YSL Youth Liberator V Touché éclat

And the winner is... Youth Liberator! (I never thought I'd say that as I've been loyal to Touché Éclat for a good few years but Youth liberator definitely hands down is top dog here) 

I rarely stray from YSL foundations as my skin loves them, there so long lasting on me and the shade matches my skin tone perfectly. So when the new youth liberator was launched I didn't have much interest this was until I saw the rave reviews and had a YSL makeover...

First up lets Touché éclat...

Priced at £29, available in a whopping 16 shades. Touché éclat is the ultimate in radiant brightening foundations. Whether my skin is dry or oily this foundation manages to brighten up my whole complexion. For reference I wear BD60 perfect match for my skin tone 

Touché éclat  feels slightly more matte in texture quite the contrary to what most people say I actually find Touché éclat to last extremely well on my more oily days,this foundation is blendable even though I do find this to be a little streaky at times. Skin looks a lot brighter and more radiant on application i do however find that further concealing is needed for spots/dark marks. This foundation is extremely light in texture almost similar to a tinted moisturiser but with slightly more coverage. I don't find this oxides (from past experience with darker shades you do tend to be channelling ompa lompas come 5 clock fortunately this isn't the case with Touché éclat.) I do find my skin needs a mid day blot and powder with this foundation, I wouldn't say this is extremely long wearing 

A bit about Youth liberator 

This new highly addicting offering from YSL is available in 7 shades, whats up with that? I was surprised to find that my shade (B70) is the darkest shade available I do think this is a little disappointing- the darker shades in this foundation appear to be lacking! Described as a 'serum foundation' I totally agree, this foundation manages to be high coverage yet super light and weightless on the skin. This foundation can be built up without cakiness or creasing. I do find this foundation to be incredibly long wearing (with no powder) towards the end of the day my skin looked a little more dewy but the good kind of dewy. As far as skincare benefits are concerned I can't be entirely sure if this makes a difference I do however notice that this does not block my pores or cause any spots or irritation on my super sensitive skin 

This foundation is super blendable, buildable and undetectable on my skin, scars and dark marks are covered I really love how this managed to cover everything yet still remain so light and weightless on your skin.

Priced at £37 this foundation is on the pricier sides but... I would happily part with my money again as I love the flawless finish and feel of this foundation and I'm yet to try a dupe that achieves the same flawless weightless long wearing finish that this does.

*I would mention that my skin type is usually combination but lately it has been more on the normal/dry side I'm not sure how this foundation will hold up in the summer when my skin is a little more greasy but summers a time where I whip out the bbs/tinted moisturisers anyway!*


Touché éclat has less coverage, Youth liberator has a creamier texture and provides high coverage covers spots blemishes and dark pigmentation. Touché éclat is not as long wearing, Youth liberator provides that lit from within look for the majority of the day. Youth liberator feels more blendable and can be built up (without cakiness) to the finish you desire, Touch éclat can start to feel a little tacky/streaky when built up. Touché éclat has the advantage of a wider shade range available...

What do you think of YSLs latest offering? 

P.s A whole post and I didn't even talk about packaging yay me! But yes the Youth liberator wins hands down for its beautiful bulky unnecessary but beautiful packaging 


Rhi B said...

Thanks for this post, really helpful! I have and love the Touche Eclat but sometimes I do want something a bit higher coverage and longer wearing, so I think I'll have to check out the Youth Liberator, despite it's higher pricetag!

- Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

Rinica Warner said...

Hey, Thanks for the comment Youth Liberator is definitely higher coverage I highly recommend just a shame about the steep price tag! :( x

Rachael Mannix said...

This is such a good review, sounds like a great product! I love the bottle, it's so pretty.

I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, it's just a nice way to find out about new blogs and that =) http://champagnetastebeauty.weebly.com/2/post/2013/11/liebster-award.html

Take care xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thank you for the comment :) and thank you ever so much for libester award nomination :D x

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