Week 4: My Favourite Make Up Brand

Hey Guys,
So we've reached week 4 of #Britishbloggerselection -where does the time go! *What is British Blogger Selection I hear you ask check out this post for details.Today I'm going to be writing about my favourite make up brand. I dithered so much, for a beauty addict like me selecting just one favourite make up brand is so difficult (I love so many) after much consideration I came to the conclusion that my favourite make up brand, the one I find myself reaching for on a daily basis is… (drum roll please)


Why? Revlon for me does everything well across the board  When I think about a brand as a whole Revlon really are bringing it especially through out this year, they've had some amazing releases to rival my luxe make up items.

Having a darker complexion me and drugstore foundation usually just don't work, due to the limited shade range available. But Revlon released the much loved 'Nearly Naked' foundation earlier this year and to my dismay they had my perfect shade hurray huzaaar *does a geeky dance* for reference I wear the shade Caramel 260. I absolutely love this foundation, when set with powder it lasts well, provides a nice amount of coverage without making my skin look cakey. What I also love about this foundation is the fact that it doesn't oxidise, this tends to be a common recurrence with darker shades and drugstore foundation -but this one works a treat.

Revlon do lips like no other, a great range of lipsticks packed with moisture, pigmentation and incredibly long wearing. A great variety of shades and textures, whether your a gloss loving girl, or a chubby stick chum Revlon have you covered.

Nails, yup they have you covered here too a great shade range, some lovely autumnal shades at the moment all for a barganious price too, I find Revlon nail polishes to last a good solid 5 days with a decent top coat and base coat.

Revlon also do some lovely eyeshadow quads I'm yet to try one but I hear friends and beauty bloggers rave about these quads.

So there you have it Revlon, this is the brand I reach to on a daily basis for that winged eyeliner, natural base, polished tips and moisturised lip look. What is your favourite brand? I'd love to know in the comments below.

P.s The luxe brand favourite would have to be YSL read me showing them some love over on this post


Rachel Marshall said...

I'm moving away from 'normal' make up to mineral, natural and organic instead so I cannot pick a favourite brand at the moment as it's all quite new to me... my old favourite probably would have been bourjois as I love their nail varnishes, blushes, eye shadows, etc! They seemed and felt very high end and good quality without being super expensive... nearly always on 3 for 2 at Boots as well :-) nice post, I enjoyed reading it xx

Rinica Warner said...

Hey Rachel,

Cheers for stopping by, I'll have to check out your blog for reviews, I'd love to try more natural brands sadly I can usual never find my shade as there limited I have been enjoying using Bare Minerals though. I like to browse the make up section at Holland & Barrets to you'd be surprised what gems they have :). Ooh I love Bourjois nail polishes especially those 1 minute dry gel ones (names gone out of my head!) -Glad you enjoyed reading it though :D xx

alicia said...

Glad to hear the Revlon lip products are worth investing in, I think I may try it out myself! Lovely post!

xx Alicia

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Chick, defo worth checking out I know in the UK they've recently released new shades too! :D xx

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