#BloggersDoItBetter- Spring Skincare

Spring is here (she says looking out at the dreary rain.) Topic 1 of the #BloggersDoItBetter (click link for more information on the challenge) has us talking about all thing's spring, as I enjoy skincare I decided to take the skincare route. Sadly I am one of those people who has to swap up my skincare routine dependant on the season, through winter my skin gets extremely dehydrated I get dry patches and thing's get a little lack lustre. When summer approaches my skin turns into a grease ball. Keeping things shine free and fresh becomes my ultimate goal, I also find I'm more prone to break outs through summer (not what you want through summer) my skincare needs a revamp through spring/summer here's how things shape up- 

Oily/Balm Cleansers - Cream/foaming cleansers 

Straight away oily balm cleansers are stashed away until winter, cream cleansers and foaming cleaners are promoted from the bench. For summer without doubt I need cleansers that are going to lift excess oil, remove all traces of make up and leave my skin with that fresh squeaky clean feeling. I find cream cleansers do a brilliant job of removing dirt/excess oil without stripping my face. I like to use a cream cleanser in the evenings and something that foams in the morning. Something aimed at blemish prone skin does the trick for me, although these can be a little stripping and through the winter they cause my skin to panic though summer (as things are more greasy) I find they work well with my skin type. 

Add a toner 

Meh toners, there neither here nor there. Some work, the majority don't. I still love my Kiehl's one and I truly notice a difference when I'm using it. Through the summer though I like to alternate by introducing a tea tree toner (I love the LUSH one) tea tree has antibacterial properties this really helps calm down my oily and spotty skin. I also enjoy using the Liz Earle skin tonic (full review coming soon) it contains cucumber and aloe extract I find it to be so cooling on my skin and although it's novelty I do find this my perfect skincare companion through summer. 

Thick creamy moisturisers- Lighter gel moisturisers

It's a no brainer with oily skin I need to switch to a lighter moisturiser through summer time. Last year it came in the form of something zesty an old blogger favourite…Origins Ginzing. However so far this spring I've returned to a sample of the Elemental Herbology Moisture milk something I had previously abandoned. I originally didn't like this but for some reason it now works with my skin, be warned it does smell a little funky. However this balances my oily skin, provides enough hydration, gives me a matte finish and also prevents breakouts. This also makes a lovely base for SPF as well as working really well mixed with oils/serums for a night time treatment 


Yes dears you're going to hear it on every blog over the next few months so I shall save you the lecture. However Spring is the time to crack out those SPF creams. I really like the Clinique sheer city block as it has a sheer tint of colour to it, it doesn't block my pores, my skin never feels tacky or sticky in the slightest 

So that's all folks the skincare swaps I'll be making through out spring/summer don't forget to keep your eyes out on my blog as I'll be putting together a spring/summer skincare wish list as there's lots I've got my eyes. Do you change up your skincare routine throughout Spring/summer?  


touch of belle said...

great post lovely :) I always use spf in the spring and summer!

Gemma xxx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, me too feel like it's a must still yet to find one I truly love though :) x although the city block comes pretty close

beautylovesbooks said...

I wanted to try Clinique city block last summer. Thanks for reminding me!

Rinica Warner said...

No worries, I really like it the sheer one especially it's none greasy and doesn't look ashy on my skin :) x

Chereen said...

Loved this post! I hardly ever use a toner, but am thinking about snapping up LUSH's Tea Tree Water… have heard so many rave reviews!

Rinica Warner said...

I don't know with toners sometimes they seem like an unnecessary step however I do think short term of the Lush tea tee one when my skins spotty really helps :) x

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