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From my review on LUSH Charity Body cream, we all know that I'm no stranger to LUSH body moisturisers, with Charity being on my repurchase list for what feels like forever I decided to branch out and see what other body creams LUSH has to offer… 

LUSH Please, please please put this into your permanent stock please? Ok thanks.
Sadly this product is limited edition- I currently have 2 back ups in my stock as I love this so very dearly. This moisturiser is a hybrid between a body butter and lotion. This moisturisers the skin and feels so luxurious, all without been to greasy on the skin (no one wants that sticky feeling) 

As with the majority of Lush products, this smells divine. Orange, lime and almond oil this manages to smell fruity, festive yet fresh. Warning smell may be addictive I could literally sit and sniff this for hours (weird, rather but smell this once and you'll totally join the sniff squad.) I can't express my love for this enough, as quite frankly it's odd that I adore a moisturiser so much why oh why are you limited edition! 

Have you tried any LUSH body moisturisers? What's are your favourite LUSH products I'm always looking for more to try...



So week 8 my very last post for #BritishBloggerSelection, I would just like to take a moment to get all soppy and say how much I have enjoyed British blogger selection. It has enabled me to discover lots of new blogs that I otherwise wouldn't have discovered, I have enjoyed the themes and have managed to keep a beauty focus throughout to coincide with the theme of my blog. As one challenge ends another begins as I will be taking part in the #2014Bloggers challenge (more about that here.)

Anyway, probably the hardest topic for me as I can honestly say bargain queen I am not. It's probably once in a blue moon I manage to bag myself a bargain and that's with the help of a trusty voucher code, and a few promotion emails. The products I will talk about today aren't products that I would necessarily deem 'cheap'  but their products that aren't ridiculously expensive that truly give you your monies worth. 

Tresemm√© Paddle Brush £3.99

Hear me out here guys, I know what your thinking a brush…boring…next blog. But if your anything like me I actually find it difficult to find a quality brush, that's firm but not to harsh on my scalp/hair. Finding one that can detangle, be used on wet/dry hair and isn't super expensive is actually a harder task then one may think. Solution solved. This paddle brush works great on my thick long hair, it detangles hair like no other. This is a great size to chuck in an overnight bag, and also works great with a hair dryer (even though it's not designed to be used in this way!)

Dove Body Creams £2.66-£4.99

For every day use I need something non greasy, non heavy and affordable. Dove Body creams, are light smell delicious and give your skin a lovely glow. There non greasy, and super light in texture. 

Soap & Glory -Peaches and Clean  £8

Can we please just admire that I have owned this product since Christmas 2012. Being the loyal person that I am I have stuck with this all year, every evening for removing make up (yeah yeah they may have been the odd fling here and there) I love how this product manages to bring up every last scrap of make up, this is oily on the skin and transforms into a milky texture when water is applied. Nearly a year of generous using and I'm barely half way through! For cost per use, this is definitely a complete bargain of a product. 

Sally Hanson Cuticle Remover  £2.99

For some reason I always forget about Amazon when it comes to beauty, but I managed to bag this talked about cuticle remover for a bargain price of £2.99! So far, so good this tingles a little on application, nails are left healthy and cuticles look tidy. Essential product in my hand care routine for healthy cuticles 

Nail Art Tool pen

I purchased this tool pen from Avon for £1.99, I love how this comes with a little pouch too (I'm easily pleased) this works really well, and unlike other cheap nail tools I've tried nail polish does not build up on the tip (others look groggy very quickly!) 

Superfacialist-Una Brennan Mattifying moisturiser £12.99 (Boots reduce to £7.99 a lot) 

I've raved about this far to much now. But again another product I've owned since the beginning of the year, and there's still plenty of product left. This was a permanent fixture in my skin care line up throughout summer, keeping oiliness at bay this moisturiser leaves your skin looking shine free and fresh, a great drugstore moisturiser…just a shame about the smell. 

So there we have it my 'bargains' as I mentioned I'm hopeless when it comes to finding a bargain! I'm sadly one of those people who buys an item only for it to be reduced by 70% the day later-not much luck.

