NARS Sheer Glow

After seeing this pop up in just about everyone's '2013 favourites posts and videos' I caved, I bought and by gosh it's worth the hype.

After a recent 'Bloggers chat' on twitter I discovered that quite a few of you still haven't tried sheer glow, there are many reviews on the world wide web, but I still thought this review may prove useful to anyone with a similar skin tone, concern or skin type as myself. 

Purchasing foundation online has never been a strong point of mine (I pick shades that are far too dark!) NARS Sheer glow is available in 19 shades, I must say visiting a counter is just essential for this foundation. The shade pictures on the NARS website differ to the actual foundation swatched hugely. Too prove I originally matched myself online too 'New Orleans' (see picture below) when I reached a counter I turned out to be 'Syracuse' which look at the pictures it's on a total different shade range and I would have never have picked 'Syracuse' online for the simple fact that it just looks too light for my skin tone.

Shade matching aside this truly is a beautiful foundation, I have no idea how it does it or the science behind it but it just gives me perfect skin. You can apply this with finger tips which I find to be the best application, you can also use a foundation or buffing brush (I opt for my trusty RT buffing brush) and again this applies like a dream. The primary reason I wear foundation is too improve the appearance of my skin, and to cover up my really bad pigmentation. This foundation manages to do both but maintains a natural, radiant, flawless undetectable finish on the skin, this never looks cakey, however much you build. The foundation has a semi-matte finish, manages to look radiant but never greasy or wet like some foundations I have tried. 

The picture you see above has no filter or editing- nothing. I got my make up done around 12pm and this picture was taken at around 9pm I didn't do anything to my face except add a lip colour as it just didn't need it! *Too see what I'm working with before foundation view these post pics here*

I have combination skin, that can get real oily through out the day. Regular powder touch ups, blotting, mattifying it just got happen. But with this foundation I literally do nothing all day. I'm usually a 'matte' kinda girl. Any foundation with the name sheer, radiant, glow I avoid! For the simple fact of not wanting to look like a grease ball. But this foundation is so long wearing and even at the end of the day skin still looks flawless, natural and not greasy. 

I can't recommend this enough guys, if your fortunate enough to live near a counter (I'm not I picked mine up on a recent London trip) I'd definitely make your way to a NARS counter and request a sample of this beautiful foundation.

Have you tried NARS Sheer glow? Any NARS recommendations I'm loving the brand at the moment?  


Clinique Instant Perfector

Having oily/combination skin (yay!) I've tried many a product similar to this one, so trust me it takes a lot too impress. I often find pore perfecters to feel chalky in texture, or on the other end of the spectrum too greasy, many are silicone based so sit uncomfortably on my skin. So this tiny tube seriously had a lot of hard work to woe me has it succeeded?

Yes, yes and more yes! I previously reviewed the Smashbox anti shine over here which is still a firm favourite in my stash for de-greasing/mattifying. But Clinique, truly has won the top spot. This just blurs pores, it's incredible. I've never applied a product like this that has made such a visible difference to pores. This isn't at all oily, greasy or slippery in texture. Make up sits comfortably on top, and I've actually found using this prior to foundation makes it more long wearing. This also works over make up, eliminating shine and freshening up make up-great for touch ups. This can also be worn on it's own for those good skin days (not something I've being having recently sadly.) 

This is available in three shades, 'Invisible bright' which is aimed at paler skin tones,  'Invisible light' which is aimed at tan/olive skinned girls and 'Invisible deep' which is aimed at darker warmer skin tones (the shade I use.) I wouldn't worry too much about shade as this is totally translucent on the skin, and leaves no colour. 

Priced at £20 this does seem rather expensive (look at that teeny tiny tube) but a tiny bit truly goes a long way and with these types of products I actually find them to last a long time especially if your using them on your tzone like me.

Have you tried Clinique pore perfecter? What are your favourite pore perfecters?  


Update 2: Clinique Dark Spot Corrector

Update 2 on the Clinique Dark Spot corrector treatment,  to view update one with details about pigmentation and this product see here. 

