5 Random Thoughts - My Blog Break

Howdy internet world, long time no see. If you read my 'Gone Fishing' post you'll have noticed I was feeling a little meh about my blog. Having time away has given me lots of time to think, mainly about the direction of my blog, what blogging means to me and in all honesty I've really missed posting content. Blogging can be an extremely opinionated place to be at times, I feel like everyone has a different opinion on what a blog 'should' be but it's important to remember that your blog is yours, and do with it what you may. With that in mind I've decided to stop doing the following -

1. Stop obsessing over my follower count
Embarrassingly before my 'blog break' I was becoming a tad obsessed with checking my follower count on all forms of social media. It does sometimes feel like blogging has become all about numbers and despite promising myself I wouldn't become 'that' person I did feel disheartened when my page views and follower count began to drop. However over my break I've learnt that it really is just a number, I'd always pick the one loyal follower who reads my blog over 900 who only followed in the hope of a follow back.

2. Blogging is a hobby
A recent twitter chat which saw fellow bloggers outlining their 'blog strategy' left me feeling slightly confused about my blog. With so many bloggers now referring to their blogs as a 'brand' I felt like I was little behind with the times. However my break has given me a chance to evaluate and blogging truly is and always will be just a hobby for me. It's not something I'd like to turn into a career. Of course I will have my own personal goals and certain aspects I'd like to grow or improve on, but having a 'strategy' and/or marketing plan just isn't for me, nor should I feel bad about this after all blogging as a career isn't for everyone.

3. Stop comparing
Everyone is a little guilty of this one, not just in blogging but in all aspects of my life I constantly compare. By constantly comparing sometimes you lose your way a little and forget to enjoy things along the way.

4. Ditch the schedule
For a year I stuck with a three week posting schedule, even during times where I truly didn't feel like posting I continued to post and in return everything seemed a little forced, which isn't what I want for my blog at all. Having a strict schedule almost made blogging feel like a chore, now don't get me wrong I know scheduling works well for a lot of bloggers but it just wasn't for me I'd much prefer to post here and there when I genuinely feel I have something to share rather than churning out content. (The lovely Stephanie Eva inspired me after leaving a lovely comment on my 'Gone Fishing' post it really got me thinking and was the main reason behind ditching my schedule.)

5. Don't feel guilty
If there ever is a time I genuinely don't feel like posting, or I'm slightly snowed under with work I need to lose the guilt.

In all honesty a combination of the above as well as the pressures of full time work and study were the main reasons I began to lose my passion for blogging. However I feel refocused, and with my hours reduced and everything settling down I feel ready to return to my corner of the web.

Do you think it's healthy to have a break away from blogging every once in awhile?

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