What are your beauty bargains, let me know in the comments below 



With Christmas approaching (tomorrow eep!) I figured it may not be appropriate to do this post (as it does contain glitter.) But I like to sport glitter nails through January too (ooh rebel) so here we go, my current go to nails. When it comes to nails, I don’t really follow trends I have been known to sport the odd pastel shade in winter, a Christmas red in summer and glittery tips in spring-but why not! Why should a season define what polish we wear?  Anyway enough rant onto the polish in question…

As mentioned previously on my blog I love Barry M polishes, I have owned this polish for almost a year and a half and it hasn’t gone clumpy or dried up if that’s not a quality polish I’m not sure what is! The shade shown here is ‘Mushroom’. Having a darker complexion nude shades don’t tend to suit me, but I think ‘Mushroom’ manages to look really nice against my skin tone. I have paired this with a ‘accent’ nail as one may call it, a new shade from the Maybelline colour show collection ‘Knitted gold’ this is a lovely rose gold shade. I really like the effect this has when applied, filled with tiny chunks of glitter layered over Mushroom this makes a really nice combination. I love the Maybelline colour show polishes as there great quality, don’t stain the nails and apply nicely. This glitter polish isn’t clumpy or hard to apply like others I have tried.

Have you tried any of the colour show polishes? Do you follow nail trends?


Barry M polishes, I know many a beauty blogger rave about Barry M but I have to say they really are worth the hype. This year we saw the release of Gelly hi shine range, high shine gel affect nails minus the UV light I have to say I was super impressed with this release and the shade range available. Barry M polishes are high quality, long wearing and reasonably priced. I've owned the Barry M shade 'Mushroom' (in the normal range) for almost 2 years now (no exaggeration!) and this hasn't dried out or clumpified, compared to my pricer polishes that dry up within a few months, this is rather impressive. 

The two shades swatched here are 'Blood Orange' and 'Watermelon', more recently I have been trying to be a little festive with the glitter (post in progress) but until then these were the two shades I have been sporting. Festive, why yes red and green? Behold the lazy girls option for festive nails.  

Unlike it's name 'Blood orange' is very much a tomato red, there's nothing orange about this polish, but it does make a lovely Christmas red, and looks love paired with a gold glitter accent nail. 

Watermelon, is a deep Christmas tree green. Beware ladies, this stains like nothing else! I was sporting witch green nails for almost a week not pretty, use a good quality base coat with this to avoid the green nail look 

Do you like Barry M polishes, what are your favourite shades? 


9 Thing's I'm loving lately #2

Loving how radiant my Touche Eclat highlighter makes my face see post/ Loving listening to cheesy Christmas music *Note to self, check car windows are shut before belting out Christmas tunes*/ Love my Revlon nearly naked foundation I forgot how good this stuff is such a bargain too!/ Elizabeth Arden Untold fragrance this smells so clean, fresh and light/ Loving the Christmas lights everywhere aren't they purrrdy, these appear to look like the Disney castle too/ Stuffing my face with mince pies…tis the season/ this barganious Miss Selfridge jacket looks like a Topshop one I've been lusting after only half the price/ Loving building up my N.dulge points…perhaps a treat in the New year?/ Loved my day out in Bakewell this goose appeared to be rather brave and a little angry…maybe he knows Christmas is around the corner. 

What have you been loving lately? Is everyone excited for Christmas? 



In week 7 of #BritishBloggerselection we were asked to talk about our winter loves, I decided to look at this from a ‘Beauty’ perspective as I’m always intrigued to see and hear about what staple products people swear by when the weather gets cold- let’s face it we do need a little extra TLC when winter rolls around… 

Body Shop Butters

Winter time sadly is the one season where all of my hard work buffing and scrubbing for those perfect summer pins seems to go downhill. This year I took a vow to up my game and continue buffing and slathering on the lotions throughout winter (usually my inner lazy girl takes over.) For the ‘slathering’ I have loved using my Body Shop butters, dry skin fixer in a tub. These can tend to be a little greasy but for skin that’s as dry as mine this really is needed. My two favourite ‘scents’ are coconut and Satsuma. Coconut reminds me of summer holidays, I constantly receive compliments after using this, so if coconut isn’t your thing I would stand clear as this is a strong lingering scent. Satsuma is fresh, fruity and never fails to wake me up when I’m facing a winter morning start.  What are your favourite Body Shop scents and products?

For the buffing and scrubbing I have looked no further then ‘Pulp Friction’ in my opinion this is the dark horse of S&G products, sitting quietly only to swoop in and claim the top spot. We hear people rave about Breakfast scrub and sugar crush scrub (both of which I love) but when it comes to getting the job done quick Pulp friction is the way to go. Unlike other S&G scrubs this clings to the skin allowing you to really buff the product in (no clumpy bits down the drain here) this leaves skin soft, and hydrated-never sore or red. Unlike its competitors though smell does let this down a little. Not fruity, or fresh just meh I can’t even really describe the smell of this. This also works really well applied to a loafer then buffed into skin, as it’s super foamy too.