Let me just start by saying that one bottle of this stuff used every day, morning and night has lasted me 8 weeks, which is pretty good as the consultant told me I would only get 4 weeks’ worth of use out of it. So if you are interested in the product, and the consultant is being pushy towards you purchasing the large bottle –don’t be fooled the small one goes a long way!

When photographing my face (as you do) I really wanted my picture to emphasise how much this product didn’t work for me, but instead my picture (as you can see below) looks a teeny bit deceiving. After four weeks I did notice a slight difference in my pigmentation and the overall texture of my skin had improved. The area looked slightly lighter, and my skin felt incredibly smooth. After 8 weeks I really wanted to see something drastic. As I mentioned in update 1 pigmentation is meant to increase in darkness when it’s brought to the top layer of your skin, so with continued use I did think that my pigmentation may start to appear darker, or lighter or reduced…or something. No difference between 4 and 8 weeks guys, I will continue on with this product and give you one final update (as this is meant to be a 12 week treatment.) But so far I am disappointed in this product, as this makes bold statements about having the ability to lighten dark marks in 4 weeks…

I just wanted to add that Clinique recommend exfoliation and SPF daily before and after this product which I have being doing throughout my trial.

I already have another dark spot corrector in the pipeline to put to the test, but does anyone have any recommendations for lightening dark spots and pigmentation? Has anyone tried this range from Clinique? 



Am I a 'real' beauty blogger?

Has anyone ever noticed how many blogger cliche's there are…every beauty blogger seems to adore candles, own a Muji shop, and don't get me started on the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. For me it's really important that I don't forget who I am and lose my identity in the blogosphere, so today I have a light hearted post with a few cheeky confessions (shhh) from yours truly. After these confessions I can't help but ask the question…am I a 'real' beauty blogger?

1. I dislike candles 

Burn baby burn…no. just no. I purchased a White Company mint candle last summer, how many times have I burned it you ask? Once. Yup, uno, what a waste. I get no real sense of joy out of shopping for candles or burning candles. So reading reviews on the latest fig scented candle, or watching someone gush in there latest Yankee Candle haul video is just not my style. Sorry not sorry. 

2. I HATE figs or anything fig scented 

Talking of Figs. I dislike them. Diptique fig scented fragrance I hear you say? No thanks. I hate anything fig scented, genuinely hate. I hate fig candles, fig fragrance, fig body products…fig food. Even as a 'mature' scent I just can't ever see my sniffer (or taste buds for that matter) growing acquainted to it

3. I'm rubbish at nail art 

Yeah, steady hands I don't got. Sadly I have sausage fingers (cheers dad!) so precision detailed nail art ain't happening. Polka dots and stripes are about as fancy as it will ever get on 'Subject Beauty.' It is something I'm working on who knows, I may get better…*tumbleweed*

4. I hate washing my hair…

And will do anything not to (que quick spray of Batiste.) Blow drying, straightening, curling, sitting with a hair mask on just anything hair routine related is such a chore for me -perhaps having longer hair doesn't help…maybe I should go for the chop?

5. Pampering can be boring…

Body scrubbing, general de fuzzing, moisturising-so time consuming and not the funnest of tasks, all the products I use have to be quick, easy and effective.

6. I hate painting my nails

To coincide with number 3, I also hate painting them. Why is it when you paint your nails, you suddenly need a snack, pee, itchy nose anything to smudge those freshly painted nails.

7. I don't own any MUJI storage  

Now quite a controversial statement to make but can I be honest here and say I'm pretty happy with my standard make up bag. Don't get me wrong I can see the appeal, acrylic storage your products visible everything ordered by colour, size, use. But if I'm honesty I'm just not that organised. I keep all of my daily used make up at the top of my make up bag I reach in I get it…I'm sorted. Why fix it, if it ain't broken?

8. I've never owned a MAC lipstick

Dum dum duuuuumm. Shocker of the century here. Yes I love make up, I do. But as for lips, I've always been fairly happy with what the drugstore has to offer- if anything it's just getting better! There's so many similar shades to MAC lipsticks at the drugstore, I've lusted over MAC shades but I've always found something similar for half the price…sorry MAC lovers

9. I'm bad with eyeshadow

I'm just very uncreative in this category (I'm working on it guys) every 'look' I try to achieve ends up with the same result, I could use a blue, purple and green eyeshadow and some reason they would all end up with the same look!

