Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser

On first glance I did think I'd booked myself a one way ticket to clogged pore central with this moisturiser but my face and I are glad to report zero breakouts (wahey.) 

Now in all honesty this moisturiser isn't anything groundbreaking, however this has really improved the look/texture of my skin, and really helped to calm down my eczema and dry patches. Over the past few months I've suffered with bad breakouts, eczema and sensitive skin that seemed to react to everything I used. My regular moisturiser just wasn't cutting it. I haven't experienced eczema since my childhood days, so I had no idea what to do. 

Visiting a doctor usually results in antibiotics (which can help significantly) and Diprobase (that thick nasty white cream that leaves your skin a complete grease ball and blocks your pores.) I decided to visit Liz Earle. I'm not sure where the spur came from, I thought back to a time where my skin looked good, the only time I could recall was when using the Liz Earle starter kit. 

Little did I know that Liz Earle actually suffered from eczema when designing the products so most Liz Earle skincare are designed with sensitive skin in mind. If your suffering from mild eczema like I was I'd highly recommend a visit. I was very lucky to speak to a consultant who also suffered from eczema, she not only recommended products but also took the time to give me information on diet and supplements I could incorporate to help calm my flare up. 

This moisturiser is very buttery, and thick in texture. I don't find that this feels heavy on the skin, or blocks my pores. This doesn't control oil but I don't find my skin to look overly greasy/ shiny after using this (make up actually applies nicely on top.) This is quite heavily scented, but I find the scent soothing and almost herbal like, this isn't a fragrance smell so this worked perfectly with my sensitive skin. 

With avocado oil, vitamin B, vitamin E and borage oils this moisture is packed full of natural antioxidants , lots of skin care goodness. If you suffer from combination, dry patches or dull skin I can't recommend this enough. I find this hydrates my skin, and since incorporating this into my skin care routine my eczema and breakouts have calmed down significantly. My skin just feels, and looks a lot happier. Oh, and whats even better this moisturiser is a purse friendly £19.25!  

Have you tried any Liz Earle skincare? Tips for coping with eczema?

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beautylovesbooks said...

I was thinking about making an order. I've never tried anything from the brand. I like thick moisturisers so I may like this one!


sounds very nice!!!

Anine said...

Sounds good! xx Anine

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I love Liz Earle in general especially when my skins playing up or is having one of its sensitive moments, I love the hot cloth cleanser from the range too. This is super buttery something I usually stay clear off but seems to be working really well with my skin x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, it sure is :) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, really enjoying using it at the moment :) x

Fleur Chelsea said...

Hey! I am a new follower, just wanted to stop by and say that I love your posts! they are really helpful! Anyways, hope you check out my blog sometime

Laura Chapman said...

This looks and sounds lovely - I love using a thick cream at night. My skin has been terribly dry and sensitive this winter, but I've just started using A-Derma Epitheliale AH Skin Repair Cream every night and I can thoroughly recommend it, it's also only about £6 from Boots too.
Laura x | Life and Lipstick

Hollie Furniss said...

I have a friend who would LOVE this product and skincare brand. I didn't know it was made with sensitive skin in mind. I really like their packaging too which always helps :)


Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, and thank you ever so much for the follow :D means a lot. Really glad you enjoy and find them helpful :D.Just followed on bloglovin can't wait to check out your posts (love your blog layout by the way :D) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, it really is it feels so much more luxe I usually stay way clear of moisturisers like this but it seems to be working so well with my skin, hey I've tried a lip balm I think before from A-Derma it was in a beauty box….it was so lovely. I'm definitely going to see if this is available in my local Boots (out of stock online :() thanks for the recommendation :D x

Rinica Warner said...

Hey Hollie thanks for comment, and checking out my blog I love your blog so much!! :D. I've been really into Liz Earle lately, and yeah I'm a sucker for packaging. Neither did I, apparently she suffered with eczema herself and found a lot of products aggravated it hense creating her own skin care line :) x

Amy Keeling said...

I have wondered about trying this but have held off ever since I smelt it in John Lewis, it didn't smell very nice to me. It does sound quite good though, I might try and get a sample off a counter at some point.
Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I remember years ago smelling this and thinking it smelt kinda like ...nappy cream no idea what changed but the smells really grown on me I can defo see the smell annoying some people though :) x

beano54 said...

Great blog
Used a lot of their range.
Found you via twitter

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, and ooh that's great glad you like the blog :D and I love the Liz Earle range seems to work really well on my super sensitive annoying skin haha x

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