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Finding sportswear that performs well, looks stylish and doesn't cost a small fortune can often be a challenge. At the risk of sounding snobby I've never had much luck with non branded sportswear, the majority don't fit well, they absorb sweat leaving awful patches (TMI) and don't even get me started on see through bottoms (what's that all about!?) When I saw that H&M had started selling sportswear at affordable prices I decided to take the plunge and purchase a few items, and I'm so happy I did as they have surpassed my expectation and perform just as well (if not better) than some of the more pricier sportswear I own.

Um so it has to be mentioned but can we excuse the awkward pose, squinty face, messy hair and makeup less face, now that's excused onto the top I just love it. The colour and print are really different then anything else I own, the top does a great job of adding a little colour into my predominantly black sportswear collection, having tops such as this one spruce up what would otherwise be a dull outfit. Print and style aside the top is dry fit and breathable things stay cool during workouts which is always a bonus. The fit is also really good, I often find with tops like this I have an awkward under arm gap but this top literally fits like a glove it's perfect. Certainly not one for the faint hearted, but I find the bottoms suck everything in covering any lumps/bumps in the process, making it a lot more wearable.

The two bottoms I purchased also work really well for me, I just love the print, colour, style and fit. From the front the first pair look like any other black bottoms I own but the green metallic panel down the side makes them look super stylish and also slimming. The material is super stretchy, breathable and I find I have flexibility in them, I feel comfortable when running. Unlike other lycra bottoms I've tried the waistline isn't too tight or restrictive making these bottoms all that more appealing. I would however recommend sizing up in the bottoms as the sizes do run a tad bit small. I love the pattern on this grey pair, they actually look identical to a Nike pair I was eyeing up but for less then half the price they're an absolute steal.

The great thing about H&M is the wide variety of clothing that's available, if lycra isn't your thing there's plenty of different styles available for all different exercise, there's even yoga clothing too so if you're after something a little more loose fitting I'd still recommend checking out the range.  It sounds shallow but for me I feel so much more confident when I feel good in the clothing I wear, having sportswear you can rely on and feel comfortable in makes you confident and for me it makes me that little bit more motivated to workout. So if you're feeling a bit meh about exercise why not try updating your sportswear wardrobe, for affordable yet stylish sports wear H&M is certainly worth a visit.

What are your favourite sportswear shops?

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