There are many detailed reviews for this oil knocking about on the web, so I won’t bore you to tears with another. But this hair oil really is worth the hype for thick, frizzy, dry or damaged hair (such as mine.) If your hair is on the thin/fine side I recommend using the Moroccan Oil Light, as this is designed for finer hair in mind (the original may be a tad too heavy for fine hair.) I love to apply this as a treatment on dry hair, I work this through the ends tie into a top knot and leave for a few hours before washing my hair. Applied like this it really conditions my ends and makes them look, healthy and shiny (it’s great for those split ends too-note to self-must book hair appointment.) I also like to use this on wet hair pre blow dry to speed up drying and to protect my hair. Often when winter time roles around everyone focuses on skin care and forgets that hair can really suffer this time of year too, using hair oils and treatments help to maintain hair condition (so when summer rolls around we can still have our shiny healthy hair!)  

A new addition to my stash here. I have always used ‘Hand Food’ (since my ‘innocent’ school days to be all nostalgic) but when I popped into Boots and saw this new release I thought why not. This really is a dream to use I have a ‘Hand care’ post coming soon in which I mention this product so I won’t go into too much detail. True to its name this really is a hand dream, as soon as winter roles around my hands become so sore, and dry…this year this hasn’t been a problem. I can regularly apply this hand cream throughout the day as it’s virtually grease free, this soaks into skin so quickly and has really kept my hands hydrated through the cold spell we are currently experiencing. I only wish this came in miniature form…

Oh skin, am I the only one whose skin seems to freak out come winter time. Throughout summertime, my skincare line up is aimed at oily combination skin, come winter time my face oils, treatments and anything with an added touch of hydration are introduced ASAP. My skincare line up needs a total rejig come winter as my skin turns so dry. This year I incorporated the Antipodes Manuka Honey mask & Antipodes night cream into my skincare line up in hope that they would keep my skin hydrated and I have to say so far... Not a dry patch in sight *touches wood*. I have done full reviews on both of these products on my blog. But if like me your skin turns very dry and dehydrated in winter time, Antipodes is definitely worth checking out.

So there we have it, my ‘Winter loves’ the products that that will be ensuring I don’t shrivel up into a dried prune this winter, I’d love to know what your winter loves are?


The Lip Balm That Saved My Lips

As you may have seen in my LUSH lip scrub post I mentioned how my lips were having a hard time understatement- think cracked, dry, sore full on ouch zone. 

So I turned to twitter (like you do) and I was overwhelmed by the huge response I had from bloggers with recommendations and I must say you guys sure do know your stuff. 

I decided to go cheap and cheerful and I picked up the Blistex Relief cream as recommended by the lovely Molly from (Lyon Notes.) As soon as I read that this was a 'medicated treatment' I just knew this stuff would be good. Targeted at dry cracked lips (this can also be used on for cold sores) this really is the product to try when you need something that's going to get the job done. 

I wish I had done a before and after picture but I have to say my expectations of this were pretty low as my lips were in a bad bad way. But after the first night of applying this (a tiny bit goes a long way) I woke up with soft healthy lips, they were completely transformed. Never have I tried a product that worked so quickly. The combination of my lip scrub and this lovely balm seemed to completely transform my lips. Hands down one of the best products I have ever tried for cracked lips at a bargain price of £2.49 this will definitely be a permanent fixture in my stash for a long long time and I can't recommend this enough.

On a negative (ending on a negative) I really must say that for me I think the Nuxe lip balm is a little overhyped, and pricey. I don't find this to do anything that a cheaper lip balm from the drugstore wouldn't do, this doesn't last any longer (this generally tends to last about an hour or less on my lips) and I don't find this to be overly moisturising either, on normal lips this was bit meh but from my recent lip crisis I expected this product to shine and come out on top, but if anything it made me realise how little it actually does.

What are your thoughts on Blistex lip products? Nuxe lip balm worth the hype or overhyped?  


Batiste Smoothing Conditioning Mist

Oh Batiste, you've done it again. Saving lazy girls everywhere from the laborious task of daily hair washing for this we salute you. 

