Gone Fishing

Today's post will serve as a little update for anyone who notices my lack of posts over the next few weeks. Over recent months I seem to have lost my passion for all things blog related. The blogging community is such a wonderful thing to be part of but over the past few weeks I've wondered if there really is room in this already over saturated market for me. I've begun to question whether I actually offer anything different here on 'Rinica Writes' and my conclusion is no, not really. For the past year I've stuck to my three week posting schedule and I've truly enjoyed trying new products, creating content and improving my photography, but as time becomes more restricted I'm finding myself a little less motivated. I've struggled to come up with new ideas, and I've found that I'm not as passionate about my blog topic as I once was.

I recently started working full time (I was previously part time) and I'm also studying full time for my degree. I'm finding juggling work, study and maintaining some kind of social life pretty difficult at the moment and sadly my blog has just become a little bit of a burden. I've decided to take some time away from blogging (I'll still be posting on Instagram) after this time I may sit down and rethink my blog topic (as I'm just totally not feeling makeup or anything beauty related at the moment!) 

I feel really disconnected from my blog, it's hard explaining my thought process but I just don't feel as though beauty products/makeup are important to me. I spend a lot of money unnecessarily on products that leave me underwhelmed I certainly feel like I've become more frivolous with my money since starting my blog over a year ago. 

Anyways I'm rambling I want to say thanks to anyone who's supported my little blog over the past year.


Lipstick Queen Endless Summer - Aloha

It's not very often one lipstick gets a whole post dedicated to it, but here we are the shade Aloha by Lipstick Queen has pretty much been the only shade on my lips for the past month. I'm in love with the shade and packaging, I also seem to receive lots of compliments whilst wearing this so today's post felt truly warranted.

I've heard mentions of Lipstick Queen here and there but on the whole they appear to be pretty underrated in the blogosphere, given that most lipsticks retail at £18 I can see why. I purchased Aloha recently in the Feel Unique sale I bought this for £12 which I personally think is more true to price given the quality. A lot of high end lipsticks often leave me disappointed on the packaging front (when I purchase a lipstick beyond £10 I expect high quality) Lipstick Queen haven't disappointed. The gold bullet is so unique and as it's slightly weighted it feels super luxe. The lid has that satisfying click (only beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiasts will get me on that one!)

The formula for me is pretty fool proof the only downside is longevity as I find the shade dries down to a stain pretty quickly but I'm willing to overlook this given as application is just so easy. This is one of those whip out and apply kind of lipsticks, the kind that requires no mirror or tidying up - I'm all for a low maintenance lipstick. The formula is super glossy, moisturising and plumping on the lips this never feels tacky or sticky. The lipstick doesn't transfer or slide onto the teeth (a problem I generally have with moisturising lipsticks.) The shade is unlike anything I own, you can apply this sparingly for a sheer wash of colour on the lips, or build up for a more dramatic bold lip. For me this is the perfect lipstick when I have a day at work followed by evening drinks during the day it can be that my lips but better shade but for evening I can build it up for a full on red lip...

What are your favourite high end lipsticks? 

P.S Lipstick shades appear slightly different depending on skin tone so I'd recommend googling swatches, although I can imagine on fairer skin this would appear slightly more pink. 


Klorane haircare

Klorane isn't a brand I hear much about in the world of beauty, which is a shame really as they are a great brand with great ethics offering a wide variety of hair, skin and body products. Klorane are a dermo-cosmetic brand created from botanical elements. All the products in the Klorane line are plant based making them suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. Sadly Klorane products are pretty limited in the UK, online stockers include John Lewis and Escentual and even then the stock available is pretty poor. However, today I really wanted to talk about the Mango haircare range as I'm pretty much in love with the products.

