Soap & Glory: Thick and fast

The past few months for me have been pretty drugstore heavy (as I'm saving all my pennies for a car!) I tell you what I've not been let down. There's been new releases left right and centre and the drugstore really seems to be bringing it. 

But anyway onto this mascara my first repurchase. I've never really been too fussed with high end mascaras as the drugstore offers such a variety, (side note I do have to admit my love for Clinique high impact.) 

This Soap and glory offering lengthens, curls, holds and is smudge free. I don't find the lashes to drop through out the day (as I've found with some other mascaras.) It's just a really great mascara, it does all the things I'd want in a mascara, the wand as you can see is on the large side, but I'm fine with this. I know for some people that may be worth bearing in mind.

Lovely mascara for every day use! 
Have you tried any S&G make up products?



Emma Walker said...

Looks like it really works


With A City Dream

Rinica Warner said...

Cheers for the comment, and it sure does I was actually really impressed can't really go wrong, S&G make up line seems to be really good quality got a few things added to my wishlist...:)
Rinica x

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