A Little Bit Addicted.

These are times when you come to the conclusion that you may just have a teeny tiny addiction to a brand- I think I'm soap & Glory mad.

Is it the packaging? Hell yes!

Is it the product? Yes, sweet sickly goodness I just love it.

*Warning sweet and sickly haters look away now*

I didn't want this post to become to rambley wordy. So I have grouped all of the products and tried to keep it as short as possibly (that's very hard for me.)

Shower Gels, at £6.50 each these bad boys don't come cheap but boy do they last! I've literally owned some of these for over a year, with every day usage I'm still nowhere near finishing, a little goes a long way and the pump is super handy.

Scrubs, come summer (and winter it really should be an all year round thing) I love to get my buff on. The breakfast scrub and the sugar crush scrub can get a little clumpy but when you get the hang you really can get a good scrub going on! The 'pulp friction' scrub by far has to be the best! Easy to work into the skin and no clumpiness. All of these scrubs get your skin looking smooth soft and sexy in no time (and they smell divine too.)

Hand bits and bobs,these are my desk staples I very rarely stray from the S&G hand sanitizer and hand moisutirser for two reasons. 1. Moisturised hands minus the grease 2, none drying sanitizer that smells yummy! Nothing more to say here.

Face bits, 'Peaches and cream clean' removes literally every last trace of make up! It smells lovely and really gets the job done my skin can be pretty sensitive but this seems to really work for me.

What are your favourite soap and glory products? Does anyone have recommendations I think my next purchase will be the 'One heck of a blot'...



Ojon Haircare

Before trying these two products I have to admit I'd never heard of Ojon (the boots here isn't the most well stocked) but deary me have I been missing out. After scouring the web I couldn't find many reviews for these two gems so here we go...

My hair is super duper frizzy and extremely hard to tame, I tend to blow dry my hair quite a lot *slaps wrist* when doing so I like to use some sort of heat protector this product from Ojon is a two in one wonder! This tames the frizz, makes my hair ultra soft, acts as a heat protectant and some how manages to decrease drying time I'm not sure how it does all this but I'm certainly not complaining. This is a cream like texture and smells absolutely divine.

First can we admire how cute my teeny weeny sample is? It's too cute. I recently took this away on holiday as you can see its pretty much still full. As with all hair oils a tiny bit goes a long way! This makes my hair super shiny, super healthy and super sleek. This also smells lush, I just really can't fault this. It's a multi use product, I use this before shampoo on dry hair as a deep treatment, on wet hair before blow drying and on dry hair to add shine and a frizz free finish to the. This completely blows the Morrocon Oil out of the water in my opinion. As soon as my cute little sample comes to an end ill definitely be purchasing this, at this steep price it's still worth it.

Do you have any favourite Ojon products?

Hope everyone enjoyed the bank holiday 




Body Shop Wish List


Laura Mercier

Products mentioned 

A few months ago on my monthly trip for everyday essentials I somehow found myself sat in a seat having make up plastered on my face how does this always seem to happen to me!

 I like browsing various make up counters, swatching, dithering but all at my own pace but in my lifetime I have had so many bad experiences with make up counters, from pushy sales assistant to terrible shade matching it's a huge bug bearer of mine-but that’s a whole different story!

Anyway, I somehow managed to empty my purse on some Laura Mercier products through choice? I think not! Through a pushy sales assistant probably the case here are my thoughts and reviews below…

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free- On my ‘unexpected’ make over the makeup artist used the normal tinted moisturiser I was somehow persuaded into buying the oil free version as they didn’t have any stock left. I know lots of people seem to love this and part of me can see why dewy, lightweight nice amount of coverage. But for me this is just pretty much average.  I still find myself reaching for this on a daily basis but I think that’s purely through the guilt of the hefty price tag (not me actually wanting to use it.) If you already have great skin then this would probably work (even though if your skin is fab there’s really no need for foundation at all!) Despite this being 'oil free' if you have combination/oily skin this might not work particularly well 12 o’clock blot is definitely required with this. Pat on the back for Laura Mercier though as they cater for all skin tones, unlike other brands who seem to think a light/medium in tinted moisturiser is sufficient.

Foundation Primer, one word to sum this up is 'meh.' I've been using this for a few months now, and although the primer feels nice and light on the skin and isn't silcone based (no nasty smells here) the performance is still a bit 'meh.' This doesn't increase the staying power of my make up, make up doesn't seem to apply any better with this on. It's a basic no frills kind of primer. For the price I expected something a little more. I'm struggling to find anything positive here... *moving on swiftly* 

Translucent Setting Powder, this was definitely the stand out product here. Although there are no claims I find this powder none cakey it provides a sort of soft focus to the skin and controls oil very well! This is entirely translucent and does not make your skin appear ashy or grey. 

Do you like Laura Mercier? Has anyone tried the Silk creme foundation I think this might be one of my next purchases...



Wishlist #1


The Zara Bag.

Let's talk bags, everyone raves about Zara bags and I've never really 'got it' I owned the Zara Office city bag and I didn't like it *dodges punches from office city bag owners* I felt like I was carrying a suitcase everywhere I went! It's huge, don't get me wrong I pretty much filled it (with all that bag junk us girls seem to carry everywhere!) but it was heavy and a chore to carry around. Anyway enough hate onto my new purchase...

I recently bought the ' City bag with pocket' after seeing it on this post (If you haven't checked out the blog 'What Olivia did' go there now lovely photography and great posts!)