With this product here all I can simply say is why has no one had this idea before? We have dry shampoo, but what about conditioner. For the past few weeks, I have loved using this. Designed to be used in conduction with your dry shampoo of choice (Batiste do some great ones!) this freshens up your hair like no other. Now, for those greasy roots (sexy) I recommend you stay with your dry shampoo, but when hair looks a little lack lustre, dull, limp, this spray boosts your hair gives it that added volume and shine that 2 day hair lacks. 

Do you like Batiste products? Have you tried there new conditioning sprays? 


#BritishBloggerselection Week 6: Haircare Heroes

Haircare is something I never really took much interest in until recently, I've been quite fortunate to have relatively manageable hair (to some extent the day to day frizz fight does continue) as a person who tries to keep heat used to a minimum my hair is rather healthy. A few years ago I did have a brief stink after some 'experiments' (haven't we all!) were my hair was left super dry and damaged but other then that overall I'm quite lucky in the haircare department. 

To aid me along the way and to maintain my hairs condition here are the products/brands I love- 

L'oreal are an affordable drugstore brand that have some fantastic ranges. I find L'oreal to be great across the board when it comes to haircare, from shampoos, conditioners, hair masks to oils, treatments, hairsprays L'oreal do haircare well. For reference I also have a super sensitive scalp and therefore have to be very careful with the products I use L'oreal never irritates or drys my scalp. The product shown here is there spray hair mask from the ever riche rang see full review here. I've being using this along with the shampoo and conditioner since August and I'm still only a quarter of the way through. I think the idea of a spray hair mask is ingenious, mess free and distributes the product throughout hair.

Aussie, are another great drugstore brand I love, I love there conditioners especially the miracle shine range. Products always seem to be super light in my hair and they smell real yum too. Shown here is the 'Take the heat' leave in cream, this is a lovely alternative for the product I talk about next. This is designed to be used in wet hair prior to blow drying, I prefer cream heat sprays for blow drying as I think you can distribute the product more easily throughout your hair (especially when it's long like mine!) 

Ojon, a slightly more premium hair care brand but if your budget prevails they are definitely worth checking out. Ojon products are amazing quality, do what they say on the tin and last for ages. See my original review on this product here. As with the Aussie this is designed to be used on wet hair prior to blow drying. What I love about this is however heavy handed you go on product this never leaves your hair greasy or heavy. This smells really nice and makes my hair so much more manageable and soft. 

Toni & Guy, this year we have seen quite a few sea salt sprays knocking about keeping it cheap and cheerful I opted for Toni & Guys offering and I have to say I was very impressed. I used this all throughout my summer holiday, and unlike most sea salt spray I didn't find this one to be overly drying on hair. You do have to be weary with this as things can get a little wet and crunchy if your heavy handed. But I really enjoyed sporting my 'surf girl curls' this 2013 holiday. 

Last but not least Batiste. *New product review from Batiste coming soon.* But for now can we step back and admire there dry shampoo. I use this for lazy days and it freshens up my hair like no other, I use this for adding volume and texture to my hair. And this also does an a-mazing job of sorting out greasy roots (not sexy!) I know people complain about the powdery finish but I find if you spray this from a distance and brush out thoroughly your good (and this is coming from someone with dark hair!) 

What are your favourite haircare products? 

P.s I've also been loving these two new products from Redken  


Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

Today I'm going to talk about my first delving into KIEHL'S skincare. I have heard rave reviews about  KIEHL'S products, but I've always been quite happy with my skincare line up. I recently decided to have a rejig and try some new skincare products, I turned to  KIEHL'S for some advice. 

*Firstly I have to say the  KIEHL'Sstand by far was one of the best for customer service (I can't say if its the same everywhere.) When I approached the stand the lady was with a customer she acknowledged me and asked me to take a seat where there was a KIEHL'S magazine and tons of tester products- there's nothing like awkwardly shuffling along a counter waiting so straight away  KIEHL'Swas in my good book! I was given some fantastic no nonsense advice the lady was professional, informative, honest and happily answered any questions I had regarding the products and my skin. We were nattering for around half an hour I was happy with the products she had selected, I was given a  KIEHL'S wash bag, and tons of free samples literally tubs of products sachets and a handful of Midnight recovery which may I add comes in the cutest bottle with a mini pippet. I rarely talk about service over on my blog but it was really necessary here as they were just fantastic.*

Onto the product itself-

This cleanser is so creamy, it rids my face of daily grime, oil and make up. This leaves my skin squeaky clean without feeling stripped or dry. Skin is left feeling hydrated, plump and radiant. This cleanser has no nasties as far as ingredients are concerned. This is also non scented so it doesn't irritate my skin whatsoever. This isn't overly foamy but has just the right amount of foam to really work into your skin, this is not a balm cleanser so can be easily washed of. As I do sometimes find balm cleansers to leave a residue on your skin. Since using this cleanser for the past two months the amount of breakouts I have had has significantly reduced I think this is purely down to the fact that this really does clean pores and doesn't leave any residue behind (you can't beat waking up and splashing your face with cold water, something I just can't get with a balm cleanser.)