Back in July when I visited the South of France my hair took one hell of a beating, sunshine, chlorine, sand and salt sprays pretty much left my hair looking dull, dry and frazzled. I visited a local french pharmacy in search of some new haircare products and stumbled across the Klorane counter (it was stocked to the brim!) I purchased the Klorane UV protect spray and the leave in cream. Now as far as I'm aware the UV spray isn't readily available in the UK, I've looked in all the obvious places and can't seem to find it anywhere so I'm guessing it may not have made its way overseas yet. The Mango oil spray is described as a conditioning, repairing, UV protective spray for dry, damaged or sun exposed hair, you can use this on dry or damp hair I've found it works on both. This instantly improved the textured of my hair without weighing it down or feeling greasy, after a couple of days my hair was pretty much back to its post holiday state. My hair felt less dry and looked so shiny, this also did a fantastic job of keeping frizz away in humid weather. Mango oil apparently contains fatty acids that nourish, re-hydrated and help repair damaged hair. The formula is waterproof and is specifically designed for use by the pool or in the sun. After my holiday I continued to use this on both dry and towel dried hair I must say it's become an absolute staple for me it just keeps my hair looking healthy and even when I'm using a lot of heat I don't find my hair feels dry. I can't write a review without also mentioning the smell, this smells incredible and the smell does linger think The Body Shop Mango body butter in hair spray form...that's exactly what this smells like.

The Klorane leave in cream is something that is still hard to find in the UK but through a Google search there are a few lesser known online retailers who stock this. Designed to be used on mid lengths through to ends this leave in cream forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the hair and coats the hair, preventing it from splitting. As with the UV protect spray you can apply this on dry or wet hair both methods again leave a lovely scent and don't weigh my hair down in the slightest. The leave in cream is reached for mostly on days where I feel my hair will frizz, if there's rain or the air is muggy I apply this and it stops my hair poof that I usually get when it's frizzy. It makes my hair that little bit easier to style too.

I didn't really want to mention these two products with them being harder to find in the UK but I just couldn't resist as they've both done a fantastic job of improving the overall feel, look and texture of my hair huge thumbs up from me. I'm particularly interested in trying some of their shampoos or conditioners next, the majority of Klorane products are between £5-£6 too which I don't think is overly pricey for something that works really well.

Are you a fan of Klorane haircare?

P.S My new blog schedule will be every Tuesday and Thursday, my hours at work have increased significantly and I've started study so I'm finding I just don't have as much time as I used to (or would like to) for bloggy things.


Pretty In Pink

My last outfit post was back in June, I seem to have lost my confidence with fashion I'm not sure what suits my shape anymore and items that I think will suit me only end up leaving me looking like a sack of potatoes which in all honesty has resorted to me wearing Nike joggers and a hoodie (not an outfit that I thought would be of any particular interest on the blog!) I've found some confidence over recent months though colour and loud prints are back so what better time to share with you an outfit I've been loving lately. I also thought I'd show case the my new winter boots that haven't left my feet since buying them.

I think pink really suits my skin tone, this jumper from H&M has been great for cooler days but the material isn't too thick it's the perfect transitional jumper. H&M are great at the minute they have lots of items that can easily be layered,  items that will suit you on warmer days but also see you through the winter months. About 70% of my clothes are from H&M for quality clothing that's still fashionable but washes well they are my go to shop.

I've featured these monochrome River Island shorts on my blog before but I pretty much think these were my most worn item this summer and that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon as I now rock them with tights and boots. The print is gorgeous and looks lovely paired with bright t shirts or jumpers such as this one.

My Boots are from New Look, they have a such a wide variety of Boots in at the moment. I love New Look for boots because they are still high quality but won't break the bank with most ranging between £25-£30.

What are your favourite shops for winter clothing?


Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (Revisited)

There are a quite a few products (particularly skincare) that were not quite love at first use, the majority end up redundant in my skincare basket. After having one major clear out I made a conscious effort to retry some products which in return led me back to the much talked about Emma Hardie cleansing balm. I purchased this back when it was all the rave and after using continuously for four weeks I just wasn’t sold on the formula. In all fairness at the time of trying this balm cleansers were a whole new concept to me, I probably should have purchased something slightly cheaper to get used to the texture as it takes awhile to get around rubbing oil on an oily makeup covered face! Anyway, after using the EH balm for three months now seemed like the perfect time to share my thoughts, as I’m nearing the end I feel like I have a really good feel for the product.

If you have tried some of the cheaper balm alternatives and are looking for something with more skincare benefits (not just makeup removal) I highly recommend the Emma Hardie balm. From trying this balm it’s clear to see why it may not work for some skin types as it’s  loaded with essential oils which works well for some but not for others I guess it's about knowing what ingredients work with your skin. The EH balm is one of those products that I really do think requires a sample, but if (like me) you don’t live near anywhere that stocks this a good alternative is the starter kit that retails at £21 it includes a muslin cloth, age support cream and 50ml Emma Hardie balm at, £21 it still isn’t the cheapest but it’s certainly better than spending £36 if your skin decides not to like it.

