Barry M polishes, I know many a beauty blogger rave about Barry M but I have to say they really are worth the hype. This year we saw the release of Gelly hi shine range, high shine gel affect nails minus the UV light I have to say I was super impressed with this release and the shade range available. Barry M polishes are high quality, long wearing and reasonably priced. I've owned the Barry M shade 'Mushroom' (in the normal range) for almost 2 years now (no exaggeration!) and this hasn't dried out or clumpified, compared to my pricer polishes that dry up within a few months, this is rather impressive. 

The two shades swatched here are 'Blood Orange' and 'Watermelon', more recently I have been trying to be a little festive with the glitter (post in progress) but until then these were the two shades I have been sporting. Festive, why yes red and green? Behold the lazy girls option for festive nails.  

Unlike it's name 'Blood orange' is very much a tomato red, there's nothing orange about this polish, but it does make a lovely Christmas red, and looks love paired with a gold glitter accent nail. 

Watermelon, is a deep Christmas tree green. Beware ladies, this stains like nothing else! I was sporting witch green nails for almost a week not pretty, use a good quality base coat with this to avoid the green nail look 

Do you like Barry M polishes, what are your favourite shades? 


beautylovesbooks said...

They look amazing! Too bad that we don't have them in Bulgaria!

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by, no Barry M!!! :O:O I don't know what I'd do I can honestly say my nail collection mainly contains Barry m I bet there's a brand in Bulgaria that's similar perhaps…and if not Ebay's always worth checking :) xx

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