Strange thing to talk about here but the pump bit of the squeezey bottle has a tiny hole, meaning you don't waste any product, you can squeeze out just the right amount. As sometimes with these sort of cleansers you can find yourself using way more then necessary.

Overall this is a great cleanser that I can see working on lots of different skin types, I can see this working all year round for my skin through summer and winter. My skin just seems to love anything by  KIEHL'S so I definitely think ill be sticking with this as it does everything I want and need from a cleanser.

Have you tried  KIEHL'S skincare? Any recommendations?


LUSH: Santa's Lip Scrub

Cracked sore lips are just embarrassing, they don't look pretty and can really make you feel conscious. Unfortunately when winter comes around I seem to shrivel up like a dried prune, everything that can get dry does- it ain't a pretty sight. Lip scrubs have been the rave this year, from homemade to bought and I couldn't help asking myself do I need this? Is this just another unnecessary step to my already jam packed skincare routine? On this occasion I have to eat humble pie (yay pie) and admit that I was very wrong about lip scrubs.

I had previously settled with using a dry toothbrush gently brushed over dry lips and this pretty much seemed to do the trick, but recently my lips went through a tough time and this method simply wasn't cutting it anymore. I browsed  my way through endless blogs found some lovely D.I.Y lip scrub posts and I will try my to make my own lip scrub some day but to buy all the ingredients and a jar it probably would have cost me a similar amount to this one...enter the lazy girls option

This is just lovely! Buffed away all of that dry skin on my lips (ew) my lips literally looked super smooth, super red, a little plumped but super healthy after using this. This tastes strange I can't work out if I like it or not, this definitely has a strong cola scent which I love! But as far as taste goes it isn't very colaish. But after all this is to buff not to eat so I can let them off on the taste factor (just this once.) What I really love about this Lush scrub is the fact that it manages to be super abrasive get the job done, but doesn't leave my lips or the skin around them sore at all.

Have you tried the Lush lip scrubs, what are your favourites?
Is anyone as excited as me for the boxing day sales can't wait to get as many discounted Lush sets as I can... 


I'm part of the #2014BloggerChallenge

So it's official, we have reached December-everyone says this but seriously where has this year gone! 
Before we know it the New Year will be here, I am excited to say I will be taking part in the #2014BloggerChallenge. This challenge is created by the lovely Gabby from AnotherGirlyBlog if you haven't already checked out her blog do, she runs a fashion, lifestyle & beauty blog so there really is something for everyone! 

The challenge involves writing a blog post twice a month about different topics, I think this is a fantastic idea for new bloggers such as myself as it encourages you to think outside of the box and write posts on topics that you wouldn't ordinarily write about. 

There's still time (sign up closes on 9th December) Anyone can be involved with the challenge no matter what your blog topic. What I really like about this challenge and previous challenges I have been involved with is the opportunity to make new friends in the blogging community, you discover new blogs you wouldn't otherwise discover, and your blog traffic increases it's a great way to discover blogs and be discovered! 

To view Gabby's post about the challenge and to join follow this link 


Week 5: Skincare Favourites

When I saw the topic for week 5 of #Britishbloggerselection I felt excited (skincare eep.) If you've not already guessed from the skincare heavy posts on my blog, I love all things skincare. Out of my beauty routine it's probably the thing I spend the most money on simply because I constantly want to try new products. It's the one thing I probably will always change up and I can't see that changing anytime soon. Having happy healthy skin is a top priority for me...

So along with healthy eating, pints of water and exercise here is a full scope on the products that are making my skin nice and clear-  

Kiehl's, is a relatively new brand to me, a few months ago my skin had a mini freak out, on the hunt for new products I came across the Kiehls stand and brought some lovely products. I won't talk too much about these here as full reviews are on the way. But the Kiehls Ultra cleanser is creamy and hydrates my skin like no other, my skin feels so clean and looks much brighter after using this. What I really love about this cleanser is the fact that no  residue is left behind, since using this I've had less breakouts. 

