A Little Bit Addicted.

These are times when you come to the conclusion that you may just have a teeny tiny addiction to a brand- I think I'm soap & Glory mad.

Is it the packaging? Hell yes!

Is it the product? Yes, sweet sickly goodness I just love it.

*Warning sweet and sickly haters look away now*

I didn't want this post to become to rambley wordy. So I have grouped all of the products and tried to keep it as short as possibly (that's very hard for me.)

Shower Gels, at £6.50 each these bad boys don't come cheap but boy do they last! I've literally owned some of these for over a year, with every day usage I'm still nowhere near finishing, a little goes a long way and the pump is super handy.

Scrubs, come summer (and winter it really should be an all year round thing) I love to get my buff on. The breakfast scrub and the sugar crush scrub can get a little clumpy but when you get the hang you really can get a good scrub going on! The 'pulp friction' scrub by far has to be the best! Easy to work into the skin and no clumpiness. All of these scrubs get your skin looking smooth soft and sexy in no time (and they smell divine too.)

Hand bits and bobs,these are my desk staples I very rarely stray from the S&G hand sanitizer and hand moisutirser for two reasons. 1. Moisturised hands minus the grease 2, none drying sanitizer that smells yummy! Nothing more to say here.

Face bits, 'Peaches and cream clean' removes literally every last trace of make up! It smells lovely and really gets the job done my skin can be pretty sensitive but this seems to really work for me.

What are your favourite soap and glory products? Does anyone have recommendations I think my next purchase will be the 'One heck of a blot'...



CharlotteHavs said...

Oh my god I LOVE soap and glory too! High five! Their body scrub which has brown sugar & lime in it is TO DIE FOR. I love it SO MUCH. Their makeup is also meant to be good, although-shock horror- I haven't tried anything from them! I'm going shopping tomorow and i'v told myslef to give their maeup a go! Is their anything you'd recomend?


Rinica Warner said...

Hi Charlotte,

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has an addiction to all things soap glory! Oh th sugar crush one? It smells amazing doesn't it perfect for summer....I was about to ask if you'd tried any of there make up...I love the sexy motherpucker lip glosses I have the shade 'punch bowl' and there thick and fast mascara is really good too! And there gloss sticks are really great too...oops sorry I got rambley let me know what goodies you get I'm always looking to extend my soap and glory collection!

Rinica x

Asma Imad said...

I don't actually have many products from soap and glory, but I absolutely love the "No clogs allowed" face mask and I really love the smell of Mist you madly, it smells gorgeous!

Asma xx


Rinica Warner said...

Ooh I certainly recommend all of there body stuff,I'm yet to find something I don't like I know people can sometimes not like the smell though-it is kind of sweet! I don't think I've tried much of there skincare offerings, is that sort of like a balm cleanser? And I love that mist! It smells lovely :) Rinica x

Hafsah said...

Wow you're just like me, all the pink packaging sucks me in and I go crazy when the 3 for 2 offer is on. You have to buy the pink perfume, I think it's called Eau de Original, it basically smells of all the S&G products rolled into one!
Lovely blog (new follower)

Hafsah x

Rinica Warner said...

Oh tell me about I'm so bad I know they say you shouldn't let the packaging sway your purchasing but how cute do S&G products look in your bathroom! Ooh tell me about it I'm exactly the same....and when they have the Christmas gift sets reduced I'm all over that haha. Oh my word!!? They do a perfume?? ( that excited me way more then I should lol) ill defo have to go and check that out.

Aww thanks for the follow x

Bryanyellen | beauty.fashion.lifestyle said...

Ha oh gosh you do seem addicted but so am I! I LOVE the Sugar Crush body wash, smells so good!

New follower

Rinica Warner said...

Those 3 for 2 offers just suck me in every time haha! Oh tell me about I love the sugar crush range...I think the next thing on my wishlist is the body butter in this range...

Thanks for follow :)
Rinica xx

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