Week 4: My Favourite Make Up Brand

Hey Guys,
So we've reached week 4 of #Britishbloggerselection -where does the time go! *What is British Blogger Selection I hear you ask check out this post for details.Today I'm going to be writing about my favourite make up brand. I dithered so much, for a beauty addict like me selecting just one favourite make up brand is so difficult (I love so many) after much consideration I came to the conclusion that my favourite make up brand, the one I find myself reaching for on a daily basis is… (drum roll please)


Why? Revlon for me does everything well across the board  When I think about a brand as a whole Revlon really are bringing it especially through out this year, they've had some amazing releases to rival my luxe make up items.

Having a darker complexion me and drugstore foundation usually just don't work, due to the limited shade range available. But Revlon released the much loved 'Nearly Naked' foundation earlier this year and to my dismay they had my perfect shade hurray huzaaar *does a geeky dance* for reference I wear the shade Caramel 260. I absolutely love this foundation, when set with powder it lasts well, provides a nice amount of coverage without making my skin look cakey. What I also love about this foundation is the fact that it doesn't oxidise, this tends to be a common recurrence with darker shades and drugstore foundation -but this one works a treat.

Revlon do lips like no other, a great range of lipsticks packed with moisture, pigmentation and incredibly long wearing. A great variety of shades and textures, whether your a gloss loving girl, or a chubby stick chum Revlon have you covered.

Nails, yup they have you covered here too a great shade range, some lovely autumnal shades at the moment all for a barganious price too, I find Revlon nail polishes to last a good solid 5 days with a decent top coat and base coat.

Revlon also do some lovely eyeshadow quads I'm yet to try one but I hear friends and beauty bloggers rave about these quads.

So there you have it Revlon, this is the brand I reach to on a daily basis for that winged eyeliner, natural base, polished tips and moisturised lip look. What is your favourite brand? I'd love to know in the comments below.

P.s The luxe brand favourite would have to be YSL read me showing them some love over on this post


Update 1: Clinique Dark Spot Corrector

*Disclaimer-I am not a dermatologist, in any shape or form if you would like to know any information on dark spot correctors and how they work I highly recommend a trip to a Clinique counter near you or even a Kiehls stand (as they also did a fantastic job of explaining how these types of skincare serums work*

First things first lets clear up what this serum WON'T work for-

Freckles you were born with
Melasma (caused by pregnancy)

There is no miracle cure for pigmentation/dark spots, no wonder product that you will notice a huge visible difference with after one application. Clearing dark marks, scars and pigmentation can be a long timely (expensive) treatment. With the dark spot corrector I am going to talk about today you are meant to start seeing improvements after 4 weeks, but in reality products like this can take around 4-6 months to truly notice a difference (that's dedication!) 

The Clinique dark spot corrector £40 is a 12 week treatment to help lighten dark spots/scars & pigmentation. 

The Science

Your skin has three layers, pigmentation resides in the epidermis, or the thin outer segment of the three layers that make up the skin. The epidermis alone is made up of three tiny sub-layers. Pigment does not reach the dermis, (the middle layer of skin) in theory a 'dark spot corrector' uses AHA or chemicals to bring pigmentation to the top layer of your skin. The corrector will then use exfoliatants and brightening ingredients to rid pigmentation. 

This explains how sometimes pigmentation can appear darker, and more prominent after the use of a correctors. If you notice that your pigmentation/scar is darker this is a good sign, as it shows your corrector is bringing the pigmentation up to the top layer of your skin so it can be treated. 

Still with me here? 

This Clinique serum has a lightweight texture and is designed to be used after toning underneath your moisturiser or SPF. This does not make my combination skin oily, or dry it sits on the skin comfortably. I have been using this serum AM and PM for 4 weeks now, here are some of the visible difference I have noticed in my skin (along with a few barefaced images-sorry.) There has been significant improvements, perhaps these images and my ones after 8 weeks will show a similar amount of improvement. 

My overall skin texture has improved so much my skin looks plumped, radiant and feels a lot softer 

My flaky dry skin freakout phase also appears to be over

Pigmentation on my cheeks, appears to be looking a lot better, pigmentation hasn't darkened yet but is looking a lot brighter then it did, I have also noticed that new spots are not leaving scars or marks once gone. 

I plan to do another update after 8 weeks to see if there is any noticeable difference in the pigmentation that is left. 

Do you suffer from acne scars or pigmentation? Have you tried any products similar that have worked? Does anyone have concealing tips for pigmentation?


L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray

L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray £5.99 (currently on offer at Boots for £3.99) 

Looking at my finished hair, an wondering why it felt extra soft, looked extra shiny and frizz free. I narrowed it down and the only thing in my routine that had changed was heat spray! 

