Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

Today I'm going to talk about my first delving into KIEHL'S skincare. I have heard rave reviews about  KIEHL'S products, but I've always been quite happy with my skincare line up. I recently decided to have a rejig and try some new skincare products, I turned to  KIEHL'S for some advice. 

*Firstly I have to say the  KIEHL'Sstand by far was one of the best for customer service (I can't say if its the same everywhere.) When I approached the stand the lady was with a customer she acknowledged me and asked me to take a seat where there was a KIEHL'S magazine and tons of tester products- there's nothing like awkwardly shuffling along a counter waiting so straight away  KIEHL'Swas in my good book! I was given some fantastic no nonsense advice the lady was professional, informative, honest and happily answered any questions I had regarding the products and my skin. We were nattering for around half an hour I was happy with the products she had selected, I was given a  KIEHL'S wash bag, and tons of free samples literally tubs of products sachets and a handful of Midnight recovery which may I add comes in the cutest bottle with a mini pippet. I rarely talk about service over on my blog but it was really necessary here as they were just fantastic.*

Onto the product itself-

This cleanser is so creamy, it rids my face of daily grime, oil and make up. This leaves my skin squeaky clean without feeling stripped or dry. Skin is left feeling hydrated, plump and radiant. This cleanser has no nasties as far as ingredients are concerned. This is also non scented so it doesn't irritate my skin whatsoever. This isn't overly foamy but has just the right amount of foam to really work into your skin, this is not a balm cleanser so can be easily washed of. As I do sometimes find balm cleansers to leave a residue on your skin. Since using this cleanser for the past two months the amount of breakouts I have had has significantly reduced I think this is purely down to the fact that this really does clean pores and doesn't leave any residue behind (you can't beat waking up and splashing your face with cold water, something I just can't get with a balm cleanser.)

Strange thing to talk about here but the pump bit of the squeezey bottle has a tiny hole, meaning you don't waste any product, you can squeeze out just the right amount. As sometimes with these sort of cleansers you can find yourself using way more then necessary.

Overall this is a great cleanser that I can see working on lots of different skin types, I can see this working all year round for my skin through summer and winter. My skin just seems to love anything by  KIEHL'S so I definitely think ill be sticking with this as it does everything I want and need from a cleanser.

Have you tried  KIEHL'S skincare? Any recommendations?


Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

I've only used Kiehl's creams and would love to try this - it sounds lovely! Kiehl's does wonderful straight forward fuss free skin care :o). Xx


Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment :D..Oh I've been loving my Kiehls cream at the moment too I've been using the Skin rescuer one. They sure do and everyone I use from them my skin seems to love! :D xx

Madeline Loves said...

I'd love to try some Kiehl's skin care. My crazy skin has a hard time with new products so it was good to read that it helped reduce breakouts before giving it a go. It's definitely on my wish list now. Great post!

Madeline xx


Rinica Warner said...

Hey chick, thanks for stopping by. I had no idea what to try and everything seemed to be irritating my skin, but this really helped calm it down I was worried about using a foam cleanser to but this is gentle on the skin :) x

P.s love your blog so far, followed on bloglovin can't wait for more posts :D

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