10. I dislike the Emma Hardie cleansing balm…  

So Caroline said it's good and we all bought the stuff! I do love Caroline Hirons blog and tips…but I can't help but get the feeling how can one product work for so many different skin types? I've never really agreed with the 'one fits all' approach to make up or skincare...

So there we have it, what are your blogger confessions I'd love to know.


Kiehl's Calendula Toner

The forgotten step, toners. Before introducing toners into my skincare regime I thought they were unnecessary, a marketing ploy, another additional step on an already timely routine. Fast forward a few months and there an absolute essential in my skincare routine. Finding a toner on the market that's free from nasty ingredients and alcohol free is a challenge. 

This toner by Kiehl's is a gem, this manages to remove impurities from the skin, and refresh all without stripping the skin from natural oils. When you first see this toner it does look rather odd, it contains flower extracts (they look a little like orange peel at the bottom of the bottle) but the main ingredient is calendula. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory and can be used heal wounds, treat acne and is a general antiseptic.

I have always been extremely fortunate with breakouts, the odd spot here and there, but recently I suffered from really bad breakouts (on my cheeks of all places) unfortunately I went through a vicious circle of treating the spots only for them to return- I have scarring and bad pigmentation as a result of this. Having spots/breakouts can really affect your confidence, and nothing seemed to help. I tried this toner in hope that this could, clear my skin and reduce the breakouts. 

After a consultation with Kiehl's, I left with an empty purse, but confident in the products I had purchased. This toner used in conjunction with my holy grail Kiehls cleanser reduced the breakout's on my cheeks. I have been using these products for around 3 months now, and since then I have had one spot on my cheek, the angry clusters that I had previously had have stopped. These products along with a review of my diet, exercise, and stress levels really helped reduce my breakouts. 

Whilst having my skin consultation three bottles of this stuff were sold (this really must be a popular product) a bottle of the stuff will set you back a chunky £34.50 but if like me your experiencing break outs, and feel like you have tried every lotion and potion available on the market this may be worth a shot. 

What are your favourite Kiehls products? Thoughts on toners? 


9 Thing's I'm Loving Lately #3

New RT, the real star here is the multi-task brush this works beautifully with everything as the name would suggest // Walking my Nans dog in a bid to get fit… as you can see from this picture he's thrilled // Love this shade from Nail Rock, this came in my December Birchbox, not sure I'm sold on velvet nails though // Loving incorporating more fruit and veggies into my diet // I love using this scrub in the mornings to buff away those dry patches, it works perfectly in the shower too my fave S&G body scrub // In contrast to the fruit here is um salted caramel cupcakes, they look pretty grim but by gosh they were delicious // Love this Sleek Blush in 'Suede' perfect Spring/summer shade perhaps a little premature but I'm ready for some sun // Loving using these Birchbox pouches to store samples and minis // First egg (or should I say Egg's) of the year…roll on Easter (well any excuse to stuff my face with chocie of course 

Little self plug attempt here, but I recently joined Instagram (@subjectbeauts) I'm a bit of newbie, but if you would interested in seeing more random pictures (cake and beauty bits seem to be a regular feature) then you can follow me there too. 

What have you been loving lately?


Topic 2: Skincare Saviours

Today folks I have topic two of #2014Bloggerchallenge. Looking through the 'Subject Beauty' archives there's been quite a few posts on skincare (I love skincare), once I find a product I truly love such as this Kiehl's cleanser, I tend to stick with it for a few months, which for the purposes of the blog could possibly get repetitive and boring so today I thought I would focus on some products that haven't been talked about too much… 

When winter rolls around, I (unfortunately) have to switch up my whole skincare routine. This may seem a tad extreme and not the most cost effective approach but my skin changes drastically through the winter months. The long summer months see the Rinica Vs Oil challenge, seriously guys it ain't pretty, anything that mattifys or reduces oil in slightest is dragged out an applied liberally to my skin. In contrast to this winter sees the return of croc skin. So the products I use in summer and winter truly differ.

