Week 3: Clothes Shops I Love

Here's a post that's a little different to what I usually do on Subject Beauty, a fashion post. Now I wouldn't say I'm the most fashionable of the bunch, I don't tend to follow trends or show much interest in fashion I just like to wear what I think looks good on me.

As part of #BritishBloggerSelction I was asked to write a post talking about my favourite clothes shops, Picking one would have been far too difficult, as I sure do love a good shop so here are a few of the shops I like to shop in (how many times can I say shop in one sentence haha) 

The 'All Rounder'

Primark, we all know and love you. This shop is a great all rounder when it comes to shopping, from the best novelty jim jams to a faux leather jacket that looks like it should belong in Topshop, it's one of those places that I know I can always find a gem at a bargain price. I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good shop in Primark.

Great For Smock Dresses

Asos do smock dresses like no other, fact (be weary though sizing can be a little iffy,size down!) Another reason I love Asos is its a one stop destination with lots of different brands. Ever found something you wanted on the River island or New look website that's completely sold out check Asos there's a possibility it may be stocked. Another bonus, Asos have free delivery, and free returns on every single item. 

Best For Workwear 

No shops quite do workwear as well as Zara. Smart well fitted shirts, skirts and trousers are quality with Zara. The clothes can be a tad more on the pricier side but with good reason great quality and last forever. I also couldn't mention Zara and not talk about their bags. The famous 'Office city bag' was a tad on the large size for me but if you are looking for something structured, stylish and smart Zara is your answer for a nice handbag.

Best For Jeans 

Whenever I say 'jeans' Topshop automatically springs to mind. I have more Topshop jeans then I care to admit, addicted me...never. Great jeans that wash well and are great quality, available in different cuts and styles to suit different shapes and sizes. When it comes to high street jeans I think Topshop certainly know what they're  doing 

Best For Knitwear 

The colder months are here so we all certainly need some stylish knitwear to see us through. In my opinion Next do knitwear well, a little more on the pricey side but worthwhile for a jumper that will wash well and see you through until the following year. A surprise for me but I also think Marks & Spencer are great for knitwear and have certainly upped there game. Is it just me or do they seem to be catering for all age groups lately there pieces have become a lot more modern and trendy. However uncool it may be to say I do think M&S are doing pretty good when it comes to knitwear

So there's a few or my favourite clothes shops, id love to know what your favourite clothes shop are leave a comment below or tweet me @subjectbeauty1  

*To find out more about #BritishBloggerSelction and to view my week 2 post click here*

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