With Christmas approaching (tomorrow eep!) I figured it may not be appropriate to do this post (as it does contain glitter.) But I like to sport glitter nails through January too (ooh rebel) so here we go, my current go to nails. When it comes to nails, I don’t really follow trends I have been known to sport the odd pastel shade in winter, a Christmas red in summer and glittery tips in spring-but why not! Why should a season define what polish we wear?  Anyway enough rant onto the polish in question…

As mentioned previously on my blog I love Barry M polishes, I have owned this polish for almost a year and a half and it hasn’t gone clumpy or dried up if that’s not a quality polish I’m not sure what is! The shade shown here is ‘Mushroom’. Having a darker complexion nude shades don’t tend to suit me, but I think ‘Mushroom’ manages to look really nice against my skin tone. I have paired this with a ‘accent’ nail as one may call it, a new shade from the Maybelline colour show collection ‘Knitted gold’ this is a lovely rose gold shade. I really like the effect this has when applied, filled with tiny chunks of glitter layered over Mushroom this makes a really nice combination. I love the Maybelline colour show polishes as there great quality, don’t stain the nails and apply nicely. This glitter polish isn’t clumpy or hard to apply like others I have tried.

Have you tried any of the colour show polishes? Do you follow nail trends?


Cornelia Kennedy said...

I don't follow nail trends but I love this Barry M colour, it looks lovely on your skin tone!

Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you :D. I just like to experiment all year around no matter what the season colours are lol :) x

Kylie Sherritt said...

Great combo, I've heard a lot of great things about the new maybellines. Great blog!


Rinica Warner said...

Hey thanks for the lovely comment, there great quality polishes and not too badly priced as well! Great shade range :D x thanks for stopping by

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