Lovely Cosmetics Intensive Body Butter & Chocolate Face Mask

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to attend an event with Lovely Cosmetics, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about this local brand and the products they have on offer. On the day of the event we got to talk to Caz (one of the beauties behind the brand) who was super welcoming and enthusiastic. It's clear to see how passionate Caz is about Lovely Cosmetics she puts a lot of work into researching ingredients for products and sourcing unique packaging. I personally think it's great when a brand owner is as passionate about the brand/products as its customers, it makes you want to support the brand. From speaking to Caz it sounds like there are a lot of exciting thing's to come for Lovely Cosmetics, certainly a brand to keep on your radar. 

If you haven't heard of Lovely Cosmetics before they're a 100% natural cosmetics line, all the products are hand made in Sheffield. One of the brands sayings is 'why should natural be boring' and I have to say the products are certainly anything but that! The stand out for me has to be packaging, distinguishably different from other natural brands on the market who tend to opt for greens/browns Lovely Cosmetics have added something a bit different to the mix with pink...pink everything which I personally love. All the products are housed in glass jars and there's just something really homely/comforting about the brand, they're products that will instantly add a touch of character to your bathroom cabinet.  

On the day of the event we were offered a generous 25% discount, so I used this as an opportunity to try two products from the brand here are my thoughts- 

Lovely Cosmetics Intensive Body Butter 

Something that often puts me off natural products is shelf life but after speaking to Caz and discovering most Lovely Cosmetics products last between 6-9 months (in a cool place) I left reassured. In all honesty I've never tried anything quite like this body butter the texture feels super whipped, almost mousse like (light and airy) but, when applied to the body this melts into the skin it feels like a dry body oil. I absolutely love this, for those who want the benefits of a body oil but without the grease this is a perfect alternative. This hydrates my skin, leaves a lovely sheen and my skin just feels incredibly soft after using this (a real treat for the body.) This will be perfect through the cooler months when my skins super dry.

Lovely Cosmetics Chocolate Face Mask 

Perhaps the product I was most intrigued by. The Lovely Cosmetics powder face mask is a completely new concept to me and something I was actually pretty excited to try. After posting a picture over on Instagram Rachel (from AllNaturalAspirations) mentioned how powder masks actually use less preservatives and more active ingredients which is great to know as it sounds like your skin will get a lot more benefits with powder masks. Now, this smells incredible I felt like I'd got my chocolate fix without any added calories which is always a bonus. Application was a little trial and error, admittedly I did end up wasting a lot of powder when I first used this. I found the best way to apply this is to take a teaspoon and a half of powder place in a bowl, mix with a little water then apply. This way you can really control the consistency and every thing's a lot less messy! After 10 minutes or so when the clay had set I was surprised at how easy this removed, I'm so used to scrubbing when it comes to removing clay masks so I was pleasantly surprised when the product was fully removed with a few swipes- great for someone like me with sensitive skin. This mask seemed to soak up excess oil  but didn't leave my skin feeling dry/tight or uncomfortable which is important for me as I don't enjoy masks that strip the skin. My skin felt mega soft and also a lot brighter after using this…if you haven't guessed already I'm impressed. 

What are your favourite natural brands? Have you tried powder masks? Have you tried any Lovely Cosmetics products?

P.S You can purchase Lovely Cosmetics products on their website here, or if you are local to Yorkshire -Wickwire (Nether Edge) , Birds Yard (Chapel Walk) , MoonKo (Division Street) , All Good Stuff (Butcher Works) or Makers Emporium (Rotherham)

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