something better.

*Disclaimer I just thought I would mention what we all know, water, eating a balanced diet are always a necessary for healthy skin-products help along the way*

Gentle, but effective. Two words that describe this lovely, lovely cleanser from Ren (lovely 3 times a charm!.) When I first heard about this and read reviews I was a bit sceptical. I’ve never tried a clay cleanser (doesn’t clay belong in masks?) first thoughts before trying was dry, tight irritated skin but I confirm this cleanser is nothing like my initial thoughts. This cleans my skin, a deep clean to the pores, my skin feels fresh clean and clear. This manages to hydrate my skin, soak up excess oil –all whilst having a lovely smell it’s so relaxing.  I’ve been using this for just over a month now and my skin just seems to love this. Massage into skin, remove with a hot flannel and your pretty much ready for your next step…

La Roche-Posay Serozinc £10-£15 via Ebay

Facial sprays. A hype I’ve never really ‘got’ in a hot climate yes, perhaps I just haven’t found the one yet. But most seem to really dry my skin out. Initial thoughts on this product was ‘glorified water’ but I can confirm I couldn’t have been more wrong! This works best sprayed onto a cotton pad and massaged on to skin. This really helps to calm my spots, and has also helped an awful lot with my dreaded oily t-zone! I highly recommend.

I rave about this far to much. But here we have it. It smells delish, hydrates my skin and just gets the job done. My little pot is looking awfully empty but this will most definitely be on my repurchase list. I love this moisturiser,it’s super light for summer, but super energising for those dark winter months.

That’s pretty much it, I like to incorporate  oils (see review here) & serums but I will do a skin care add ons post some time soon, watch this space

What’s in your morning skincare routine? How do you change your skincare up for winter? Any recommendations for combination skin? 
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