I don't know about you guys but heat spray is one part of my haircare line up that I'm never really happy with. Too sticky,wet, weighs my hair down,bottle doesn't distribute enough product my list of moans and heat sprays could go on forever. But, on this not so special day I picked up my mums heat spray the L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray (the one for straight hair)  and the finish result was glossy, shiny frizz free hair. This doesn't feel sticky on my hair whatsoever, it doesn't weigh my hair down. The nozzle manages to evenly distribute the product through your hair, there's no funny smell either. This can be a tad bit wet on application but this goes quickly. The bottle is super huge and I can see this lasting a long time.

My expectations of this were rather small, but I'm super impressed…I might try the volume or curls one next. 

Have you tried the L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray?

P.s For reference my hair type is thick & naturally super curly 


Week 3: Clothes Shops I Love

Here's a post that's a little different to what I usually do on Subject Beauty, a fashion post. Now I wouldn't say I'm the most fashionable of the bunch, I don't tend to follow trends or show much interest in fashion I just like to wear what I think looks good on me.

As part of #BritishBloggerSelction I was asked to write a post talking about my favourite clothes shops, Picking one would have been far too difficult, as I sure do love a good shop so here are a few of the shops I like to shop in (how many times can I say shop in one sentence haha) 

The 'All Rounder'

Primark, we all know and love you. This shop is a great all rounder when it comes to shopping, from the best novelty jim jams to a faux leather jacket that looks like it should belong in Topshop, it's one of those places that I know I can always find a gem at a bargain price. I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good shop in Primark.

Great For Smock Dresses

Asos do smock dresses like no other, fact (be weary though sizing can be a little iffy,size down!) Another reason I love Asos is its a one stop destination with lots of different brands. Ever found something you wanted on the River island or New look website that's completely sold out check Asos there's a possibility it may be stocked. Another bonus, Asos have free delivery, and free returns on every single item. 

Best For Workwear 

No shops quite do workwear as well as Zara. Smart well fitted shirts, skirts and trousers are quality with Zara. The clothes can be a tad more on the pricier side but with good reason great quality and last forever. I also couldn't mention Zara and not talk about their bags. The famous 'Office city bag' was a tad on the large size for me but if you are looking for something structured, stylish and smart Zara is your answer for a nice handbag.

Best For Jeans 

Whenever I say 'jeans' Topshop automatically springs to mind. I have more Topshop jeans then I care to admit, addicted me...never. Great jeans that wash well and are great quality, available in different cuts and styles to suit different shapes and sizes. When it comes to high street jeans I think Topshop certainly know what they're  doing 

Best For Knitwear 

The colder months are here so we all certainly need some stylish knitwear to see us through. In my opinion Next do knitwear well, a little more on the pricey side but worthwhile for a jumper that will wash well and see you through until the following year. A surprise for me but I also think Marks & Spencer are great for knitwear and have certainly upped there game. Is it just me or do they seem to be catering for all age groups lately there pieces have become a lot more modern and trendy. However uncool it may be to say I do think M&S are doing pretty good when it comes to knitwear

So there's a few or my favourite clothes shops, id love to know what your favourite clothes shop are leave a comment below or tweet me @subjectbeauty1  

*To find out more about #BritishBloggerSelction and to view my week 2 post click here*


LUSH: Cupcake

Note to self: Remember to put in fridge!

Whenever my skin is freaking out or looks a little congested I always turn to cupcake. This clears my pores, and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. If your skin is dry or super sensitive I wouldn't recommend this face mask as it does tend to strip the skin a little. I avoid using this on my entire face and instead focus on my tzone where most of my spots tend to be. This smells super lush (avoid the pun there) *WARNING this does not taste like chocolate...curiosity got the better of me there!* This can be a bit of pain to get off once set but overall this really is a lovely mask. I sometimes use cupcake then apply something hydrating like my Origins overnight mask or Manuka honey mask the combination works a dream.

Have you tried any Lush fresh face masks? Which ones are your favourite?


Let's Get Social...

A huge thank you from me to you! 

I recently reached 100 followers over on Bloglovin, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to anyone who's read, followed, commented or liked my posts, I'm enjoying blogging so far and feel extremely welcomed into the blogosphere. 

*If you haven't followed me on bloglovin and enjoy reading my blog don't forget to follow!*

I recently joined twitter, please do feel free to follow @subjectbeauty1-a huge thank you to anyone who has followed/tweeted me so far.

I love discovering new blogs, so if you also run a blog whether it be beauty or something else leave your link below and ill be sure to check it out, I'm always on the look out for new blogs to read!  