So onto the products that have helped to keep my skin clear, hydrated and croc free…

Antipodes Nourishing Night Cream

I've raved about this far to much. But if you suffer from dry skin and your skin's sensitive this night cream from Antipodes has you covered. This smells divine, is super rich in texture yet still manages too never clog pores. This really helped  too ease up my dry patches and didn't break me out either, like some richer creams do. I really can't recommend this cream enough.

Origins Modern Friction

Now, I know this type of product may be a little old school in the beauty world, as liquid exfoliants such as Pixi Glow, or Clarins offering seems to have taken over the joint. But dare I admit it, dare I say it...I still really enjoy using a manual scrub ever so often. The scrubby beads really help to exfoliate dead skin cells away. I've found incorporating this one into my winter routine has really helped shed that dry skin (yuk) and this just leaves my skin so soft, brighter and works beautifully before the Origins Drink up mask. I know there's a lot of talk about these types of scrubs causing breakouts, bacteria spreading, but I find concentrated use in small areas, nose, forehead chin hasn't caused any breakouts or spot spreading

Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask

How do I know when I really love a mask? When I use the last splodge and have to run out and repurchase asap. This recently happened with my manuka mask. This stuff is just great for dry, dehydrated skin. Used once a week, I have found this really improves my skin texture. I just always look so radiant, and my skin feels so nourished and soft after using this. Perfect to keep your skin looking soft, and hydrated through the winter months

Origins Charcoal Mask

Now in summer this is just a gem, but I also find myself reaching for this through the winter months. Like my hair, I sometimes feel like my skin gets product build up lots of serums, moisturisers, cleansers just leave your skin feeling like it needs a real clean. This charcoal mask from Origins leaves my skin feeling so fresh and perfect, it's great for getting all of the gunk out of your skin, it's by far one of the best clay masks I have used -it's my second bottle of the stuff.

LUSH Grease Lightening

Besides loving the name, I've really enjoyed using this spot treatment lately. Now in total honesty I haven't used a spot treatment in 6 years, around age 13 I went through my spotty phase and got caught up in trying just about any spot treatment on the market, sadly these all dried out my spots and the skin around them so badly, and to this day I still think this was the cause of my pigmentation. Usually spot creams dry the spot, and leave a brown mark. But this one by LUSH I find to actually be pretty gentle on the skin. I don't find this to do much for getting rid of spots, but this manages to tame redness around the spot really well. I applied this recently to a rather angry looking spot and when I woke up the next morning my spot was still there but the redness around it had disappeared.

So there we have it guys, the products that are keeping my skin hydrated, clear and spot free this winter what are your favourite winter tips or tricks for keeping your skin healthy through the cooler months? 

P.S To see the body products I'm loving through winter see here



'I wish I didn't buy that' #1

Disappointing products/worst product posts and videos are a favourite of mine. Yes, they do have a tendency to sound a little whingy, and a bit negative but I think they can be so helpful- or at least let me consider asking for a sample before spending my hard earned cash. So today we see a post, that I'm hoping won't be too much of a regular feature on 'Subject Beauty' as it makes me feel a little sad seeing the money wasted-

Clinique 'CC' Cream- £28

I wear the shade deep, medium deep is too light, deep is too dark. Bullied purchase, fraid so. You know when your under those bright lights, and the sales assistants are so convincing it's hard to not be bullied into a purchase. This is pretty full coverage and boy does it feel it. This feels heavy and greasy on skin, I also find this transfers to clothes and just about anything that goes within a cm of my face. This made my skin appear almost plastic in finish, and very dull. If you have dry skin this may work I guess, but I'd definitely make sure to request a sample first before taking the plunge.

