Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Two consecutive Lush posts… you can certainly tell it's Christmas time although in saying that I'm incredibly proud of myself as I managed to resist glitter galore, melted snowmen and even a bear. That's right I entered Lush and bought two items one of which I reviewed over here, if that's not self control I don't know what is!

Anyway, today I thought I'd share a review on the mystery bath bomb that is Lord of Misrule. Why the mystery you ask? Well, this bath bomb appears to no longer be available on the Lush UK website, out of the two Lush stores in my local city it's only available at one. I'm unsure if this is a limited edition bath bomb, part of the Christmas collection or permanent line, so there's the mystery.

Cons, this does turn your water bright blood red (which scarily made me feel like I was in an episode of Dexter!) Lets face it no one wants to soak in water that's red…or yellow for that matter (take note Lush.) However blood bath aside I really enjoyed this bath bomb. The scent was almost herbal/spicy which is a nice change to the sweet smells I tend to opt for. The scent makes this bath bomb feel incredibly warming, my muscles felt relaxed and this really helped me feel a little happier when I had my annual cold. I love using spicier scents during winter.

For something a little bit different from Lush I'd recommend this bath bomb, if you are a fan of spicier warmer scents, or are suffering from sore achy muscles this bath bomb will do the world of good. Weirdly my skin felt incredibly soft after a long soak, an effect I usually only have from Lush Butterball.

Have you tried Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb? What are your favourite Christmas bath bombs?

*Update this was apparently limited edition for Halloween, which is rather confusing as it looks like Christmas tree!*


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