The EH balm has a luxurious rich texture, when applied to dry skin this transforms into an oil I find the scent almost spa like, thanks to the orange, neroli and mandarin extracts this smells super citrusy I'm a big fan of anything orange scented. There's something quite relaxing about cleansing balms perhaps it's the mini facial massage that comes with applying, the EH balm transforms into oil on the skin however (hard to explain) I don't find it to be overly greasy like other balms I have tried (there are some that you can't wait to wash off!) Once massaged in I apply a little luke warm water this emulsifies the oil and it transforms into a milky texture, I use the EH double sided flannel (included in the kit) to wipe away the cleanser, then the muslin side to gently buff my skin. Once dry there is absolutely no product residue left behind, no greasy film no tacky feeling just soft radiant skin, The balm removes every last scrap of makeup, I checked this using the toner trick after drying my face and applying toner with a cotton pad there was literally no dirt or last scraps of makeup at all, which have even meant that I can skip toner on days where I’m too lazy.

My overall skin condition has improved so much since introducing the EH balm, I’m completely confused as to why this didn’t work for me before, the only conclusion I have come to is my skin used to be a little more congested at the time and I don't think I was overly keen on balm cleansers. At the time of trying this I was chopping and changing my skincare that much I couldn't really see if this worked or didn't but as I literally just changed my cleanser and kept the remainder of my skincare the same I've been able to see how well this does work for me...and I'm truly gutted at £36 pound a pop it isn’t exactly the most purse friendly of cleansers, however I am more than happy to pay this for something that truly works for me. I found that the 50ml with morning/evening use has lasted me around three months which I don’t think is very long at all, but £36 for six months which is roughly the amount of use I’d get out of 100ml I think is pretty reasonable… ish. Plus for something that's helped even out my skin tone, balance oil production, improve the texture of my skin and brighten up my dull complexion I'm more than happy to stick with this, I researched similar cleansers but I'm reluctant to change as I've seen such great results with this.

When I purchased this I also received a sample of the EH Age support cream. Something about this product and the whole EH line feels marketed towards mature skin types, I’m guessing the majority of the products are but after discovering how well the balm works on my combination spotty skin I decided to  give the moisturiser a try. This is designed for morning or evening but I use this mainly at night as I like to wear SPF during the day. This feels rich in texture but absorbs into the skin really well it doesn’t sit on the skin, feel oily or greasy which I think is a huge bonus for a night moisturiser. This moisturiser softens the texture of my skin, and really brightens up my dull complexion. For some reason I have found that this really helped scaring/pigmentation on my cheeks not banishing it completely but as this brightened up my skin I found pigmentation almost lightened slightly in appearance. Although this is a small sample I’ve used it for four weeks and still have quite a lot left so a little truly does go a long way, I plan on purchasing this once it runs out as I have enjoyed using it.

Are you a fan of the EH cleansing balm? Has anyone found any cheaper alternatives?



Lush Sex Bomb

Firstly let's talk about the name, it's worthwhile mentioning that singing 'Sex Bomb, sex bomb' at the top of your lungs whilst doing your best impersonation of Tom Jones is absolutely mandatory with this bath bomb. Tom Jones aside though today I really wanted to write about Sex bomb*, as I think it has rekindled an old flame that I once had with Lush bath bombs...

Here's the thing I once had an obsession with bath bombs, especially Lush but after working out the cost per use and how much I was spending on my once a week treat I decided to cut back and reach for good old Radox (traitor.) However after receiving this beauty at a recent blogger event I think I may have re found my love for Lush bath bombs. When I got this home the fragrance immediately filled every room, it smells super clean and fresh. Even my mum commented on the smell and she's not usually the biggest fan of Lush, but there is something really clean/fresh smelling about this bath bomb. Sex bomb is fragranced with jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage. The jasmine smells incredible so uplifting, there's something quite comforting about it. I found the scent incredibly relaxing, my muscles felt soothed and although it sounds super hippy like I just felt completely at ease, it's not very often I have a long soak and leave feeling completely stress free but after using this I can honestly say I did. A lot of bath bombs I have tried smell nice, look pretty but have no real benefits however Sex bomb soothed achy muscles, left my skin incredibly soft, completely relaxed me and gave me one of the best nights sleep I've had in a long time.

