Update 1: Clinique Dark Spot Corrector

*Disclaimer-I am not a dermatologist, in any shape or form if you would like to know any information on dark spot correctors and how they work I highly recommend a trip to a Clinique counter near you or even a Kiehls stand (as they also did a fantastic job of explaining how these types of skincare serums work*

First things first lets clear up what this serum WON'T work for-

Freckles you were born with
Melasma (caused by pregnancy)

There is no miracle cure for pigmentation/dark spots, no wonder product that you will notice a huge visible difference with after one application. Clearing dark marks, scars and pigmentation can be a long timely (expensive) treatment. With the dark spot corrector I am going to talk about today you are meant to start seeing improvements after 4 weeks, but in reality products like this can take around 4-6 months to truly notice a difference (that's dedication!) 

The Clinique dark spot corrector £40 is a 12 week treatment to help lighten dark spots/scars & pigmentation. 

The Science

Your skin has three layers, pigmentation resides in the epidermis, or the thin outer segment of the three layers that make up the skin. The epidermis alone is made up of three tiny sub-layers. Pigment does not reach the dermis, (the middle layer of skin) in theory a 'dark spot corrector' uses AHA or chemicals to bring pigmentation to the top layer of your skin. The corrector will then use exfoliatants and brightening ingredients to rid pigmentation. 

This explains how sometimes pigmentation can appear darker, and more prominent after the use of a correctors. If you notice that your pigmentation/scar is darker this is a good sign, as it shows your corrector is bringing the pigmentation up to the top layer of your skin so it can be treated. 

Still with me here? 

This Clinique serum has a lightweight texture and is designed to be used after toning underneath your moisturiser or SPF. This does not make my combination skin oily, or dry it sits on the skin comfortably. I have been using this serum AM and PM for 4 weeks now, here are some of the visible difference I have noticed in my skin (along with a few barefaced images-sorry.) There has been significant improvements, perhaps these images and my ones after 8 weeks will show a similar amount of improvement. 

My overall skin texture has improved so much my skin looks plumped, radiant and feels a lot softer 

My flaky dry skin freakout phase also appears to be over

Pigmentation on my cheeks, appears to be looking a lot better, pigmentation hasn't darkened yet but is looking a lot brighter then it did, I have also noticed that new spots are not leaving scars or marks once gone. 

I plan to do another update after 8 weeks to see if there is any noticeable difference in the pigmentation that is left. 

Do you suffer from acne scars or pigmentation? Have you tried any products similar that have worked? Does anyone have concealing tips for pigmentation?


beautylovesbooks said...

I tried it last year in combination with the Even Better moisturizer. The corrector broke me out but the moisturizer I absolutely adore. You should try it if you like the corrector because they are supposed to work together.

Rinica Warner said...

Hey there,

Thanks for popping by, I'm sorry that this didn't work for you it seems to be one of those marmite products, cheers for the recommendation I didn't realise they also did a moisturiser I will have to check this out :) x

Ana Céline said...

Thanks for the great review! I also suffer from acne scaring it sucks

Rinica Warner said...

It so does suck! I was relived cleared up the spots but been left with horrible pigmentation haha I can see me and these pigmentation correctors having a long affair! Thanks for stopping by :D x

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