So week 8 my very last post for #BritishBloggerSelection, I would just like to take a moment to get all soppy and say how much I have enjoyed British blogger selection. It has enabled me to discover lots of new blogs that I otherwise wouldn't have discovered, I have enjoyed the themes and have managed to keep a beauty focus throughout to coincide with the theme of my blog. As one challenge ends another begins as I will be taking part in the #2014Bloggers challenge (more about that here.)

Anyway, probably the hardest topic for me as I can honestly say bargain queen I am not. It's probably once in a blue moon I manage to bag myself a bargain and that's with the help of a trusty voucher code, and a few promotion emails. The products I will talk about today aren't products that I would necessarily deem 'cheap'  but their products that aren't ridiculously expensive that truly give you your monies worth. 

Tresemm√© Paddle Brush £3.99

Hear me out here guys, I know what your thinking a brush…boring…next blog. But if your anything like me I actually find it difficult to find a quality brush, that's firm but not to harsh on my scalp/hair. Finding one that can detangle, be used on wet/dry hair and isn't super expensive is actually a harder task then one may think. Solution solved. This paddle brush works great on my thick long hair, it detangles hair like no other. This is a great size to chuck in an overnight bag, and also works great with a hair dryer (even though it's not designed to be used in this way!)

Dove Body Creams £2.66-£4.99

For every day use I need something non greasy, non heavy and affordable. Dove Body creams, are light smell delicious and give your skin a lovely glow. There non greasy, and super light in texture. 

Soap & Glory -Peaches and Clean  £8

Can we please just admire that I have owned this product since Christmas 2012. Being the loyal person that I am I have stuck with this all year, every evening for removing make up (yeah yeah they may have been the odd fling here and there) I love how this product manages to bring up every last scrap of make up, this is oily on the skin and transforms into a milky texture when water is applied. Nearly a year of generous using and I'm barely half way through! For cost per use, this is definitely a complete bargain of a product. 

Sally Hanson Cuticle Remover  £2.99

For some reason I always forget about Amazon when it comes to beauty, but I managed to bag this talked about cuticle remover for a bargain price of £2.99! So far, so good this tingles a little on application, nails are left healthy and cuticles look tidy. Essential product in my hand care routine for healthy cuticles 

Nail Art Tool pen

I purchased this tool pen from Avon for £1.99, I love how this comes with a little pouch too (I'm easily pleased) this works really well, and unlike other cheap nail tools I've tried nail polish does not build up on the tip (others look groggy very quickly!) 

Superfacialist-Una Brennan Mattifying moisturiser £12.99 (Boots reduce to £7.99 a lot) 

I've raved about this far to much now. But again another product I've owned since the beginning of the year, and there's still plenty of product left. This was a permanent fixture in my skin care line up throughout summer, keeping oiliness at bay this moisturiser leaves your skin looking shine free and fresh, a great drugstore moisturiser…just a shame about the smell. 

So there we have it my 'bargains' as I mentioned I'm hopeless when it comes to finding a bargain! I'm sadly one of those people who buys an item only for it to be reduced by 70% the day later-not much luck.

What are your beauty bargains, let me know in the comments below 


Josie said...

I so want to try the cuticle remover - I'll definitely have to check out Amazon! x


Elena said...

Sallly Hasen is amazing.
I love that.

E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

Brigid Lynch said...

That soap and glory showergel looks so nice!! Great post!

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment stopping by, I'm actually really impressed didnt expect it to be as good as it was it feels sort of tingly too which I love- feels like its working. Delivery was so quick with Amazon too :D xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by, it's great! It just makes my cuticles look neat and tidy wanting to try more from Sally Hanson now especially with her stuff been cheaper on Amazon x

Rinica Warner said...

Hey thanks for stopping by chick, it's part of there skincare line it removes make up so quickly still really gentle on the skin too I love S&G products! :D xx

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