REN is a brand I absolutely love they do some great cleansers, moisturisers but what their most well known for is there face masks. I'm yet to try the glycolactic radiance renewal mask (it's on the Christmas lists guys) but the invisible pore detox mask is a firm favourite in my stash and is something I turn to when my skin is being rebellious. As with Kiehl's REN is another brand who's ingredients list looks in the clear, all products are paraben free, mineral oil, fragrance free, silicone free and oil-free (yay)

Una Brennan is an affordable skincare line stocked in Boots, they offer a large range of products suited to all skin types. The moisturiser I have here is aimed at oily congested skin to see a full review of this click here. I'm currently also trying out a hydrating mask and clay mask (again aimed at oily skin types) from the same brand, these are fairly new to my stash so I can't fully comment yet, but so far I'm really loving them! Expect reviews soon w a t c h t h i s s p a c e 

Origins, one of my very first posts on this blog contained a load of Origins products (excuse me while I get all smushy). Everything Origins do I pretty much love. I'm never without the overnight mask in my stash as my skin just loves it when I run out a repurchase is required immediately, Origins also do some great cleansers I absolutely love there 'Checks and balances' cleanser, as my skin is a little more on the dry side at the moment this cleanser is a bit much. But in summer time when my skins a big nasty grease ball (nice visual image for you there) this does an a-mazing job of keeping my skin clear. I also really like the Origins toners, they last such a long time and smell so yummy and citrusey. They do a good job of removing that last little bit of make up and prepare your skin nicely for moisturiser, I love the Origins Ginzing moisturiser too it smells like oranges, and does such a good job of hydrating your skin.

Clinique is a marmite brand. You either love or hate. Like everyone I went through my three step phase, I enjoyed using the products but most of them were alcohol heavy and I did find them to irritate my skin. Clinique do have the odd skincare gem you just have to look closely. And this sunscreen is one of them. Having oily skin me and sunscreen aren't friends. But this one by Clinique saw me through summer, this is slightly tinted but doesn't leave you with a white or grey tint. This literally absorbs right into your skin all without feeling greasy, sticky, heavy or tacky. Definitely worth a try if you have oily or combination skin like myself. 

I'd love to know what your favourite skincare brands are?


Redken Extreme Range

Soft silky hair in a tub pretty much sums up these two products I'm going to talk about today.

My hair feels super soft, silky, shiny, healthy and glossy. I love to apply this hair mask before a long bath, this is super thick and smells kind of funky (I can't lie the smell is strange) but with continued use this really does improve hair texture, I noticed a difference right away my hair was much softer and more manageable. By no means is my hair super damaged and I do try to keep the amount of heat used down to a minimum but ever so often the front of my hair does look a little dry, frizzy and frazzled and using this hair mask once a week has really helped. This mask is super rich but I don't find it to weigh down my hair, and this doesn't leave it greasy either, I can imagine this hair mask been more suited to normal to dry hair, if your hair is super super fine this may be a tad too heavy. As with all hair masks I recommend just applying through the tips of your hair and a tiny bit on the front (don't apply to roots.) 

To accompany my hair mask I also purchased the leave in conditioner from this range. I've been on the hunt for a new leave in conditioner for awhile now. The brief, none sticky, none heavy, none tacky. This one fits the bill. This makes my hair soft and whole lot more manageable it also smells nice...just saying. Similar to he hair mask this baby doesn't weigh down my hair at all,  it feels non sticky in my hair. This is very much like a serum in texture, it's so light and weightless. 

In my opinion the drugstore really does bring it when it comes to hair care but sometimes it's nice to treat your tresses to a little luxury. Do you guys like Redken what are your favourite drugstore/high end haircare products? 


9 Things I'm Loving Lately #1

I see similar posts on other blogs, monthly or weekly and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.I decided to name this post 9 things I'm loving lately simply because my life is rather boring and I didn't want to commit myself to weekly or monthly in case there isn't anything I'm loving… 

My new bunny slippers courtesy of Next super comfy…nuff said/I'm being a good girl and wearing my glasses and I actually quite like them,what do you think?/ Enjoying being healthy I'm loving berries, greek yogurt and swirl of honey for breakfast yum yum/ I still <3 the John Lewis advert it gives me goosebumps/ Come to mama celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago and here's my birthday cake courtesy of my lovely mum/Not just any Mince pies these are M&S mince pies/ My new new balance trainers are so so comfy like wearing slippers/ hopped up out the bed…turn my glow on/ <3 Fella & Suttie does this picture get any cuter? 

What have you been loving lately let me know in the comments below

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