Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (Revisited)

There are a quite a few products (particularly skincare) that were not quite love at first use, the majority end up redundant in my skincare basket. After having one major clear out I made a conscious effort to retry some products which in return led me back to the much talked about Emma Hardie cleansing balm. I purchased this back when it was all the rave and after using continuously for four weeks I just wasn’t sold on the formula. In all fairness at the time of trying this balm cleansers were a whole new concept to me, I probably should have purchased something slightly cheaper to get used to the texture as it takes awhile to get around rubbing oil on an oily makeup covered face! Anyway, after using the EH balm for three months now seemed like the perfect time to share my thoughts, as I’m nearing the end I feel like I have a really good feel for the product.

If you have tried some of the cheaper balm alternatives and are looking for something with more skincare benefits (not just makeup removal) I highly recommend the Emma Hardie balm. From trying this balm it’s clear to see why it may not work for some skin types as it’s  loaded with essential oils which works well for some but not for others I guess it's about knowing what ingredients work with your skin. The EH balm is one of those products that I really do think requires a sample, but if (like me) you don’t live near anywhere that stocks this a good alternative is the starter kit that retails at £21 it includes a muslin cloth, age support cream and 50ml Emma Hardie balm at, £21 it still isn’t the cheapest but it’s certainly better than spending £36 if your skin decides not to like it.

The EH balm has a luxurious rich texture, when applied to dry skin this transforms into an oil I find the scent almost spa like, thanks to the orange, neroli and mandarin extracts this smells super citrusy I'm a big fan of anything orange scented. There's something quite relaxing about cleansing balms perhaps it's the mini facial massage that comes with applying, the EH balm transforms into oil on the skin however (hard to explain) I don't find it to be overly greasy like other balms I have tried (there are some that you can't wait to wash off!) Once massaged in I apply a little luke warm water this emulsifies the oil and it transforms into a milky texture, I use the EH double sided flannel (included in the kit) to wipe away the cleanser, then the muslin side to gently buff my skin. Once dry there is absolutely no product residue left behind, no greasy film no tacky feeling just soft radiant skin, The balm removes every last scrap of makeup, I checked this using the toner trick after drying my face and applying toner with a cotton pad there was literally no dirt or last scraps of makeup at all, which have even meant that I can skip toner on days where I’m too lazy.

My overall skin condition has improved so much since introducing the EH balm, I’m completely confused as to why this didn’t work for me before, the only conclusion I have come to is my skin used to be a little more congested at the time and I don't think I was overly keen on balm cleansers. At the time of trying this I was chopping and changing my skincare that much I couldn't really see if this worked or didn't but as I literally just changed my cleanser and kept the remainder of my skincare the same I've been able to see how well this does work for me...and I'm truly gutted at £36 pound a pop it isn’t exactly the most purse friendly of cleansers, however I am more than happy to pay this for something that truly works for me. I found that the 50ml with morning/evening use has lasted me around three months which I don’t think is very long at all, but £36 for six months which is roughly the amount of use I’d get out of 100ml I think is pretty reasonable… ish. Plus for something that's helped even out my skin tone, balance oil production, improve the texture of my skin and brighten up my dull complexion I'm more than happy to stick with this, I researched similar cleansers but I'm reluctant to change as I've seen such great results with this.

When I purchased this I also received a sample of the EH Age support cream. Something about this product and the whole EH line feels marketed towards mature skin types, I’m guessing the majority of the products are but after discovering how well the balm works on my combination spotty skin I decided to  give the moisturiser a try. This is designed for morning or evening but I use this mainly at night as I like to wear SPF during the day. This feels rich in texture but absorbs into the skin really well it doesn’t sit on the skin, feel oily or greasy which I think is a huge bonus for a night moisturiser. This moisturiser softens the texture of my skin, and really brightens up my dull complexion. For some reason I have found that this really helped scaring/pigmentation on my cheeks not banishing it completely but as this brightened up my skin I found pigmentation almost lightened slightly in appearance. Although this is a small sample I’ve used it for four weeks and still have quite a lot left so a little truly does go a long way, I plan on purchasing this once it runs out as I have enjoyed using it.

Are you a fan of the EH cleansing balm? Has anyone found any cheaper alternatives?


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