Gone Fishing

Today's post will serve as a little update for anyone who notices my lack of posts over the next few weeks. Over recent months I seem to have lost my passion for all things blog related. The blogging community is such a wonderful thing to be part of but over the past few weeks I've wondered if there really is room in this already over saturated market for me. I've begun to question whether I actually offer anything different here on 'Rinica Writes' and my conclusion is no, not really. For the past year I've stuck to my three week posting schedule and I've truly enjoyed trying new products, creating content and improving my photography, but as time becomes more restricted I'm finding myself a little less motivated. I've struggled to come up with new ideas, and I've found that I'm not as passionate about my blog topic as I once was.

I recently started working full time (I was previously part time) and I'm also studying full time for my degree. I'm finding juggling work, study and maintaining some kind of social life pretty difficult at the moment and sadly my blog has just become a little bit of a burden. I've decided to take some time away from blogging (I'll still be posting on Instagram) after this time I may sit down and rethink my blog topic (as I'm just totally not feeling makeup or anything beauty related at the moment!) 

I feel really disconnected from my blog, it's hard explaining my thought process but I just don't feel as though beauty products/makeup are important to me. I spend a lot of money unnecessarily on products that leave me underwhelmed I certainly feel like I've become more frivolous with my money since starting my blog over a year ago. 

Anyways I'm rambling I want to say thanks to anyone who's supported my little blog over the past year.

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