Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

This cleansing balm from Clinique was raved about in the blogosphere towards the end of last year. Never being the sort of person who promotes waste I waited until my current make up remover of choice (Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean) came to an end, before making a purchase. 

I usually favour cleansing balms/oils to remove my make up as most micellar waters I've tried have a tendency to strip my sensitive skin, I also find they're less of a faff to use (5 soaked cotton pads, and a face still full of make up just ain't my style!) Cleansing balms/oils add a little bit of added nourishment  to my skin, and I've found that they also help to regulate sebum- my face is a lot less oily. Granted it can feel odd massaging your make up covered face in a greasy oil or balm but I find this method truly removes all make up. I think the price point is pretty spot on here, £21 for a rather large tub, as only a small amount is needed per cleanse I can see this lasting a long time. 

Similarly to most of the cleansing balms on the market this has a solid texture, but instantly melts when it comes in to contact with heat. There’s no fragrance which I personally prefer as I find the balms that are packed with essential oils/fragrance cause my skin to freak out. 

On application this does feel oily (as you would expect from a balm/oil cleanser) never fear though as no tacky residue is left behind. I really enjoy using this, massaged into my face this feels super soothing (you can also use around your eye area) remove with a flannel and my skin is left smooth, plump and squeaky clean. 

In all honesty this balm isn’t spectacular it won't change the appearance, look or feel of the skin however if you're after a product that will remove a make up (without stripping or irritating) and super heavy eye make up then this balm may be worth a try. 

What are your favourite make up removers? Do you favour cleansing oils/balms or are you Bioderma all the way?


AlittlebitofJen said...

I've always been interested in this cleanser but the price tag puts me off - great review!


Taslima Rahman said...

I've wanted to try this for a while now but think I might put it off and save up for the emma hardie one!

Taslima | The little things in life

Fjóla B said...

I've been looking for this baby for so long, I can't find it where I live! I've recently started using coconut oil to remove my makeup, it works wonders!


Chantalle said...

I've also been meaning to try this balm for a while but I've been a bit hesitant due to my oily skin. Good to hear it regulates sebum though, great review!

Chantalle x

Anonymous said...

i love my Clinique wash away cleansing gel :) love Clinique !! xx

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Jen, thanks for comment, it did with me intially but when I saw who big the tub is and how much product you get in comparison to other cleansing balms (125ml) I was pretty much swayed- a tiny bit goes a long way :) x

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Tasmin thanks for stopping by :) , I was impressed with this balm but if your wanting more of a cleanser/balm hybrid with skincare benefits (rather than just something that removes make up) the EH one may be worth a try :) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, aww no that's rubbish it took me ages to get my hands on it as it was constantly sold out! I love coconut oil- it's such a multi tasker hair skin nails cooking! It works for everything x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, yes! I can't recommend enough since I switched to cream cleansers in the morning, balms in the evening my skins defo less oily (I've noticed the biggest difference!) There seems to be lots of comments on the web from combo/oily skin about how oily/balm cleansers have helped :) X

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, ooh I have tried that one I don't think -perhaps one to add to my wishlist ;) x

Laura Chapman said...

I too love this cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling amazing, but with no horrible residue afterwards - just clean and soft. I used Lush's Ultrabland before this, but couldn't get my head around the greasy residue it left on my skin. I have a couple of these in my backup in case I run out haha!

Laura x | Life and Lipstick

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Laura, thanks for comment it's so nice isn't it? I love that it's just simple it doesn't make any crazy claims it just does a great job of removing make up. Oh no! Glad you mentioned this as it was one I wanted to try x

Chereen said...

I'm itching to try this balm… I've used The Body Shop, Elemis & Balm Balm options, so this one is next on my list. I'm definitely a balm convert - miceller waters don't really do it for me either (and for the same reason as you - I keep running out of cotton pads!)


Rinica Warner said...

Ooh I wonder if that was the Body Shop chamomile cleansing balm (I recently bought the oil to try!) So glad someone agree's I was starting to think maybe I just had a big face (Hence lots of cotton pads haha!) I can't recommend this one enough though it's simple and effective :D x

Amy Keeling said...

This sounds just like a really nice simple cleanser for those who maybe have sensitive skin. It sure is one I'm thinking of buying for the coming winter.
Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, it really is just lovely I wouldn't recommend replacing your usually cleanser for this balm as it's just designed to remove make up and that's it, it's pretty lovely though :) x

Cluttered Closet said...

I've found that this no nonsense balm has really helped my skin look better. For me it leaves no residue and does such a brilliant job to get rid of makeup! Love it. Holy Grail!

Kal x
Cluttered Closet

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment/stopping by :D. I agree it's just such a simple no frills products it makes no crazy claims it just removes make up really well glad you like it too :D x

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