2013 My Top Picks

I've seen quite a few of these posts in the blogosphere over the past few weeks, hopefully one more won't hurt. There my favourite posts to read, I always end up with a wish list as long as my arm around this time of year. Not all of the products mentioned in my post were new releases in 2013, but they were new to me- here we go...

Kiehl's Cleanser  £15

Such an underrated cleanser as I never hear anyone talking about it. I won't go into too much detail as I have a full review over here. But this cleanser has gone from the under dog in my current skincare routine to full on holy grail status. My skin seems to love this, this works perfectly when my skin is oily, but also works on the drier skin I've been experienced, my skin really has cleared up since introducing this. I can see this being permanent fixture in my skincare line up through summer too. And the best bit…it's only £15!

Origins Drink Up Intensive mask £22

Was this released before 2013? If so where have I been, I'll always own one of these babies in my stash. This hydrates my dehydrated skin like no other, skin looks radiant plump and dry patches are gone-oh and it smells good enough to eat too.

Bourjois Lip crayons £7.99

*Bold statement alert* My favourite chubby lip crayon of 2013. We saw so many chubby stick releases throughout last year, none impressed me quite like Bourjois. These really moisturise/hydrate the lips, super pigmented and so long wearing a true winner in my eyes.

YSL Youth Liberator  £34 (£28.90 in the Feel Unique sale)

This was the easiest decision of the bunch, when asked my favourite foundation of 2013 nothing comes close to the liberator (my touch éclat foundation is currently gathering dust) since purchasing this foundation I've literally used nothing else. The finish this gives is addictive. This manages to give high coverage yet still maintain that natural finish, skin never looks cakey. Radiant, healthy flawless skin in a bottle. Whenever I have an event or my skins looking a little rubbish I reach for this foundation and my skin just looks amazing.

NUDE Pro Genius Oil  £58

My favourite facial oil for 2013 has to be this gem by NUDE. On the pricer side but I know when this sample runs out I won't hesitate to purchase. If you suffer with oily, or congested skin I really recommend this oil. When my skin is generally unhappy a twice weekly dose of this and skin is left feeling hydrated (never greasy) radiant, and clear. Used twice a week I have also found this to work wonders on new scars/pigmentation

YSL Touch Eclat Highlight Pen  £25

I've tried countless dupes for this, a few months ago I decided enough was enough, I purchased the original. This is hyped up for a reason, there are so many products in the blogosphere that receive a lot of hype but when tried I'm left disappointed. This product is NOT one of them. When skin looks dull, this brightens up like no other, I can't even fully describe this but skin just appears brighter and healthier. I use this under eyes for a I've had 12 hours sleep look, and also as a highlight along my cheekbones, brow bone, and cupids bow. Since purchasing this I've persuaded so many people into buying and not one has been disappointed. This really is a wonder product that will always have HG status in my make up collection.

What are your 2013 beauty favourites, I'd love to know (lets make my wish list grow some more!)


Elena said...

Pro Genius! I've been waiting to try this for a while..I've heard too much about it to not try it but it's so expensive good lord lol.
YSL Youth doesn't offer any color for my skintone -_- they only offer one color that's like a tad bit lighter than me (NC47 and i'm an NC50) -_____- !

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I love it! My samples lasted ages, but my skin before and after using it its made such a huge difference I think I'll cry when I have to purchase the full size...although after your review the Ole Hendrickson is next on my list, it's cheaper (even shipped to UK!) The shade range is crap!!!! I hope they release more they should have a similar shade range to touché éclat I think there's 26 in that one....:) xx

abigail falconer said...

I just can't decide which origins face mask to purchase, I've seen a lot on origins lately and haven't bought any of their products before but I think it's going to be either the one you've mentioned or the one which includes charcoal too :)

I've nominated you for the sunshine award too, here http://notjustacurl.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/the-sunshine-award.html

Rinica Warner said...

Thank you for the comment, and thank you so much for the award!!! I've not had a sunshine nomination before looking forward to writing the post. I own the charcoal one too…I love that too it's perfect for when I've overindulged and my skin looks a little crap, my advise would be to buy the charcoal one and ask for a cheeky sample of this one (loads of people love the charcoal some breakout with the overnight from what I've read) xx

beautylovesbooks said...

The YSL pen is a favourite of mine too. It is a must have. I have to try YSL Youth Liberator foundation, it sounds good!

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I need that face mask in my life, seriously - everyone loves it!!! :)


Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I love it! I can honestly d I omt think the dupes come quite close to the original so glad I bought it. I love youth liberator too it's one of my favourite foundations do impressed by it xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I know! It's so good though it just makes my skin look brighter....I also really recommend the a origins charcoal mask too that's brilliant too :D xx

Amy Liddell said...

I want that YSL pen so bad it sounds amazing! Fab post


Rumela said...

Wow all the products seems to be worth trying. Thanks for sharing.

Natalie Morgan said...

I keep stopping myself buying the YSL Youth Liberator foundation, really want to buy the Origins mask too.

I have my 2013 top picks over on my blog too!

nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

Rinica Warner said...

Aww thanks for comment Amy, it's seriously so good I get so many compliments when I have this on about great my skin looks, and some times I've literally just but this highlighter on! It's so good so glad I finally bought it I dithered for ages xx

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Rumela, thank you for stopping by and comment :D. It was hard to condense it down but I've loved all of these products so much throughout the year :D xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I absolutely love it! So glad they had my shade too as its more limited compared to Touché éclat, it just makes my skin look amazing I get so many compliment, and the Origins is an all time fave ....ooh how exciting ill go and check out your post now :D xx

Brigid Lynch said...

I adore real techniques brushes!

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment! I love them too :D I wish they sold the bruffing brush separate :(. I recently bought the travel essentials kit and the multi task brush is just as a-mazing xx

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