I must say the quality of Zara bags is pretty much spot on there well made and look a lot more expensive then they are. This bag is much more suited to me I love the detailing and colour contrast. The bag is structured, well made,and I seem to receive lots of compliments whenever I use it. This bag is almost like a mini Office city bag but with a bit more interest and a lot less weight! 

At £22.99 it's nowhere near cheap (or maybe I'm just a cheapskate) but for the quality I didn't feel to robbed parting with my cash.

Do you like Zara? There AW collection is now available is there anything your lusting after?


Haircare Goodness

When I find something that I really love and really works I feel like I just have to share it so here we go...

Loreal Ever Riche haircare.In the past I have never been blown away with what the drugstores had to offer when it came to haircare but this new collection from Loreal has really impressed me lately. 

For reference my hair type is curly, dry and turns into a huge frizz ball in the slightest bit of humidity-what fab hair I have! The shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask in this range make my hair a whole lot more manageable. My hair is a lot softer, smoother, tangle free and I find the straightening/ drying process a whole load quicker. I must say there was an occasion where I missed the spray on hair mask (as I was feeling rather lazy) my hair was still soft but the finished result wasn't quite as amazing as when I incorporated the hair mask so I do feel this may be the main reason for my Victoria secret model hair (a girl can dream right?) 

Also just to add a spray on hair mask!? Has this been done before or am I the only one who loves this idea,so much easier to coat your entire hair and much less mess then the tubs that are available. Maybe I'm to easily impressed.

The whole range is pretty affordable especially if you can get the 3 for 2 offer that Boots always has on haircare. 

*Also the smell...what is it with me and smells. But the whole range smell delicious vanillery, coconuty lI would probably go and have a sniff of the range as I can imagine the smell again been a hit or miss for some people-I absolutely love it! *

Do you like this new hair range? What are your favourite hair care tips?

Thanks & Apologies

I just wanted to put a quick thank you to all the people who have looked and read my posts so far.

I apologise for the poor quality images on my blog I am currently using my IPhone to take pictures for my blog as my camera is completely R.I.P. the iPhone isn't always fantastic for taking images so I do apologise for the quality and visuals with the blog so far hopefully this is something I can work on throughout blogging as this is still is fairly new to me




Sorry for the rubbish in the background

LOD (Little orange dress) how I do adore you! I found this gem in the Topshop sale, it's lovely to wear in summer paired with some ankle boots, you could also pair this with a denim jacket to add to the casual look. To glam this dress up more you could add a chunky necklace...I think that's my idea of glamming up a piece! Overall this dress is a lovely basic item that's lovely come summer but could also work all year around.

*Warning my picture does the dress no justice please do view the dress on the Topshop site the dress is much more of a neon orange in the flesh so if brights aren't your thing steer clear*

Have you found any gems in the Topshop sale?


Origins Family

Origins Skincare

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Origins GinZing

Boots, how I do admire you, those little counters filled with beautifully packaged beauty goodies draw me in every time! I had always over looked the Origins counter for some unknown reason though but since reading rave reviews on a few Origins products some how this little skincare family happened.

Products mentioned in post

First up we have the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask £22, this has been raved about by just about everyone and there dog. As I have combination skin and this mask is aimed  more towards dehydrated skin types I didn't think this would do much for me.I must say however I was wrong I love this, it smells like peaches has a lovely light yet rich formula and I really notice a huge difference with my skin. This seems to help hydrate the more oily parts of my skin and dry flaky skin is also banished, I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin texture since using this. I tend to use this once a week and I apply after using the...

Origins Modern Friction scrub £33, as I got this as part of a gift set I only recently discovered that the full price is a whopping £33 -moving on swiftly. This scrub is gentle on the skin but not gentle enough that you can't get your buff on. My skin feels a whole lot smoother after using this and a whole lot brighter too. Worth the money? I think not on this occasion as there are cheaper alternatives that would probably do the same job if not better.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask £22, is another lovely product, I find some clay masks hard to get off (sore scrubbed up skin anyone?) but this ones just lovely gets all the gunk out and wipes off easily. I tend to apply this once a week for a little skin detox.

Origins A perfect World Age Defence Treatment £19Although I know with skincare it's all about the effectiveness of the product I really do have to be off point here and say the smell of this oh wow...this smells so refreshing! Lemon, gingery goodness I can't even begin to describe the smell but this is just so refreshing to use in a morning it really wakes me up. This is an alcohol free toner/treatment (I'd say this is more of a toner then a treatment) it's lovely and gentle on the skin but this really does remove any remaining traces of make up and daily grime.

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer  , £23 Just about every bloggers talked about this one so I'll keep it short and sweet. This moisturiser is a gel like texture, it smells like oranges (I can imagine the smell being quite annoying for some people) this gives your skin hydration. I have combination skin so I find this moisturiser gives me enough moisture for the dryer parts of my skin but doesn't make me look like an oil slick! By all means this moisturiser isn't mattifying but I know lots of people with dry/combination/oily to very oily who have tried this moisturiser and absolutely love it so it seems to be an all round little pot of goodness-also at £23 this really is a reasonable price for Origins

 Origins Checks And Balances Frothy Face Wash £18 After my huge long rave I finally reach the product that I was the least impressed with. This seemed to really dry my skin out, I know cream/foamy cleansers generally tend to have this affect on drier skin types but as I am combo (and this is aimed at combo) I thought we would get along clearly not! This like all Origins products smells lovely, but sadly my skin seems to have broken out and I think this may be the culprit.

What are your favourite Origins products? Or skincare brands?


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