Week 5: Skincare Favourites

When I saw the topic for week 5 of #Britishbloggerselection I felt excited (skincare eep.) If you've not already guessed from the skincare heavy posts on my blog, I love all things skincare. Out of my beauty routine it's probably the thing I spend the most money on simply because I constantly want to try new products. It's the one thing I probably will always change up and I can't see that changing anytime soon. Having happy healthy skin is a top priority for me...

So along with healthy eating, pints of water and exercise here is a full scope on the products that are making my skin nice and clear-  

Kiehl's, is a relatively new brand to me, a few months ago my skin had a mini freak out, on the hunt for new products I came across the Kiehls stand and brought some lovely products. I won't talk too much about these here as full reviews are on the way. But the Kiehls Ultra cleanser is creamy and hydrates my skin like no other, my skin feels so clean and looks much brighter after using this. What I really love about this cleanser is the fact that no  residue is left behind, since using this I've had less breakouts. 

REN is a brand I absolutely love they do some great cleansers, moisturisers but what their most well known for is there face masks. I'm yet to try the glycolactic radiance renewal mask (it's on the Christmas lists guys) but the invisible pore detox mask is a firm favourite in my stash and is something I turn to when my skin is being rebellious. As with Kiehl's REN is another brand who's ingredients list looks in the clear, all products are paraben free, mineral oil, fragrance free, silicone free and oil-free (yay)

Una Brennan is an affordable skincare line stocked in Boots, they offer a large range of products suited to all skin types. The moisturiser I have here is aimed at oily congested skin to see a full review of this click here. I'm currently also trying out a hydrating mask and clay mask (again aimed at oily skin types) from the same brand, these are fairly new to my stash so I can't fully comment yet, but so far I'm really loving them! Expect reviews soon w a t c h t h i s s p a c e 

Origins, one of my very first posts on this blog contained a load of Origins products (excuse me while I get all smushy). Everything Origins do I pretty much love. I'm never without the overnight mask in my stash as my skin just loves it when I run out a repurchase is required immediately, Origins also do some great cleansers I absolutely love there 'Checks and balances' cleanser, as my skin is a little more on the dry side at the moment this cleanser is a bit much. But in summer time when my skins a big nasty grease ball (nice visual image for you there) this does an a-mazing job of keeping my skin clear. I also really like the Origins toners, they last such a long time and smell so yummy and citrusey. They do a good job of removing that last little bit of make up and prepare your skin nicely for moisturiser, I love the Origins Ginzing moisturiser too it smells like oranges, and does such a good job of hydrating your skin.

Clinique is a marmite brand. You either love or hate. Like everyone I went through my three step phase, I enjoyed using the products but most of them were alcohol heavy and I did find them to irritate my skin. Clinique do have the odd skincare gem you just have to look closely. And this sunscreen is one of them. Having oily skin me and sunscreen aren't friends. But this one by Clinique saw me through summer, this is slightly tinted but doesn't leave you with a white or grey tint. This literally absorbs right into your skin all without feeling greasy, sticky, heavy or tacky. Definitely worth a try if you have oily or combination skin like myself. 

I'd love to know what your favourite skincare brands are?


Lippy Likes said...

Love your blog - great Great post - have followed your blog - check out mine at lippylikes.blogspot.com

Rinica Warner said...

Ahh thanks chick :D x

Lippy Likes said...

Your photographs are beautiful. Where do you take them, the light is fantastic.


Rinica Warner said...

Aw thank you-it's improving I'm not to good with techy things though. Spent ages wondering where to take my pictures when the obvious answer was right in front of me we have a massive bay window in the living room so much light comes in there too so I've been taking the majority of my photos there now :D x

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