'I Wish I Didn't Buy That' #3

Another negative one today folks, instead of rambling on about how sorry I am for negativity etc etc I'll just swing right in there with the two high end hair care products that sadly did NOT rock my socks off. As always just because these didn't work out with me doesn't mean they won't work for you I'd never discourage anyone from trying something new, after all we are all different -

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £12.50

I received a sample of this in a Birchbox some time ago, after a few uses I purchased the 75ml tube. When I first used this I felt pretty impressed but in all honesty I think it was a placebo effect sometimes when everyone is telling you how great something is you find yourself liking it only to realise a few weeks later that actually…it's not that good. The PK Elasticizer is a pre shampoo treatment aimed at damaged hair types, you apply this 20-30 minutes before shampooing. I straighten the front pieces of my hair a lot (they're tufty) so to prevent future damage and to help the coarser drier hair I thought this treatment would do the trick, but in all honesty this just leaves my hair soft. There are cheaper alternatives from Boots that do what this does and more (Herbal Essence hair mask) besides making my hair soft I didn't really notice any changes in my hair. I guess with something like this you'd expect to see improved texture, shiny glossy locks, more manageable hair but sadly this did nothing for me and at £27.50 (full size) I expect a lot more. Sorry Philip, not for me.

Redken Iron Shape (Heat Protect Spray) £10

I love Redken treatments (not a fan of their shampoos) as far as hair masks and serums go I'm totally on board so when I saw that they also did a heat protect spray I thought I'd give it a whirl. I had high hopes for this as it's not very often a Redken product lets me down, but for me this was a huge thumbs down. A positive could be smell, it really lingers in the hair…it's kind of like hair perfume it reminded me of how your hair smells after a trip to the hairdressers, but sadly that's where the positives end. This has to be one of the stickiest heat sprays I've tried it left my hair feeling super sticky, a little lank and I even felt the need to re wash my hair after using this as my hair just felt gross. I've tried applying less, heck I've even asked my mum to spray my hair from a distance just to make sure and still so so sticky! Unless you fancy sticky weighed down greasy locks avoid this one girls (or guys!)

What products have you not been loving a lately? Have you tried any of these products? Any heat spray recommendations?

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