LUSH: Cupcake

Note to self: Remember to put in fridge!

Whenever my skin is freaking out or looks a little congested I always turn to cupcake. This clears my pores, and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. If your skin is dry or super sensitive I wouldn't recommend this face mask as it does tend to strip the skin a little. I avoid using this on my entire face and instead focus on my tzone where most of my spots tend to be. This smells super lush (avoid the pun there) *WARNING this does not taste like chocolate...curiosity got the better of me there!* This can be a bit of pain to get off once set but overall this really is a lovely mask. I sometimes use cupcake then apply something hydrating like my Origins overnight mask or Manuka honey mask the combination works a dream.

Have you tried any Lush fresh face masks? Which ones are your favourite?


Anonymous said...

love your blog, would you like to follow each other? Let me know and I will follow u back

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for comment :) I've followed over on bloglovin going to check your blog out today :D x

Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

This is definitely my favourite Lush mask - it smells lovely and cleanses the skin brilliantly - love it :o). Xx


Rinica Warner said...

Hey there,

Thanks for comment :)it's my favourite by far for some reason I try others but always return to this, I just wish it tasted how it smelt (probably a good thing it doesn't haha) x

StargazyEyes said...

This mask is not great for my skin but my fella loves it, just reminded me I need to go and get him another tub!

Sharon x

Rinica Warner said...

Hey there, cheers for comment :) Yes it's one of those you do have to be very careful with as it does strip the skin a little, lucky fella haha! He might also enjoy Mask of magaminty thats another great mask from Lush too :) x

Nash said...

I've just bought a new LUSH mask too! They're fantastic. I'm popping back tomorrow to check out their hair masks too. Hopefully they'll be just as brilliant. Nashx

Rinica Warner said...

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment! I absolutely love the Lush fresh face masks. Where have I been I didn't even know they did hair masks I'm defo checking those out when I'm next in Lush thanks for the recommendation. :) x

Christina said...

I love this mask!! I've been wanting to try the minty one as well. Great review :)


Rinica Warner said...

Hey Christina,

Thanks for stopping by and comment :D mask of magaminty is so good too it lasts for ages I recommend. I love Lush face masks there such a treat :D x

Giada said...

I want to try this mask for the oily areas of my face. I would love if it really smelled like chocolate, though :(

Rinica Warner said...

Ahh imagine how amazing it would be if this smelt like chocolate! I actually think it smells kind of weird now you mention it defo not like a cupcake or chocolate! :) I really love using this along my tzone it strips but once a week it's needed! :) x

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