Eye Creams I Just Don't 'Get'

Eye Creams

Eye creams are something I never truly got on 'board' with. After a free Origins facial last summer the skin consultant explained the importance of eye creams, and how they help to keep the delicate eye area hydrated. I have to admit I nodded, agreed but remained cynical. Let's face it thing's are going to get baggy and thing's are going to get dark it's called 'ageing' for some it may be less noticeable but for most of us our eye area will change as we age. Now I truly believe no pot of cream is going to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags or dark circles, I do however believe that we should show this area of our face a little TLC if like me you like to wear concealer and eye make up on a daily basis you'll be no stranger to the tugging that happens daily to remove product around our eye area, so I do think an eye cream that hydrates is essential.

Over the past two years I've tried my fair share of eye products, and lets just the say the majority have left me very underwhelmed. Here are my thoughts on some of the formula's available on the high street-

Cooling eye gels

Eye gel's are a funny little product, although there's no denying that the metal applicator on most can be cooling/satisfying to use I have to admit the majority I have tried have left me underwhelmed. On application the metal tip is cooling and in effect slightly reduces puffiness. I haven't found many that reduce dark circles (as I mention above though I don't think there's any product for that.) I just don't know…every eye gel I've bought (inc Origins No Puffery) I've regretted buying. Although as I say they're fun to use, and cooling I don't find them to be all that hydrating on my eye area-certainly not a necessity in anyones skin care line up.

Greasy eye creams

Oh yup, we've all been there the tub says 'hydrating' this has to be the one right? Wrong, perhaps I'm picky but even when bedtime comes around I don't want to use heavy greasy pore clogging products on my skin. Thick creams feel greasy and seem to sit on the skin around my eye area (unlike others that seem to disappear on application.) Some thicker creams have even irritated my eyes in the past, as most seem to be packed full of essential oils (something my skin doesn't seem to like anyway!)

Illuminating  Glitter eye creams

Hands up, who wants disco ball eye bags? Yup thought not. I mean who really wants glitter particles in an eye cream, of all the eye creams I've tried these are the ones I truly don't understand. I initially thought this sort of eye cream may be for someone with a paler skin tone but after talking to friends and family it appears that the glitter particles are just as noticeable on paler skin tones. I understand where brands are going with this I truly do I mean everyone wants a brighter more awake eye area, but glitters really not the way to go guys. The Origins Ginzing sample is so glittery I've even resulted in using as a  highlighter on my brow bone and cheekbones! The Superdrug offering (pictured above) isn't any better in fact I think it's worse than Ginzing as this one also has a matte affect once you apply the product turns stiff and almost powder like on the skin so I was left with two white glittery smears under my eyes…yup very attractive.

So there we have it the eye creams I just don't get I'm yet to try one that truly hydrates and provides a nice base for concealer if anyone has any recommendations please leave them in the comments below as it's a step in my skin care line up that's not quite right.

Do you like eye creams? What are your faves?


em has red nails said...

I've never really understood the thing with eye creams either and because of that I don't actually think I've ever bought an eye cream, for one I have no idea what I'm looking for, what does an eye cream need to do? I tend to just put a bit of my moisturiser around my eyes, should I even be doing that? Anyway I really agree with what you're saying, I should probably try using eye creams but after what you've said it's put me off them a bit, oh well you've saved me some money!

Katie Weston said...

I do like some eye creams, I use one by Garnier that I like and reviewed on my blog recently. I just put a bit on at night after my regular moisturiser. I think its made my eye bags less noticeable with make up on just because my skin is not so dry. I dislike the ones with shimmer in them too!


Mélina C. said...

I don't use an eye cream currently because I always thought I was too young and didn't need it.. But now my underey area tends to be really dry so I guess I should try someting... Don't know what though...

Have a good day :)

Rebecca B. Bird said...

Well, in theory one could just use normal moisturizer in the eye area and that would work fine. Some people (like myself) are prone to milia seeds though, and certain heavy creams can aggravate that, so I'd be hesitant to use a super-duper thick facial cream around my eye area. I agree with you about cooling eye gels - they're soothing, but don't actually do anything beyond that, haha. I have lighter skin and the shimmery eye creams look OK on me when I'm not wearing makeup, but you have to apply them REALLY LIGHTLY if you're wearing them under makeup because otherwise you get these weird, shiny racoon-type circles under your eye. O_O

StargazyEyes said...

I must admit, I'm a big fan of eye creams, well at least some of them - I've yet to find an absolute favourite yet but I do like some of the Origins ones, the Liz Earle one and Balance Me's eye cream.

Sharon x


Amy Keeling said...

I try to ensure I use an eye cream both in the morning and at night time. Whilst it's not always possible to see any visible improvement surely it can't do much harm anyway? I find that using one in the morning also helps with concealer in that it applies much nicer.
Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

Hana Olivia said...

Completely agree with you! Some that I've tried are awful, my favourite one that I've tried is the Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream, from Soap&Glory ♥♥

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I think it's pretty confusing as most eye creams if you look on the back even say not to use on the eye area, and also the ingredients don't differ to most face creams :/. I agree I know I probably should too, I guess they're a product that I don't really notice any difference if I use or not-maybe I've just not found the right one haha x

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by (and leaving the link to the review I will check that out always after recommendations.) Yeah I think that's all I'm looking for really something that will make concealer sit a little nicer. Yeah whats up with shimmer haha I don't get it at all x

Rinica Warner said...

Hi, thanks for comment/stopping by :) I wish I could help but I have no idea, I feel like I've tried so many I didn't like next on the list is the Soap and glory one me thinks it seems pretty affordable :) I'll have to report back ;) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I agree the ironic thing is the most eye creams actually state 'Do not use on eye area' on the back, and the ingredients don't actually differ to moisturisers much. Oh I haven't heard of that before, I guess you have to be a little weary with what you use. Haha yeah the racoon look not a good look lol x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by, I think I've seen the need to use one I mean I look at people like my mum who's never used an eye cream or anti ageing products and she looks so well I guess that's what makes me hesitant. I've heard great thing's about the Balance Me one though the wonder eye I think it's called??? And the Liz Earle one looks really good too I love everything else by Liz earle so who knows ;) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I guess your right I just haven't found one I enjoy using just yet. I have a couple on the list to try but most just feel really greasy. I do agree with concealer sitting a little nicer, and I do think the hydration side of thing's is important I just need to find one that works that doesn't cost me an arm and leg haha :) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thank you for the comment, so hard to find one that works! Ooh yano I did ponder over this one when they had the recent 3 for 2 on I should have picked up a tub at least it's affordable too :D x

April Ronnecke said...

I haven't found not one eye cream that hydrates like it says it does. I think I'm just going to go ahead and make my own.

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, what a brilliant idea! I guess they always say want a job doing do it yourself haha, I'm always left underwhelmed I'd love to know how your homemade one goes ;) x

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