For anyone who's feeling a little stressed or anxious this bath bomb is just the one. I'm so glad I can tick this off my ever growing list of Lush bath bombs I've tried, this one will certainly have to be a repurchase for me as it's perfect for an after work relaxation treat.

What are your favourite Lush bath bombs? What are your favourite ways to relax/switch off?

*Received at a blogger meet up 


'I Wish I Didn't Buy That' #3

Another negative one today folks, instead of rambling on about how sorry I am for negativity etc etc I'll just swing right in there with the two high end hair care products that sadly did NOT rock my socks off. As always just because these didn't work out with me doesn't mean they won't work for you I'd never discourage anyone from trying something new, after all we are all different -

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £12.50

I received a sample of this in a Birchbox some time ago, after a few uses I purchased the 75ml tube. When I first used this I felt pretty impressed but in all honesty I think it was a placebo effect sometimes when everyone is telling you how great something is you find yourself liking it only to realise a few weeks later that actually…it's not that good. The PK Elasticizer is a pre shampoo treatment aimed at damaged hair types, you apply this 20-30 minutes before shampooing. I straighten the front pieces of my hair a lot (they're tufty) so to prevent future damage and to help the coarser drier hair I thought this treatment would do the trick, but in all honesty this just leaves my hair soft. There are cheaper alternatives from Boots that do what this does and more (Herbal Essence hair mask) besides making my hair soft I didn't really notice any changes in my hair. I guess with something like this you'd expect to see improved texture, shiny glossy locks, more manageable hair but sadly this did nothing for me and at £27.50 (full size) I expect a lot more. Sorry Philip, not for me.

Redken Iron Shape (Heat Protect Spray) £10

I love Redken treatments (not a fan of their shampoos) as far as hair masks and serums go I'm totally on board so when I saw that they also did a heat protect spray I thought I'd give it a whirl. I had high hopes for this as it's not very often a Redken product lets me down, but for me this was a huge thumbs down. A positive could be smell, it really lingers in the hair…it's kind of like hair perfume it reminded me of how your hair smells after a trip to the hairdressers, but sadly that's where the positives end. This has to be one of the stickiest heat sprays I've tried it left my hair feeling super sticky, a little lank and I even felt the need to re wash my hair after using this as my hair just felt gross. I've tried applying less, heck I've even asked my mum to spray my hair from a distance just to make sure and still so so sticky! Unless you fancy sticky weighed down greasy locks avoid this one girls (or guys!)

What products have you not been loving a lately? Have you tried any of these products? Any heat spray recommendations?


#Fitspiration H&M Sportswear Haul

Finding sportswear that performs well, looks stylish and doesn't cost a small fortune can often be a challenge. At the risk of sounding snobby I've never had much luck with non branded sportswear, the majority don't fit well, they absorb sweat leaving awful patches (TMI) and don't even get me started on see through bottoms (what's that all about!?) When I saw that H&M had started selling sportswear at affordable prices I decided to take the plunge and purchase a few items, and I'm so happy I did as they have surpassed my expectation and perform just as well (if not better) than some of the more pricier sportswear I own.

Um so it has to be mentioned but can we excuse the awkward pose, squinty face, messy hair and makeup less face, now that's excused onto the top I just love it. The colour and print are really different then anything else I own, the top does a great job of adding a little colour into my predominantly black sportswear collection, having tops such as this one spruce up what would otherwise be a dull outfit. Print and style aside the top is dry fit and breathable things stay cool during workouts which is always a bonus. The fit is also really good, I often find with tops like this I have an awkward under arm gap but this top literally fits like a glove it's perfect. Certainly not one for the faint hearted, but I find the bottoms suck everything in covering any lumps/bumps in the process, making it a lot more wearable.

The two bottoms I purchased also work really well for me, I just love the print, colour, style and fit. From the front the first pair look like any other black bottoms I own but the green metallic panel down the side makes them look super stylish and also slimming. The material is super stretchy, breathable and I find I have flexibility in them, I feel comfortable when running. Unlike other lycra bottoms I've tried the waistline isn't too tight or restrictive making these bottoms all that more appealing. I would however recommend sizing up in the bottoms as the sizes do run a tad bit small. I love the pattern on this grey pair, they actually look identical to a Nike pair I was eyeing up but for less then half the price they're an absolute steal.

