The Lip Balm That Saved My Lips

As you may have seen in my LUSH lip scrub post I mentioned how my lips were having a hard time understatement- think cracked, dry, sore full on ouch zone. 

So I turned to twitter (like you do) and I was overwhelmed by the huge response I had from bloggers with recommendations and I must say you guys sure do know your stuff. 

I decided to go cheap and cheerful and I picked up the Blistex Relief cream as recommended by the lovely Molly from (Lyon Notes.) As soon as I read that this was a 'medicated treatment' I just knew this stuff would be good. Targeted at dry cracked lips (this can also be used on for cold sores) this really is the product to try when you need something that's going to get the job done. 

I wish I had done a before and after picture but I have to say my expectations of this were pretty low as my lips were in a bad bad way. But after the first night of applying this (a tiny bit goes a long way) I woke up with soft healthy lips, they were completely transformed. Never have I tried a product that worked so quickly. The combination of my lip scrub and this lovely balm seemed to completely transform my lips. Hands down one of the best products I have ever tried for cracked lips at a bargain price of £2.49 this will definitely be a permanent fixture in my stash for a long long time and I can't recommend this enough.

On a negative (ending on a negative) I really must say that for me I think the Nuxe lip balm is a little overhyped, and pricey. I don't find this to do anything that a cheaper lip balm from the drugstore wouldn't do, this doesn't last any longer (this generally tends to last about an hour or less on my lips) and I don't find this to be overly moisturising either, on normal lips this was bit meh but from my recent lip crisis I expected this product to shine and come out on top, but if anything it made me realise how little it actually does.

What are your thoughts on Blistex lip products? Nuxe lip balm worth the hype or overhyped?  


Molly Lyon said...

Glad it helped someone as much as it helped me! Thanks for linking me too lovely! Xx

Ivy Burridge said...

I'm glad you found something that helped you! A couple of years ago my lips were cracked, bleeding and very sore all the time until I started using lanolin, it's the only thing I can use now!

Ivy xx
Style Life Lovely

Rachel Marshall said...

You know I love your blog Rinica, so I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :-)

Rinica Warner said...

No probs chick thanks for the comment :D xx

Rinica Warner said...

Hey thanks for stopping by, it's horrible isn't it just made me feel super paranoid and I've never had super sore lips before I didn't even know what to try! Is that lanolin the lip balm? Lots of bloggers seem to mention this defo want to give it a shot (you can never have too many lip balms...!) :) xx

Rinica Warner said...

Awa thanks for stopping by Rach, and cheers for the nomination I'm still writing my my tag post I've hit a bloggers block at 'who would you invite round for dinner dead or alive' a tag post has made me realise I'm an extremely boring person lmao! Xx

Eli Dumas said...

I tried the Nuxe lip balm and think you're right, it's not that awesome and therefore overpriced.

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Eli, thanks for stopping by, and so glad I've found someone who agrees, just seems like a really over hyped product I think there's cheaper stuff out there that does the same job if not better :) xx

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