Review: Antipodes Nourishing Night Cream

To follow on from my AM skincare post, I thought I would talk about a night cream that I've been using for a few months. I like to fully trial skincare products for a least a month before reviewing as I think that's the only way to truly get a feeling for a product.

Night creams, I generally don't use them through the summer months as my skin tends to be a tad greasy meaning my day cream can double up as a night cream and my skins pretty much a happy chappy. As the colder months approach my skin does lean more towards the dry side. My cheeks can sometimes get really tight, sore and dehydrated. Sadly I am one of those people who's skin goes in to panic mode as soon as the cold weather approaches.

Antipodes always deliver, a no nonsense brand with great ethics, and natural ingredients. After doing a bit of research the Antipodes Nourishing night cream landing in my basket.

Nourishing this cream is, I can't really discuss the anti ageing properties behind this moisturiser as you would have to be using this long term to notice (and I'm 19!) but the antioxidant claims and nourishment are a huge thumbs up from me. My skin felt soothed, and hydrated. The appearance of my skin since using this has also improved, it's a lot less flaky and tight.

What I really love about this moisturiser is the fact that it provides so much hydration to the skin, but doesn't make my skin feel greasy or block my pores. This cream manages to be rich, hydrating but yet super light on the skin- how do they do it?

Do you like Antipodes?

P.s This smells quite herbally, not fruity like I was expecting I saw the word 'pear' and assumed haha. I do find the smell to be ultra relaxing for night time use though.


Ana goes green... said...

This sounds lovely! I haven't tried Antipodes yet but I probably should Xx

Rinica Warner said...

Hey Ana, it truly is a lovely night cream, for someone who hasn't tried Antipods before the first thing by far I'd recommend is there Manuka honey mask it'll not disappoint at all! :D x

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