The great thing about H&M is the wide variety of clothing that's available, if lycra isn't your thing there's plenty of different styles available for all different exercise, there's even yoga clothing too so if you're after something a little more loose fitting I'd still recommend checking out the range.  It sounds shallow but for me I feel so much more confident when I feel good in the clothing I wear, having sportswear you can rely on and feel comfortable in makes you confident and for me it makes me that little bit more motivated to workout. So if you're feeling a bit meh about exercise why not try updating your sportswear wardrobe, for affordable yet stylish sports wear H&M is certainly worth a visit.

What are your favourite sportswear shops?


Lovely Cosmetics Intensive Body Butter & Chocolate Face Mask

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to attend an event with Lovely Cosmetics, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about this local brand and the products they have on offer. On the day of the event we got to talk to Caz (one of the beauties behind the brand) who was super welcoming and enthusiastic. It's clear to see how passionate Caz is about Lovely Cosmetics she puts a lot of work into researching ingredients for products and sourcing unique packaging. I personally think it's great when a brand owner is as passionate about the brand/products as its customers, it makes you want to support the brand. From speaking to Caz it sounds like there are a lot of exciting thing's to come for Lovely Cosmetics, certainly a brand to keep on your radar. 

If you haven't heard of Lovely Cosmetics before they're a 100% natural cosmetics line, all the products are hand made in Sheffield. One of the brands sayings is 'why should natural be boring' and I have to say the products are certainly anything but that! The stand out for me has to be packaging, distinguishably different from other natural brands on the market who tend to opt for greens/browns Lovely Cosmetics have added something a bit different to the mix with pink...pink everything which I personally love. All the products are housed in glass jars and there's just something really homely/comforting about the brand, they're products that will instantly add a touch of character to your bathroom cabinet.  

On the day of the event we were offered a generous 25% discount, so I used this as an opportunity to try two products from the brand here are my thoughts- 

Lovely Cosmetics Intensive Body Butter 

Something that often puts me off natural products is shelf life but after speaking to Caz and discovering most Lovely Cosmetics products last between 6-9 months (in a cool place) I left reassured. In all honesty I've never tried anything quite like this body butter the texture feels super whipped, almost mousse like (light and airy) but, when applied to the body this melts into the skin it feels like a dry body oil. I absolutely love this, for those who want the benefits of a body oil but without the grease this is a perfect alternative. This hydrates my skin, leaves a lovely sheen and my skin just feels incredibly soft after using this (a real treat for the body.) This will be perfect through the cooler months when my skins super dry.

Lovely Cosmetics Chocolate Face Mask 

Perhaps the product I was most intrigued by. The Lovely Cosmetics powder face mask is a completely new concept to me and something I was actually pretty excited to try. After posting a picture over on Instagram Rachel (from AllNaturalAspirations) mentioned how powder masks actually use less preservatives and more active ingredients which is great to know as it sounds like your skin will get a lot more benefits with powder masks. Now, this smells incredible I felt like I'd got my chocolate fix without any added calories which is always a bonus. Application was a little trial and error, admittedly I did end up wasting a lot of powder when I first used this. I found the best way to apply this is to take a teaspoon and a half of powder place in a bowl, mix with a little water then apply. This way you can really control the consistency and every thing's a lot less messy! After 10 minutes or so when the clay had set I was surprised at how easy this removed, I'm so used to scrubbing when it comes to removing clay masks so I was pleasantly surprised when the product was fully removed with a few swipes- great for someone like me with sensitive skin. This mask seemed to soak up excess oil  but didn't leave my skin feeling dry/tight or uncomfortable which is important for me as I don't enjoy masks that strip the skin. My skin felt mega soft and also a lot brighter after using this…if you haven't guessed already I'm impressed. 

What are your favourite natural brands? Have you tried powder masks? Have you tried any Lovely Cosmetics products?

