The Repurchase List #1

As beauty bloggers we are always striving for perfection in our beauty products, which can often mean a steady flow of new products appearing on our blogs. I wouldn't say I have a ridiculous amount of products as I've been very good at curbing the 'I'll buy it for the blog' excuse, however with new products constantly cropping up on the radar it can be quite easy to forget the golden oldies, and lets face it they are often the best! The real test for any beauty blogger is 'would you repurchase?' So I thought I'd incorporate a new series on the blog (put my money where my mouth is) to show you the products I repurchase. Hopefully this series will be a round up of products I simply can't be without, or are totally worth the hype.

The NARS Creamy Concealer received so much love from the beauty community, I was a little late discovering the product towards the beginning of this year (as I usually wait a little before purchasing hyped products as you'll see here.) This concealer was definitely one of my greatest discoveries of 2014 *spoiler alert 2014 favourites post* purely for its versatility. Under the eyes this applies matte, but still manages to feel incredibly hydrating. This brightens dark circles, doesn't crease, look flaky or obvious on the skin and for me it's incredibly long wearing. As well as the more conventional use for concealer I use this on scarring, dark marks and spots, it never causes congestion like other concealers I have tried, it provides a skin like finish and again never looks obvious on the skin. When I apply this to my face I get the 'your skin looks amazing' rather than the 'your foundation looks amazing' on me this is virtually undetectable. Unlike other concealers this doesn't oxidise throughout the day, it doesn't look orange the shade 'caramel' surprisingly matches my skin tone perfectly.

The creamy concealer is easy to apply and requires minimal blending, this never looks streaky I find my Real Techniques Contour brush does a fantastic job where application is concerned. Throughout the year I haven't found anything that works as good at this at concealing scarring but still looking incredibly natural on the skin, for me this concealer is an all round winner and I can't see me NOT repurchasing this any time soon. I did leave a gap when I ran out of this, in this gap I did discover a concealer I liked almost equally but unfortunately it didn't cover scarring or spots in quite the same way that the NARS one does.

The only annoying thing with this is the packaging (as with all concealers) the tube makes it pretty much impossible to reach any last dribs and drabs of product. I've tried ear buds, I've tried everything trust me (I was desperate haha!) It's annoying to see so much product being thrown away but what can you do!

What are your favourite concealers? What are your most repurchased products?

P.S I'll be taking part in the 'Bigblogmasproject2014' it commences tomorrow! The project involves posting every day throughout December (scary) you can read more about the project here. I'm excited to be taking part and hoping that you enjoy my posts throughout the project.

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