For the grazers

I  had previously shunned these little heavenly boxes purely because I thought nuts & seeds were the only option. The office that I work in went through a little craze,there seemed to be a whole lot more little brown boxes coming through the post.  So I blame 'encouraging' work colleagues for this addiction! 

But boy oh boy was my first impression of Graze wrong if you, like me underestimated Graze just have a look on there website, fresh dried fruit (I love!), fresh popcorn, graze flapjacks, brownies and puds (that can be heated in the microwave!), cracker bites the list is endless. All of these lovely goodies have cleaver creative names, and are all made from freshly sourced ingredients. 

All the snacks are designed to be healthy but still tasty, (if you think the above still sounds too much they even offer a Graze 'light' option), they constantly create new recipes and my boxes are always filled with new tasty goodies.

Graze website allows you to 'bin, try, like, love and send soon!' So you can really cater your boxes and ensure there full of goodies you will enjoy. Graze also caters for vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerance and coeliacs so they really have thought about everyone.

If your a foodie like me you will love these, if you try one and don't like you can even cancel your subscription (no catch!) you can choose how frequently you receive the box once a week, once a month ...it's all super flexible! 

Enter friend code RINICA2QB for 3 free Graze boxes!

Have you tried Graze boxes?

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