Laura Mercier Primer -£33

Now, from my understanding a primer is meant to have a purpose. Whether that be to hydrate the skin, add luminosity, control oil, mattify, pro long foundation wear-something…anything. This foundation primer does zilch, nothing. Nothing to say, absolutely nothing. When I use this, and when I don't use this I notice no difference. Foundation applies nicely, but this doesn't add radiance, it doesn't prolong my foundation, or control oil or shine it simply does nothing. Sadly for £33 I'd like to see this make some sort of difference to the way my foundation looks or applies…

Urban Decay De-Slick

Wanting to try the Urban Decay setting sprays, my advice purchase the travel size. I was extremely disappointed in this product after reading rave reviews. This didn't help my make up stay, keep oiliness at bay or mattify all claims the product makes. Essentially this was as good as bottled water at making my make up stay through summer

So there we have it a few, products from my make up bag that are being donated to friends. What products are you disappointed in?


Benefit 'Hello Flawless' Foundation

Benefit 'Hello Flawless' Foundation £25.50

*For reference my skin type is oily/ combination, it has a tendency to get super dry through winter. This foundation had been used through summer when my skins an oil slick and through winter when skin's dry*

Available in 9 shades (go benefit) with 3 shades being targeted at more darker complexions (lovely to see a brand offering more then one darker shade in there line) - I wear the shade Hazlenut, this foundation has SPF25, is oil free, claims to be hydrating, with light diffusing properties 

Firstly lets talk coverage, this has a super light texture with a thin watery consistency. It's very buildable and allows you to create the desired amount of coverage. For good skin days one layer of this almost has a tinted moisturiser feel to it. For bad skin days this foundation can be built up to a higher coverage foundation (the picture above is several layers buffed in) this manages to cover my ever so sexy pigmentation, and spots too all without ever appearing cakey on the skin. If your skin is very dry you may find that this foundation has the tendency to cling to dry areas, so perhaps this is a no go for people with very dry skin types. 

Long wearing? For combination/dry this baby has you covered, on days where skin is more oily a dusting of translucent powder is needed, I usually do this for the majority of foundations I use. On days where my skin is very oily I do find this to slide of the face, but for the cooler months this lasts all day. If your skin is oily, blot, and a re powder will definitely be needed with this foundation.

So there we have it, I've owned this product since its release and can say I'm rather impressed. I love the packaging and concept. With this foundation, we have longevity, buildability and blend ability. This foundation is definitely one for the combination gals, super oily/super dry may wish to stay clear. 

Have you tried the Benefit 'Hello flawless' foundation? What are your favourite Benefit products I'm wanting to try more from the brand but have no idea where to start...


2013 My Top Picks

I've seen quite a few of these posts in the blogosphere over the past few weeks, hopefully one more won't hurt. There my favourite posts to read, I always end up with a wish list as long as my arm around this time of year. Not all of the products mentioned in my post were new releases in 2013, but they were new to me- here we go...

Kiehl's Cleanser  £15

Such an underrated cleanser as I never hear anyone talking about it. I won't go into too much detail as I have a full review over here. But this cleanser has gone from the under dog in my current skincare routine to full on holy grail status. My skin seems to love this, this works perfectly when my skin is oily, but also works on the drier skin I've been experienced, my skin really has cleared up since introducing this. I can see this being permanent fixture in my skincare line up through summer too. And the best bit…it's only £15!

Origins Drink Up Intensive mask £22

Was this released before 2013? If so where have I been, I'll always own one of these babies in my stash. This hydrates my dehydrated skin like no other, skin looks radiant plump and dry patches are gone-oh and it smells good enough to eat too.

Bourjois Lip crayons £7.99

*Bold statement alert* My favourite chubby lip crayon of 2013. We saw so many chubby stick releases throughout last year, none impressed me quite like Bourjois. These really moisturise/hydrate the lips, super pigmented and so long wearing a true winner in my eyes.

YSL Youth Liberator  £34 (£28.90 in the Feel Unique sale)

This was the easiest decision of the bunch, when asked my favourite foundation of 2013 nothing comes close to the liberator (my touch ├ęclat foundation is currently gathering dust) since purchasing this foundation I've literally used nothing else. The finish this gives is addictive. This manages to give high coverage yet still maintain that natural finish, skin never looks cakey. Radiant, healthy flawless skin in a bottle. Whenever I have an event or my skins looking a little rubbish I reach for this foundation and my skin just looks amazing.

