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Klorane isn't a brand I hear much about in the world of beauty, which is a shame really as they are a great brand with great ethics offering a wide variety of hair, skin and body products. Klorane are a dermo-cosmetic brand created from botanical elements. All the products in the Klorane line are plant based making them suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. Sadly Klorane products are pretty limited in the UK, online stockers include John Lewis and Escentual and even then the stock available is pretty poor. However, today I really wanted to talk about the Mango haircare range as I'm pretty much in love with the products.

Back in July when I visited the South of France my hair took one hell of a beating, sunshine, chlorine, sand and salt sprays pretty much left my hair looking dull, dry and frazzled. I visited a local french pharmacy in search of some new haircare products and stumbled across the Klorane counter (it was stocked to the brim!) I purchased the Klorane UV protect spray and the leave in cream. Now as far as I'm aware the UV spray isn't readily available in the UK, I've looked in all the obvious places and can't seem to find it anywhere so I'm guessing it may not have made its way overseas yet. The Mango oil spray is described as a conditioning, repairing, UV protective spray for dry, damaged or sun exposed hair, you can use this on dry or damp hair I've found it works on both. This instantly improved the textured of my hair without weighing it down or feeling greasy, after a couple of days my hair was pretty much back to its post holiday state. My hair felt less dry and looked so shiny, this also did a fantastic job of keeping frizz away in humid weather. Mango oil apparently contains fatty acids that nourish, re-hydrated and help repair damaged hair. The formula is waterproof and is specifically designed for use by the pool or in the sun. After my holiday I continued to use this on both dry and towel dried hair I must say it's become an absolute staple for me it just keeps my hair looking healthy and even when I'm using a lot of heat I don't find my hair feels dry. I can't write a review without also mentioning the smell, this smells incredible and the smell does linger think The Body Shop Mango body butter in hair spray form...that's exactly what this smells like.

The Klorane leave in cream is something that is still hard to find in the UK but through a Google search there are a few lesser known online retailers who stock this. Designed to be used on mid lengths through to ends this leave in cream forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the hair and coats the hair, preventing it from splitting. As with the UV protect spray you can apply this on dry or wet hair both methods again leave a lovely scent and don't weigh my hair down in the slightest. The leave in cream is reached for mostly on days where I feel my hair will frizz, if there's rain or the air is muggy I apply this and it stops my hair poof that I usually get when it's frizzy. It makes my hair that little bit easier to style too.

I didn't really want to mention these two products with them being harder to find in the UK but I just couldn't resist as they've both done a fantastic job of improving the overall feel, look and texture of my hair huge thumbs up from me. I'm particularly interested in trying some of their shampoos or conditioners next, the majority of Klorane products are between £5-£6 too which I don't think is overly pricey for something that works really well.

Are you a fan of Klorane haircare?

P.S My new blog schedule will be every Tuesday and Thursday, my hours at work have increased significantly and I've started study so I'm finding I just don't have as much time as I used to (or would like to) for bloggy things.

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