A little YSL Haul

A recent Christmas shopping trip led to a full blown YSL makeover, my intentions were to try out the new Youth Liberator foundation I of course ended up with a whole face full of YSL products here's what I got below- 

See review here, I won't rave about this anymore then I already have but this can only be described as perfect skin in a bottle. My skins been misbehaving lately (due to a primer I've been testing out) so I've been using this foundation right after my moisturiser and it still applies so smoothly and the staying power is still incredible I highly recommend this.

Over the years I have tried my fair share of 'dupes' for this, I decided to treat myself splurge and buy the real deal and I can honestly say I've been missing out. I can totally see why this is one of those cult products that everyone raves about and loves. I wear the shade 5.5 YSL have recently added some new shades to this range and this is one them. On first inspection this looked far to light for my skin tone, but the MUA assured me and she was spot on with this. If you have dark under eye circles but don't tend to get much puffiness this is fantastic. If you are looking to conceal eye bags/puffiness this wont be for you as this highlights and brightens up the under eye area, which in my opinion may draw attention to eye bags. For me this brightens up my dark circles like no other, I also use this on my brow bone, bridge of my nose and cheek bones to highlight and lift my face. This manages to highlight and sit comfortably on the skin without been greasy, and yes I can confirm there's no disco ball face here just a healthy radiant glow.

My perfect autumn winter blush. This baby will see me right through until summer. Having a darker skin tone I'm super cautious when it comes to blush, I look for colours that look like my natural flush. I hate blush that looks tacky or fake on my skin tone so blushes and me are quite limited I only have about 3 in my entire make up collection. This one is so luxe, creamy in texture it contains 4 berry shades when swirled together the finish on my skin is just lovely really brightens up my complexion and finishes the look.

So there's my little YSL haul for you what are your favourite YSL beauty buys?



Join #BritishBloggerSelection

Are you a British Blogger? Are you looking to discover and support new bloggers? Then the #BritishBloggerSelection is for you! I've already discovered some great new blogs. #BritishBloggerSelection is a blogging 'group' Created by the lovely Ellie Fortley, it's a fantastic way to connect with new bloggers, increase your traffic/followers and create posts with a theme week by week. 'It doesn't matter what your blog is about, it could be a lifestyle blog, a cooking blog, a fashion blog, beauty blog, you just have to be British!' For more information view #BritishBloggerSelect

Week 2: Q&A With yours truly...

Here are my answers to Ellie's questions, if you do join #BritishBloggerSelect be sure to leave a comment below as I'd love to know more about you too! 

Q1 Why do you like blogging? 

Blogging gives me the opportunity to network with individuals with similar interests to myself, I love trying a new product that I absolutely love and sharing my opinion on my blog. I get such a buzz when I receive a new comment from someone who also loves a product as much as I do. 

Q2 How did you come up with your blog name? 

For some reason, primary school days came to mind the old chalk board and a teacher writing 'Subject INSERT BLANK HERE' in school you study subjects with lots of different sub contexts beauty can be similar, the main subject is beauty but there are lots of sub headings (if you like)...that fall under this. I do regret my blog name as it means I'm a little more restricted on my blog content... :( 

Q3 Where in the UK are you from? 

Sheffield, Yorkshire lass through and through (I like to think us Sheffielders are accentless but boy am I wrong) 

Q4 Favourite colour? 

Purple, it just reminds me of Autumn for some reason, and Autumns my favourite season

Q5 Do you like Lana Del Ray? 

Surprisingly yes, she did take awhile to grow on me but her voice is really unique she's the sort of artist who's voice you recognise on the radio straight away which is a good trait to have as a musician 

Q6 Hidden talents that you have? 

I'm a mean black jack player, oh and I know the entire 'Thriller' routine...can't beat a bit of MJ! 

Q7 Celebrity Crush 

Henry Cavill come on he is superman after all haha! I also loved him in the Tudors series...I had no interest in the series but I some how made it through several box sets thanks to Henry 

Q8 Favourite blog of all time? 

So hard...but if I had to choose it would Vivianadoesmakeup... I also really love Anya's blog 'Crazylins' if you haven't checked this out do really down to earth and great reviews!

Q9 What made you want to join #BritishBloggersSelection? 

I loved the idea of getting to discover new blogs and connect with new people, and be part of something that other up and coming bloggers are a part of. 



YSL Youth Liberator V Touché éclat

And the winner is... Youth Liberator! (I never thought I'd say that as I've been loyal to Touché Éclat for a good few years but Youth liberator definitely hands down is top dog here) 

I rarely stray from YSL foundations as my skin loves them, there so long lasting on me and the shade matches my skin tone perfectly. So when the new youth liberator was launched I didn't have much interest this was until I saw the rave reviews and had a YSL makeover...