NUDE Pro Genius Oil  £58

My favourite facial oil for 2013 has to be this gem by NUDE. On the pricer side but I know when this sample runs out I won't hesitate to purchase. If you suffer with oily, or congested skin I really recommend this oil. When my skin is generally unhappy a twice weekly dose of this and skin is left feeling hydrated (never greasy) radiant, and clear. Used twice a week I have also found this to work wonders on new scars/pigmentation

YSL Touch Eclat Highlight Pen  £25

I've tried countless dupes for this, a few months ago I decided enough was enough, I purchased the original. This is hyped up for a reason, there are so many products in the blogosphere that receive a lot of hype but when tried I'm left disappointed. This product is NOT one of them. When skin looks dull, this brightens up like no other, I can't even fully describe this but skin just appears brighter and healthier. I use this under eyes for a I've had 12 hours sleep look, and also as a highlight along my cheekbones, brow bone, and cupids bow. Since purchasing this I've persuaded so many people into buying and not one has been disappointed. This really is a wonder product that will always have HG status in my make up collection.

What are your 2013 beauty favourites, I'd love to know (lets make my wish list grow some more!)


Blogger Secret Santa Gifts

Yes, I know I'm a little late to the party with this post...but I just wanted to write a little post to send a huge thank you to my Blogger secret Santa- Mysidekickandme.

As you can see I got some lovely winter slipper socks, with a pretty robin print -there keeping my tootsies rather toasty as I write this! I was in the market for some new slipper socks so this was perfect timing. 

I also received some bath bombs, which may I add rival LUSH offerings. I'd become so sucked into LUSH I forgot that other brands do make bath bombs too. These ones are lovely they leave my skin super moisturised, nourished and they smell great too-a lovely addition to bath time and just what my winter skin needs.

I also got the LUSH shower jelly, which may I add is the strangest concept I've come across. Having never used anything like this before, I was a bit bewildered by the concept. Now ladies and gents, if your looking for a quick in and out shower not for you. But if like you me you enjoy long showers this is perfect it foams really well, smells delicious so so yummy, and really leaves the skin clean. I also found that the smell lasted, something I don't tend to find with most shower products. This also works really great in the bath too. 

If you look in my bag you'll find about 10 different lip balms one of these will without a doubt always be Vaseline. I love this pretty pink pouch this one comes in, great to hold your lip balm and makes finding it super easy in your bag (no rummaging around for me) 

Thank you Emma & Aalliyah, for my lovely gifts! 

Did you take part in Bloggers secret Santa? What did you receive I'd love to know....lets keep the Christmas spirit alive (it feels like ages ago!)  


Topic 1: New Years Inspiration

 I was very fortunate to nab a space on the #2014Bloggerschallenge hosted by the lovely Gabby from AnotherGirlyBlog to read my post all about the challenge see here. I couldn't wait to take part and I was very excited to receive my first topic. 

The first topic is all about new years inspiration. Bloggers block did hit me on this topic I guess, I'm very uncreative when it comes to New years resolutions, be healthier…do more exercise these are the things you will usually see on my resolutions list but the purpose of this first topic was for me to share a quote/picture that inspires me and will inspire others in the New year.

Something a little different to what I usually do here on Subject Beauty, but I was very much happy to attempt this first 'challenge' as one may call it. 

'Life is to short to wake up in the morning with regrets' imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was perfect? It's through making mistakes, that we learn, develop and become better individuals. I have made many mistakes in my life, but I never regret any of them, I wouldn't be able to learn what I learnt from making them and I wouldn't be the person I am today.

'Love the people that treat you right, and forget about the people who don't' as human beings we spend so much time fixated on 'pleasing everyone' we spend time focusing on people that essential are bad for us and forget about all the people that do love us, and treat us right. Instead of asking yourself 'why doesn't he/she like me, ask yourself why does 'insert name' like me. 

'Everything happens for a reason' -we just don't always know the reason! I've had certain things happen that I thought would never have a reason, months or years pass and the reason suddenly hits me. Although some times there may not be 'a reason' having this mantra allows you to have a positive outlook (and not wallow in self pity with your Ben and Jerry's ice cream.) 

