LUSH: Emotional Brilliance

Do you every rekindle and old flame? That particular make up item unloved, abandoned, unused banished to the bottom of your make up bag? Perhaps you found something new, shinier, better? 

This is exactly how I felt about this powder. Now just to add a disclaimer in I totally remember why I stopped using this, messy doesn't even begin to describe this powder, it's very easy to channel the Casper the friendly ghost vibe, getting the product out of the little glass tub is a total chore and more product ends up on my bathroom floor then my face!

But, when you get this right, well it's love. Mopping up excess oil, the pinky tone in this is designed to counteract redness. Your skin looks matte but not, flat I sometimes find that matte products can leave you looking a little dull, lifeless and well for me ill! But not with this powder, my skin still looks natural, and radiant.

 I generally use my RT buffing bush to apply this and gently press the product into my t-zone I find this way of application makes the product last a lot longer. I wore this on a work day, followed by drinks at 5pm I went to glam up and my face literally needed no blotting or touch ups, my face looked a little dewy but nowhere near the oil slick it would usually be.

For ease of use I do still prefer my LM powder, but battle of the powders? Hands down Lush would win every single time....just please do something about the packaging LUSH! 

Have you tried any make up from LUSH? Has anyone seen the Christmas collection I was so tempted to buy the Santa Bath bomb... 


nc6217 said...

Loose powder is amazing, but I can't handle the mess!! I've found a great tip is the lean your head back when applying. Have you tried ben nye banana powder?


Rinica Warner said...

Hi there,

Thanks for comment, loose powders just look much more natural don't they? Ooh cheers for the tip I will have to give this a go when I'm next using this. I've heard great things but I'm yet to try the Ben Nye powder it seems really affordable to even though the yellow tone has always put me off...I don't know how it would look on my skin tone have you tried it?
Rinica x

Anonymous said...

Hi Rinica, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Visit this page for more information, your questions and the rules. http://charlwilletts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/liebster-award.html

Charlotte from charlwilletts.blogspot.co.uk x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks a lot for the nomination I shall check out your blog for details :D x

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