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A few months ago on my monthly trip for everyday essentials I somehow found myself sat in a seat having make up plastered on my face how does this always seem to happen to me!

 I like browsing various make up counters, swatching, dithering but all at my own pace but in my lifetime I have had so many bad experiences with make up counters, from pushy sales assistant to terrible shade matching it's a huge bug bearer of mine-but that’s a whole different story!

Anyway, I somehow managed to empty my purse on some Laura Mercier products through choice? I think not! Through a pushy sales assistant probably the case here are my thoughts and reviews below…

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free- On my ‘unexpected’ make over the makeup artist used the normal tinted moisturiser I was somehow persuaded into buying the oil free version as they didn’t have any stock left. I know lots of people seem to love this and part of me can see why dewy, lightweight nice amount of coverage. But for me this is just pretty much average.  I still find myself reaching for this on a daily basis but I think that’s purely through the guilt of the hefty price tag (not me actually wanting to use it.) If you already have great skin then this would probably work (even though if your skin is fab there’s really no need for foundation at all!) Despite this being 'oil free' if you have combination/oily skin this might not work particularly well 12 o’clock blot is definitely required with this. Pat on the back for Laura Mercier though as they cater for all skin tones, unlike other brands who seem to think a light/medium in tinted moisturiser is sufficient.

Foundation Primer, one word to sum this up is 'meh.' I've been using this for a few months now, and although the primer feels nice and light on the skin and isn't silcone based (no nasty smells here) the performance is still a bit 'meh.' This doesn't increase the staying power of my make up, make up doesn't seem to apply any better with this on. It's a basic no frills kind of primer. For the price I expected something a little more. I'm struggling to find anything positive here... *moving on swiftly* 

Translucent Setting Powder, this was definitely the stand out product here. Although there are no claims I find this powder none cakey it provides a sort of soft focus to the skin and controls oil very well! This is entirely translucent and does not make your skin appear ashy or grey. 

Do you like Laura Mercier? Has anyone tried the Silk creme foundation I think this might be one of my next purchases...


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