10. Beauty and Blog Resolutions

Beauty Resolutions 

1. New face brushes

First item I need to buy in the new year is face brushes! My RT ones have seen better days, I'm currently eyeing up this 6 piece brush set by Zoeva -I hear great reviews on these brushes

2. Wash make up brushes weekly

Every Sunday I MUST wash make up brushes. No excuses. This is something I am notoriously bad for and it's so unhygienic, in 2014 I hope to establish a routine, so cleaning my brushes becomes almost second nature. Have you made any 'How to wash your brushes' style posts?

3. Remember change pillowcases, clean phone, and stop touching face

3 simple tasks that sadly I forget. But for healthy skin these three things are so important. I won't even go into detail on how much bacteria you will find on the average phone, but the fact that this touches my face for hours a day-ew. Touching my face is another bad habit, palm to face at work I find myself doing this so much, I can only imagine the amount of bacteria that results in break outs.

4. Get a skincare routine and stick to it

I've already found my HG cleanser in the form of this Kiehls one. But I really need to establish a skincare routine and stick with it, new releases pull me in I can't deny I love trying new products. But for Cleanser, toner and moisturiser I want to have a routine I stick to (serums, oils, masks, treatments can all change as often as I wish!)

5. Go make up free

Three times a week, I want to go make up free-nothing, zilch, nada (poor general public) I currently go 'Make up free' around twice a week, with a teeny tiny dab of concealer and perhaps some powder…okay not totally make up free. But in the new year I really want to let my skin breathe at least three times a week, with no products other then skincare. (No powder or concealer arghh)

Blog Resolutions

6. Plan regular features

I already have a few ideas for this already, and have already begun to introduce some on my blog (see my 9 thing's I'm loving, here and here) But as I've only been blogging for around 5 months, I would like to really work on my blog through 2014 and hopefully produce some interesting content

7. Plan posts in advance 

I have a uni timetable which highlights busy areas for assignments I plan to try and produce pre made posts for these periods of time, as this year I saw the blog getting a little neglected around this time, getting organised and having planned posts should hopefully mean there can still be new content posted around busy Uni times

8. Work on photography and content

Photography is something that I already feel has grown in leaps and bounds in the 5 months I've been blogging, you only have to scroll back to my first post to see the difference. Hopefully in 2014 I can attend one of the many day courses that run here in Sheffield, to really get to grips with the different settings and features on my camera. As photography is something I enjoy on my blog. Content is another huge area I'd love to work on, I'm still discovering my writing style, but better descriptive words and explanations are something i definitely want to work on. I think I find it easy to talk in appose to write about products so perhaps some videos in 2014 on my blog…

9. Share my blog with friends and family

I very rarely talk about my blog…to anyone. Hopefully in 2014 I can stop being shy and share my blog with friends and family. Self promotion isn't a skill of mine.

10. Connect with bloggers

Through my participation in challenges and tag posts I have discovered lots of lovely new blogs, and bloggers that I otherwise wouldn't have found. Since joining twitter I have also had the opportunity to participate in the daily bloggers chat, and through that have got talking to lots of lovely new bloggers. Hopefully through 2014 I can connect with even more lovely bloggers. 

So there we have it, what are your 2014 resolutions I'd love to know. I hope everyone had a fabulous new year, wishing everyone health and happiness in 2014


Eleanor said...

Happy New Year! I have very similar new years resolutions especially on the photography front and getting to know more bloggers!

beautylovesbooks said...

I have this Zoeva face brushes set and I really like it. I also should remember to change pillowcases!

alicia said...

happy new year beautiful!
I too need to change my pillowcases and come up with some sort of blogging routine :)

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, and Happy new year to you too! Definitely something I want to work on, contents just as important I think a blog with lovely imagery is really appealing, just added on bloglovin so I can stay up to date with posts :D x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, ooh really? I haven't heard anything bad about the tbh and £40 for six brushes is a total bargain, I'm not really looking to spend a fortune. Hop you had a great new year :) x

Rinica Warner said...

Happy new year to you chick, hope you had a good one! I always forget to change them more then once a week it's terrible! Xx

Amy Liddell said...

Great post, I'm also in desperate need of some new brushes!! Hope you had a great New Year!


Rebecca B. Bird said...

I am so with you on #2. I always need to be better with washing my brushes. Same with planning more blogs in advance. Anyway good luck with your goals and happy new year! :D

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment chick, it's the top of my list for 2014 my RT ones took a battering last year haha! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year :D xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I know it's gross how long I usually leave it before washing them! eek. Good luck with your goals and Happy new year (hope you had a good one!) x

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