Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

The Indeed Labs range certainly seems to have made an impression in the world of beauty. When a product receives a lot of hype I generally avoid it (for as long as possible) as more often than not I'm let down. After a recent dry spell (on my face) I revisited the brand and purchased the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, a new release from Indeed Labs. I'll be honest the fact that this came in a fancy tube and had jelly in the name did tempt me in a little but besides the exterior how did this product perform? (As we all know it's what's on the inside that matters.)

Oops back to packaging although I must say it's a thumbs up from me (so hygienic) I really wish more brands would get on board with this type of packaging as it certainly avoids that dreaded finger in pot situation. Given the texture of this product though I'm struggling to see how any other packaging would have worked. True to its name the Hydraluron jelly is well…a jelly. This has a sort of gloppy gel texture that feels slightly tacky on the skin but also quite cooling/refreshing. This makes a great layer before SPF and also works wonderfully on its own as a moisturiser (I tend to do this at night. )

After four weeks of continued use I have to say I was not blown away, if you're expecting that 'wow' effect I don't feel like you'll get it with this product. However as a no frills basic treatment that adds hydration and helps with dry patches it's a thumbs up. It's a difficult one for me as although this was effective at improving the texture of my skin and hydrating dry patches I still didn't feel overly amazed with the results. The biggest reason I think I was disappointed is that this product is very much a stand alone do one thing style product, I feel as a beauty addict I expect so much more from products nowadays that when something only does what it says on the tin it doesn't overly impress me. I feel like there's so many similar products readily available on the market that do all that the moisture jelly does and more, and for someone like me I'll choose the product with several skin care benefits over the product that does one sole thing, and for that reason I can't see me repurchasing.

If you suffer with persistent dry patches and flaky skin I'd definitely recommend this product as it will certainly be effective at improving the texture of your skin. But for someone like me with combination skin who gets the odd dry patch here and there I'd probably give this one a miss (despite the packaging/interesting texture!)

Are you a fan of the Hydraluron range? Have you tried the moisture jelly?

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