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If you're a blog reader or general passer by it's pretty hard to resist the Christmas hype surrounding Lush stores nationwide. In all honesty I absolutely love Lush during the festive season, some of their limited edition bath products are my faves. Today though I come at you with something a little different, a product that seems to have blurred into the background as bath bombs take over. As I've mentioned before on my blog Lush skincare seems to get overlooked, which is a shame really as they have some great products (especially for sensitive skin types) so today I thought I'd share my thoughts on the festive cleanser that's currently gracing stores, Buche de Noël.

Okay so perhaps the most un photogenic product I have ever photographed but stay with me folks. If you read this post 'Lush Skincare Project' you'll know that I'm not entirely new to Lush skincare. I have tried a range of Lush skincare products, but I was never particularly blown away by their cleansers, mostly due to the texture. The majority of Lush cleansers are displayed in what can only be described as dough, they cut a piece of said dough and place in a tub. You break off a small amount of dough (haha dough) add water mix in your hand and apply to your face, this creates a milky texture but leaves skin feeling clean, hydrated and never stripped. The break off and add water approach isn't the most convenient of textures and I do find them very messy but that still hasn't affected my growing love for Buche de Noël.

Buche de Noël is both a face and body cleanser (although I generally stick to face) that smells like Christmas in a tub. The cleanser contains festive ingredients, satsumas, cranberries and a drop of brandy, it also contains ground almonds which gently buff away dead skin cells promoting radiance. I generally stay away from ground anything in cleansers but I've found this one incredibly gentle on my skin. Although I currently use this as a once/twice a week exfoliater I would feel confident using this daily on my skin, as once you add water the texture softens and this doesn't feel harsh on the skin. My skin looks radiant, soft and smooth after using this. Unlike other exfoliaters that I generally find spread spots I haven't had this problem with Buche de Noël, which I guess makes sense as this doesn't feel super abrasive on the skin. Since using this cleanser I've also noticed that my skin is more hydrated, I suffer with dry patches on my forehead and cheeks at this time of year but so far this hasn't been a problem, everything is soft and smooth, makeup applies better after I use this too.

I don't retract my original statement about the Lush cleansers being incredibly messy as I do still find clumps of cranberry around my sink (yak) nor has this changed my mind about them being a faff to use as far as cleansers go this one does require a little more effort. I do find though that the longer you use them the better you get at the whole process, as I'm finding this a little less messy now I've gotten used to the texture.

Not the prettiest of product, but I have found this to be incredibly effective on my skin over the past few weeks, at the risk of sounding big headed my skin has looked incredibly healthy a lately. I'm falling back in love with manual exfoliaters (perhaps a round up most of gentle exfoliates for the skin?) However I have had several comments on on how bright/clear my skin looks, it feels incredibly smooth and I do feel like this has played a huge part in improving my skin over the past four weeks.

Side Note: Lush does offer a sample service on all products and I highly recommend this for any skincare product. I can imaging a lot of people buy their cleansers and don't get on with the texture, as they do take some getting used to when you're used to more conventional cleansers.

Have you tried any Lush skincare products? Are you a fan of Buche de Noël?

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