The Northern Blogger Meet Up

If you follow me on twitter you'll have probably seen a few nervous tweets last week (sorry about that guys) all with good reason though as I attended my first blogger meet up on Saturday. Building up to the event I began to feel incredibly nervous, there's something quite daunting about attending an event solo where you don't know anyone, I was worried I'd be that awkward person shuffling in a corner pretending to look at my phone but fortunately that wasn't the case. The best thing about the meet up was having the opportunity to network, especially given as we all had similar interests. Everyone was super friendly and I've discovered lots of new blogs to read too.

The event was held at Eten, a lovely bistro and tearoom located in Sheffield city centre. The menu is so varied I found myself dithering in the end I ordered a burger (classy) it was super yummy but also super messy, greasy hands and sauce down my face wasn't quite the first impression I wanted to make to fellow bloggers. I'd certainly recommend the cafe, I know I'll be going back at some point the all day breakfast options are calling my name already. 

On the day we were lucky enough to receive a talk and goodie bags from two of my favourite brands. The first being Lush. I love Lush, I'm a fan of both their skin care and body products. We were given a little talk about the brand's history, the work Lush do and also how ingredients are sourced - something I personally found rather interesting. The two speakers were very informative, friendly, approachable and clearly as passionate about the brand as their customers - which is something I personally love to see. We received a bath bomb and two hair care products (both of which I love but more on that later!) 

Two Benebabes also attended the event. Kitty and Jamie were super informative, we were given a little history on Benefit as a brand and also some of its cult products. I was fascinated at how much the brand has grown throughout the years but even more impressed that the brands ethos and values have always remained the same. There's something quite exciting about Benefit with innovative launches and that trademark packaging they're certainly a stand out brand. At the event we were given a sneak peak of a newly launched blush it smelt amazing and would look beautiful on paler skin tones. We were also given a preview of some of the gift sets that will be available at Christmas (they look good guys!) We received two full sized Benefit products the newly launched (and much talked about) Push up liner and the They're real mascara I can't wait to try the products (how spoilt are we!)

All in all I had a lovely time, I'd like to send a huge thank you to the kats pawscounter prettyshort lashes and dolly birds and bows for organising the event. 

Have you attended a blogger event? 

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