'If you get a chance, take it' I personally need to take more note on this one. Saying yes can be hard, if your anything like me I always worry about failure and falling flat on my face. If you say no, you'll never know though. And saying no results in many lost opportunities. 

'Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it' I don't know about you but when a task/goal is hard and challenging I feel more rewarded when completing and doing well. Whenever your faced with a difficult challenge, always think about the end result and how you will feel, it motivates you to plow through and feel that the task is 'worth' it. 

So there we have it, I'm not the most 'inspiring' of people, and I don't find sharing feelings or being deep my forte (what sort of girl am I!) But hopefully some of you may find some of these quotes inspiring or motivating. 

P.S I'd love to know if you've posted your first post for #2014BloggersChallenge let me know on twitter @subjectbeauty1 or in the comments below-I'm always looking for inspiration!



10. Beauty and Blog Resolutions

Beauty Resolutions 

1. New face brushes

First item I need to buy in the new year is face brushes! My RT ones have seen better days, I'm currently eyeing up this 6 piece brush set by Zoeva -I hear great reviews on these brushes

2. Wash make up brushes weekly

Every Sunday I MUST wash make up brushes. No excuses. This is something I am notoriously bad for and it's so unhygienic, in 2014 I hope to establish a routine, so cleaning my brushes becomes almost second nature. Have you made any 'How to wash your brushes' style posts?

3. Remember change pillowcases, clean phone, and stop touching face

3 simple tasks that sadly I forget. But for healthy skin these three things are so important. I won't even go into detail on how much bacteria you will find on the average phone, but the fact that this touches my face for hours a day-ew. Touching my face is another bad habit, palm to face at work I find myself doing this so much, I can only imagine the amount of bacteria that results in break outs.

4. Get a skincare routine and stick to it

I've already found my HG cleanser in the form of this Kiehls one. But I really need to establish a skincare routine and stick with it, new releases pull me in I can't deny I love trying new products. But for Cleanser, toner and moisturiser I want to have a routine I stick to (serums, oils, masks, treatments can all change as often as I wish!)

5. Go make up free

Three times a week, I want to go make up free-nothing, zilch, nada (poor general public) I currently go 'Make up free' around twice a week, with a teeny tiny dab of concealer and perhaps some powder…okay not totally make up free. But in the new year I really want to let my skin breathe at least three times a week, with no products other then skincare. (No powder or concealer arghh)

Blog Resolutions

6. Plan regular features

I already have a few ideas for this already, and have already begun to introduce some on my blog (see my 9 thing's I'm loving, here and here) But as I've only been blogging for around 5 months, I would like to really work on my blog through 2014 and hopefully produce some interesting content

7. Plan posts in advance 

I have a uni timetable which highlights busy areas for assignments I plan to try and produce pre made posts for these periods of time, as this year I saw the blog getting a little neglected around this time, getting organised and having planned posts should hopefully mean there can still be new content posted around busy Uni times

8. Work on photography and content

Photography is something that I already feel has grown in leaps and bounds in the 5 months I've been blogging, you only have to scroll back to my first post to see the difference. Hopefully in 2014 I can attend one of the many day courses that run here in Sheffield, to really get to grips with the different settings and features on my camera. As photography is something I enjoy on my blog. Content is another huge area I'd love to work on, I'm still discovering my writing style, but better descriptive words and explanations are something i definitely want to work on. I think I find it easy to talk in appose to write about products so perhaps some videos in 2014 on my blog…

9. Share my blog with friends and family

I very rarely talk about my blog…to anyone. Hopefully in 2014 I can stop being shy and share my blog with friends and family. Self promotion isn't a skill of mine.

10. Connect with bloggers

Through my participation in challenges and tag posts I have discovered lots of lovely new blogs, and bloggers that I otherwise wouldn't have found. Since joining twitter I have also had the opportunity to participate in the daily bloggers chat, and through that have got talking to lots of lovely new bloggers. Hopefully through 2014 I can connect with even more lovely bloggers. 

So there we have it, what are your 2014 resolutions I'd love to know. I hope everyone had a fabulous new year, wishing everyone health and happiness in 2014
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