Topic 2: Skincare Saviours

Today folks I have topic two of #2014Bloggerchallenge. Looking through the 'Subject Beauty' archives there's been quite a few posts on skincare (I love skincare), once I find a product I truly love such as this Kiehl's cleanser, I tend to stick with it for a few months, which for the purposes of the blog could possibly get repetitive and boring so today I thought I would focus on some products that haven't been talked about too much… 

When winter rolls around, I (unfortunately) have to switch up my whole skincare routine. This may seem a tad extreme and not the most cost effective approach but my skin changes drastically through the winter months. The long summer months see the Rinica Vs Oil challenge, seriously guys it ain't pretty, anything that mattifys or reduces oil in slightest is dragged out an applied liberally to my skin. In contrast to this winter sees the return of croc skin. So the products I use in summer and winter truly differ.

So onto the products that have helped to keep my skin clear, hydrated and croc free…

Antipodes Nourishing Night Cream

I've raved about this far to much. But if you suffer from dry skin and your skin's sensitive this night cream from Antipodes has you covered. This smells divine, is super rich in texture yet still manages too never clog pores. This really helped  too ease up my dry patches and didn't break me out either, like some richer creams do. I really can't recommend this cream enough.

Origins Modern Friction

Now, I know this type of product may be a little old school in the beauty world, as liquid exfoliants such as Pixi Glow, or Clarins offering seems to have taken over the joint. But dare I admit it, dare I say it...I still really enjoy using a manual scrub ever so often. The scrubby beads really help to exfoliate dead skin cells away. I've found incorporating this one into my winter routine has really helped shed that dry skin (yuk) and this just leaves my skin so soft, brighter and works beautifully before the Origins Drink up mask. I know there's a lot of talk about these types of scrubs causing breakouts, bacteria spreading, but I find concentrated use in small areas, nose, forehead chin hasn't caused any breakouts or spot spreading

Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask

How do I know when I really love a mask? When I use the last splodge and have to run out and repurchase asap. This recently happened with my manuka mask. This stuff is just great for dry, dehydrated skin. Used once a week, I have found this really improves my skin texture. I just always look so radiant, and my skin feels so nourished and soft after using this. Perfect to keep your skin looking soft, and hydrated through the winter months

Origins Charcoal Mask

Now in summer this is just a gem, but I also find myself reaching for this through the winter months. Like my hair, I sometimes feel like my skin gets product build up lots of serums, moisturisers, cleansers just leave your skin feeling like it needs a real clean. This charcoal mask from Origins leaves my skin feeling so fresh and perfect, it's great for getting all of the gunk out of your skin, it's by far one of the best clay masks I have used -it's my second bottle of the stuff.

LUSH Grease Lightening

Besides loving the name, I've really enjoyed using this spot treatment lately. Now in total honesty I haven't used a spot treatment in 6 years, around age 13 I went through my spotty phase and got caught up in trying just about any spot treatment on the market, sadly these all dried out my spots and the skin around them so badly, and to this day I still think this was the cause of my pigmentation. Usually spot creams dry the spot, and leave a brown mark. But this one by LUSH I find to actually be pretty gentle on the skin. I don't find this to do much for getting rid of spots, but this manages to tame redness around the spot really well. I applied this recently to a rather angry looking spot and when I woke up the next morning my spot was still there but the redness around it had disappeared.

So there we have it guys, the products that are keeping my skin hydrated, clear and spot free this winter what are your favourite winter tips or tricks for keeping your skin healthy through the cooler months? 

P.S To see the body products I'm loving through winter see here



Natalie Y said...

Great products! Manuka Honey is incredibly good for the skin and yummy too haha. Ahh I really want to try out Grease Lightening, it sounds amazing.
I've posted my skincare routine up yesterday if you'd like to check it out :)
Yours Truly, NY

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, just about to check out your post now :). I love Manuka Honey, and it is pretty yummy too haha. It's much better then I expected for removing redness thanks for stopping by :D x

Beauty Street Style said...

Hey brilliant blog post! I also love the Lush Grease Lightning Spot treatment as I think it improves the appearance of the spot however it takes a couple of days for the spot to disappear! I would love to try out the Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask, is it available from high street stores? xx


Rinica Warner said...

Hey there, thanks for comment and thank you I'm exactly the same I don't think it does much for removing the spot but this defo helped with redness in sayin that I think the majority take some time to work :D..I love the Manuka honey mask so much, I know it's available to buy from Feel Unique, and whole food stores I'm sure I once saw Antipodes products in Health food stores too there a lovely brand :) xx

StargazyEyes said...

Lovely skincare picks! Although I'm not such a huge fan of Origins these days I completely adore what I have from Antipodes so far. I'll definitely be buying much more from their range :)

Sharon x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment :D, I know this mask is defo a hit and miss some people hate it some love it, so glad you like Antipodes though there stuff is lovely I quite like the brand too no nasty ingredients the kiwi seed oil eye cream and vanilla day cream are on my wishlist ;) x

Amy Keeling said...

The Manuka Honey Mask has been on my list forever and ever it feels. I hope to buy that this year, it's a toss between this and the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask.
Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

Rinica Warner said...

Hey Amy thanks for checking out my blog! I love yours :D. The Aesop Parsley seed mask is definitely next on my wish list, I think that ones more clay base whereas the Manuka one acts as antiseptic too there's room for two in your life haha ;) I'm such an enabler x

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