#BritishBloggerselection Week 6: Haircare Heroes

Haircare is something I never really took much interest in until recently, I've been quite fortunate to have relatively manageable hair (to some extent the day to day frizz fight does continue) as a person who tries to keep heat used to a minimum my hair is rather healthy. A few years ago I did have a brief stink after some 'experiments' (haven't we all!) were my hair was left super dry and damaged but other then that overall I'm quite lucky in the haircare department. 

To aid me along the way and to maintain my hairs condition here are the products/brands I love- 

L'oreal are an affordable drugstore brand that have some fantastic ranges. I find L'oreal to be great across the board when it comes to haircare, from shampoos, conditioners, hair masks to oils, treatments, hairsprays L'oreal do haircare well. For reference I also have a super sensitive scalp and therefore have to be very careful with the products I use L'oreal never irritates or drys my scalp. The product shown here is there spray hair mask from the ever riche rang see full review here. I've being using this along with the shampoo and conditioner since August and I'm still only a quarter of the way through. I think the idea of a spray hair mask is ingenious, mess free and distributes the product throughout hair.

Aussie, are another great drugstore brand I love, I love there conditioners especially the miracle shine range. Products always seem to be super light in my hair and they smell real yum too. Shown here is the 'Take the heat' leave in cream, this is a lovely alternative for the product I talk about next. This is designed to be used in wet hair prior to blow drying, I prefer cream heat sprays for blow drying as I think you can distribute the product more easily throughout your hair (especially when it's long like mine!) 

Ojon, a slightly more premium hair care brand but if your budget prevails they are definitely worth checking out. Ojon products are amazing quality, do what they say on the tin and last for ages. See my original review on this product here. As with the Aussie this is designed to be used on wet hair prior to blow drying. What I love about this is however heavy handed you go on product this never leaves your hair greasy or heavy. This smells really nice and makes my hair so much more manageable and soft. 

Toni & Guy, this year we have seen quite a few sea salt sprays knocking about keeping it cheap and cheerful I opted for Toni & Guys offering and I have to say I was very impressed. I used this all throughout my summer holiday, and unlike most sea salt spray I didn't find this one to be overly drying on hair. You do have to be weary with this as things can get a little wet and crunchy if your heavy handed. But I really enjoyed sporting my 'surf girl curls' this 2013 holiday. 

Last but not least Batiste. *New product review from Batiste coming soon.* But for now can we step back and admire there dry shampoo. I use this for lazy days and it freshens up my hair like no other, I use this for adding volume and texture to my hair. And this also does an a-mazing job of sorting out greasy roots (not sexy!) I know people complain about the powdery finish but I find if you spray this from a distance and brush out thoroughly your good (and this is coming from someone with dark hair!) 

What are your favourite haircare products? 

P.s I've also been loving these two new products from Redken  


Brittany Messner said...

I would love to try Toni and Guy, but I can't find it anywhere! Maybe ebay?

Great picks!

xx -b.

Simplybeautifulelegant said...

great post! would you like to follow eachother?

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment & stopping buy :) yes Ebay, and I think you may also be able to pick up Toni & Guy products via Amazon (I always forget about Amazon but they do some great discounted beauty bits!) :) xx

Rinica Warner said...

Hey thanks for comment & stopping by :). I would love to follow (and already have) your blog layout is really pretty can't wait to have a read :D xx

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