The Zara Bag.

Let's talk bags, everyone raves about Zara bags and I've never really 'got it' I owned the Zara Office city bag and I didn't like it *dodges punches from office city bag owners* I felt like I was carrying a suitcase everywhere I went! It's huge, don't get me wrong I pretty much filled it (with all that bag junk us girls seem to carry everywhere!) but it was heavy and a chore to carry around. Anyway enough hate onto my new purchase...

I recently bought the ' City bag with pocket' after seeing it on this post (If you haven't checked out the blog 'What Olivia did' go there now lovely photography and great posts!)

I must say the quality of Zara bags is pretty much spot on there well made and look a lot more expensive then they are. This bag is much more suited to me I love the detailing and colour contrast. The bag is structured, well made,and I seem to receive lots of compliments whenever I use it. This bag is almost like a mini Office city bag but with a bit more interest and a lot less weight! 

At £22.99 it's nowhere near cheap (or maybe I'm just a cheapskate) but for the quality I didn't feel to robbed parting with my cash.

Do you like Zara? There AW collection is now available is there anything your lusting after?

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