P.S You can purchase Lovely Cosmetics products on their website here, or if you are local to Yorkshire -Wickwire (Nether Edge) , Birds Yard (Chapel Walk) , MoonKo (Division Street) , All Good Stuff (Butcher Works) or Makers Emporium (Rotherham)


Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

The Indeed Labs range certainly seems to have made an impression in the world of beauty. When a product receives a lot of hype I generally avoid it (for as long as possible) as more often than not I'm let down. After a recent dry spell (on my face) I revisited the brand and purchased the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, a new release from Indeed Labs. I'll be honest the fact that this came in a fancy tube and had jelly in the name did tempt me in a little but besides the exterior how did this product perform? (As we all know it's what's on the inside that matters.)

Oops back to packaging although I must say it's a thumbs up from me (so hygienic) I really wish more brands would get on board with this type of packaging as it certainly avoids that dreaded finger in pot situation. Given the texture of this product though I'm struggling to see how any other packaging would have worked. True to its name the Hydraluron jelly is well…a jelly. This has a sort of gloppy gel texture that feels slightly tacky on the skin but also quite cooling/refreshing. This makes a great layer before SPF and also works wonderfully on its own as a moisturiser (I tend to do this at night. )

After four weeks of continued use I have to say I was not blown away, if you're expecting that 'wow' effect I don't feel like you'll get it with this product. However as a no frills basic treatment that adds hydration and helps with dry patches it's a thumbs up. It's a difficult one for me as although this was effective at improving the texture of my skin and hydrating dry patches I still didn't feel overly amazed with the results. The biggest reason I think I was disappointed is that this product is very much a stand alone do one thing style product, I feel as a beauty addict I expect so much more from products nowadays that when something only does what it says on the tin it doesn't overly impress me. I feel like there's so many similar products readily available on the market that do all that the moisture jelly does and more, and for someone like me I'll choose the product with several skin care benefits over the product that does one sole thing, and for that reason I can't see me repurchasing.

If you suffer with persistent dry patches and flaky skin I'd definitely recommend this product as it will certainly be effective at improving the texture of your skin. But for someone like me with combination skin who gets the odd dry patch here and there I'd probably give this one a miss (despite the packaging/interesting texture!)

Are you a fan of the Hydraluron range? Have you tried the moisture jelly?


The Northern Blogger Meet Up

If you follow me on twitter you'll have probably seen a few nervous tweets last week (sorry about that guys) all with good reason though as I attended my first blogger meet up on Saturday. Building up to the event I began to feel incredibly nervous, there's something quite daunting about attending an event solo where you don't know anyone, I was worried I'd be that awkward person shuffling in a corner pretending to look at my phone but fortunately that wasn't the case. The best thing about the meet up was having the opportunity to network, especially given as we all had similar interests. Everyone was super friendly and I've discovered lots of new blogs to read too.

The event was held at Eten, a lovely bistro and tearoom located in Sheffield city centre. The menu is so varied I found myself dithering in the end I ordered a burger (classy) it was super yummy but also super messy, greasy hands and sauce down my face wasn't quite the first impression I wanted to make to fellow bloggers. I'd certainly recommend the cafe, I know I'll be going back at some point the all day breakfast options are calling my name already. 

On the day we were lucky enough to receive a talk and goodie bags from two of my favourite brands. The first being Lush. I love Lush, I'm a fan of both their skin care and body products. We were given a little talk about the brand's history, the work Lush do and also how ingredients are sourced - something I personally found rather interesting. The two speakers were very informative, friendly, approachable and clearly as passionate about the brand as their customers - which is something I personally love to see. We received a bath bomb and two hair care products (both of which I love but more on that later!) 

Two Benebabes also attended the event. Kitty and Jamie were super informative, we were given a little history on Benefit as a brand and also some of its cult products. I was fascinated at how much the brand has grown throughout the years but even more impressed that the brands ethos and values have always remained the same. There's something quite exciting about Benefit with innovative launches and that trademark packaging they're certainly a stand out brand. At the event we were given a sneak peak of a newly launched blush it smelt amazing and would look beautiful on paler skin tones. We were also given a preview of some of the gift sets that will be available at Christmas (they look good guys!) We received two full sized Benefit products the newly launched (and much talked about) Push up liner and the They're real mascara I can't wait to try the products (how spoilt are we!)

All in all I had a lovely time, I'd like to send a huge thank you to the kats pawscounter prettyshort lashes and dolly birds and bows for organising the event. 

Have you attended a blogger event? 
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