Topic 4 High End V's High Street

Is high end better then high street? Routing through my make up I have a good mix of both, I can't say I'm entirely loyal to high street nor high end. Lets discuss… 


Slightly touchy subject here, but having a darker complexion foundation from the drugstore is limited. Unfortunately I am not spoilt for choice as shade range (even in 2014) is very much limited. Therefore I reach for my high end foundations on a daily basis. I love my Revlon nearly naked foundation but when I compare to NARS, Benefit and YSL foundations...well I can just feel the difference in quality. The higher end foundations appear more 'skin like' natural on the skin, they blend more easily and there's no oxidising. I find them long wearing, and I just feel more confident as they provide coverage that I know I can rely on. I do tend to find drugstore foundation in darker shades very orange toned (which I'm not) and they do have a tendency to oxidise throughout the day. It's a no brainer for me high end wins.


When were talking lips high street wins for me. With new releases left right and centre the high street really does bring it. With a range of shades, textures, and formula's that flatter all skin tones I've never really seen the need to stray away from high street offerings. I find lipsticks to be long wearing, gone are the days of sticky lip glosses too. I definitely think this is a category that the high street are doing well. 


There's an array of mascaras available on the high street, in all honesty though I love my Clinique high impact mascara (fancy a chance of winning one see here) I've repurchased this more times then my bank balance and I care to recall- I just love it! This doesn't smudge through the day, it lengthens adds volume a curl just everything you want from a mascara this baby gives. That said I also (although it doesn't compare to Clinique) love the Soap and Glory mascaras, they lengthen and add volume too. All in all, the high street does offer a huge range of mascaras too...perhaps this ones a draw? 


For as long as there's Barry M high street will always win for me. For nail care I love Sally Hanson, and Butter London. I've never really been the type of girl to spend over a tenner on a polish (...although those Debra Lippmann polishes are tempting) I love the formula and shade range of nearly every Barry M polish going, I also love Revlon polishes, Maybelline and Rimmel who again (like lips) are constantly releasing new effects and shades. 

Body Care and Hair care

Does LUSH/Body shop count as high street? Okay so when it's not Soap and glory I'm pretty much using products from LUSH or Body shop, in all honesty I could never spend over £20 on body products it just seems....unnecessary. Although having the odd treat here and there isn't so bad I guess, but for daily use high street wins. 

With hair care I tend to have a balance, hair care is so important to me after all if we're going to start the preening somewhere it might as well be hair! For everyday shampoo/conditioner high street has me covered. L'Oreal and TRESemm√© are my two favourite brands. However when it comes to treatments I do lean towards high end. Moroccan oil is something I just can't be without (I ran out recently and had a mini panic) deep treatments and hair oils in general all seem to be on the pricer side for me as I just find they work better on my hair, I also find that you can go heavy handed with high end hair oils and your hair never feels tacky whereas with high street it's very easy to go over board! 

Rounding up….high street is the winner. Gone are the days of drugstore sadness brands really are stepping up there games with new releases to rival high end offerings, better marketing  and packaging the high street/drugstore is slowly becoming more appealing and less drab.

So thoughts guys high end or high street? Has anyone else noticed how much the high street/drugstore has grown over the past few years, is it just me or are products getting better and packaging becoming nicer? UK Girls drugstore or high street? (I'm curios)

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Lauren J said...

I must admit that I used to avoid high street as I always thought the quality is poor, but as soon as I tried the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and Maybelline Falsies Mascara I began to love it. These some products e.g. foundation that I don't like from high street because of the orange tones, but overall I love high street! x


Laura Chapman said...

I completely agree with you, especially with regard to foundation. I have tried so many high street brands and the coverage is either poor, or they oxidise on me and I end up looking orange! There are so many fantastic drugstore products on the market now that are definitely on par with high end brands. I think because technology is advancing, so are brands. High end brands really need to step up their game soon, as I do wonder whether they'll be overtaken by drugstore brands.
Laura x | Life and Lipstick

beautylovesbooks said...

I have this problem that I every time I purchase a high end foundation it breaks me out! I seriously don't know what is wrong with me! For nails I think that a lot of expensive brands have awful nail polishes (Chanel for example chips after a day).

Evelyn Morales said...

Cool post, I have to agree with you on the lips, the dugestore is really awesome doing amazing lipsticks now!!


Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I think the high streets improved so much there definitely challenging premium brands-I love the falsies mascara too! I'm so glad it's not just me that finds high street foundation orange was starting to wonder if it was just me the majority are really bad for oxidising though x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment Laura :) . It seems like the majority agree I was starting to think it was just me with high street foundation it's good to know I'm not the only one haha! I'm really surprised as well as I always thought this was something that only happened with darker shades it seems like all shades are the same! I do think there will come a point where the high street could potentially over take they've definitely upped their game! x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, and aww thanks I quite liked this topic it definitely got me thinking. They are I remember there was a time where they were all really drying and there were limited shades but now it's completely different! :) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, I sometimes find that some higher end foundations can be heavily scented it can cause sensitive skin to break out (I learnt recently the hard way....it wasn't pretty!) I completely agree about Chanel polishes they cost like £18 too which is just ridiculous, you expect so much more for how much they cost! x

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