First up lets Touché éclat...

Priced at £29, available in a whopping 16 shades. Touché éclat is the ultimate in radiant brightening foundations. Whether my skin is dry or oily this foundation manages to brighten up my whole complexion. For reference I wear BD60 perfect match for my skin tone 

Touché éclat  feels slightly more matte in texture quite the contrary to what most people say I actually find Touché éclat to last extremely well on my more oily days,this foundation is blendable even though I do find this to be a little streaky at times. Skin looks a lot brighter and more radiant on application i do however find that further concealing is needed for spots/dark marks. This foundation is extremely light in texture almost similar to a tinted moisturiser but with slightly more coverage. I don't find this oxides (from past experience with darker shades you do tend to be channelling ompa lompas come 5 clock fortunately this isn't the case with Touché éclat.) I do find my skin needs a mid day blot and powder with this foundation, I wouldn't say this is extremely long wearing 

A bit about Youth liberator 

This new highly addicting offering from YSL is available in 7 shades, whats up with that? I was surprised to find that my shade (B70) is the darkest shade available I do think this is a little disappointing- the darker shades in this foundation appear to be lacking! Described as a 'serum foundation' I totally agree, this foundation manages to be high coverage yet super light and weightless on the skin. This foundation can be built up without cakiness or creasing. I do find this foundation to be incredibly long wearing (with no powder) towards the end of the day my skin looked a little more dewy but the good kind of dewy. As far as skincare benefits are concerned I can't be entirely sure if this makes a difference I do however notice that this does not block my pores or cause any spots or irritation on my super sensitive skin 

This foundation is super blendable, buildable and undetectable on my skin, scars and dark marks are covered I really love how this managed to cover everything yet still remain so light and weightless on your skin.

Priced at £37 this foundation is on the pricier sides but... I would happily part with my money again as I love the flawless finish and feel of this foundation and I'm yet to try a dupe that achieves the same flawless weightless long wearing finish that this does.

*I would mention that my skin type is usually combination but lately it has been more on the normal/dry side I'm not sure how this foundation will hold up in the summer when my skin is a little more greasy but summers a time where I whip out the bbs/tinted moisturisers anyway!*


Touché éclat has less coverage, Youth liberator has a creamier texture and provides high coverage covers spots blemishes and dark pigmentation. Touché éclat is not as long wearing, Youth liberator provides that lit from within look for the majority of the day. Youth liberator feels more blendable and can be built up (without cakiness) to the finish you desire, Touch éclat can start to feel a little tacky/streaky when built up. Touché éclat has the advantage of a wider shade range available...

What do you think of YSLs latest offering? 

P.s A whole post and I didn't even talk about packaging yay me! But yes the Youth liberator wins hands down for its beautiful bulky unnecessary but beautiful packaging 


Coming up on 'Subject Beauty'

YSL Haulin -Plus a comparison review YSL Touche Eclat & YSL Youth Liberator 

Outfit of the day post (florals in winter ooh I am a rebel!) 

What I've been reading post 

Glossy red nails, the hunt for my perfect red polish for Christmas begins! 

Review: Antipodes Nourishing Night Cream

To follow on from my AM skincare post, I thought I would talk about a night cream that I've been using for a few months. I like to fully trial skincare products for a least a month before reviewing as I think that's the only way to truly get a feeling for a product.

Night creams, I generally don't use them through the summer months as my skin tends to be a tad greasy meaning my day cream can double up as a night cream and my skins pretty much a happy chappy. As the colder months approach my skin does lean more towards the dry side. My cheeks can sometimes get really tight, sore and dehydrated. Sadly I am one of those people who's skin goes in to panic mode as soon as the cold weather approaches.

Antipodes always deliver, a no nonsense brand with great ethics, and natural ingredients. After doing a bit of research the Antipodes Nourishing night cream landing in my basket.

Nourishing this cream is, I can't really discuss the anti ageing properties behind this moisturiser as you would have to be using this long term to notice (and I'm 19!) but the antioxidant claims and nourishment are a huge thumbs up from me. My skin felt soothed, and hydrated. The appearance of my skin since using this has also improved, it's a lot less flaky and tight.

What I really love about this moisturiser is the fact that it provides so much hydration to the skin, but doesn't make my skin feel greasy or block my pores. This cream manages to be rich, hydrating but yet super light on the skin- how do they do it?

Do you like Antipodes?

P.s This smells quite herbally, not fruity like I was expecting I saw the word 'pear' and assumed haha. I do find the smell to be ultra relaxing for night time use though.
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